Is Coronavirus Contagious?

This is the sixty-four-thousand-dollar question. The premise that coronavirus is highly contagious and can cause disease provides the justification for putting entire nations on lockdown, destroying the global economy and throwing hundreds of thousands out of work. But is it contagious? Does it even cause disease?

Is Coronavirus Contagious?

As early as 1799, researchers puzzled over the cause of influenza, which appeared suddenly, often in diverse places at the same time, and could not be explained by any theory of contagion. In 1836, Heinrich Schweich, author of a book on influenza, noted that all physiological processes produce electricity and offered the theory that an electrical disturbance of the atmosphere may prevent the body from discharging it. He repeated the then-common belief that the accumulation of electricity in the body causes the symptoms of influenza and that outbreaks were due to atmospheric “influences”—hence the name influenza.

Now that we know about the electrical nature of the sun, we can make some interesting observations. The years 1645-1715 was a period that astronomers call the Maunder minimum, when the sun was very quiet; astronomers observed no sunspots during the time span and the northern lights were nonexistent; then in 1715, sunspots reappeared, as did the northern lights. Sunspot activity then increased, reaching a high in 1727, and in 1728, influenza appeared in waves on every continent. Sunspot activities became more violent until they peaked in1738 when physicians reported flu in both man and animals, including dogs, horses and birds, especially sparrows. By some estimates, two million people perished during the ten-year pandemic.

These and other facts about the relationship of influenza to disturbances in electricity come from a remarkable book, The Invisible Rainbow, by Arthur Firstenberg. Firstenberg chronicles the history of electricity in the U.S. and throughout the world, and the outbreaks of illness that accompanied each step towards greater electrification. The first stage involved the installation of telegraph lines—by 1875, these formed a spider web over the whole earth totaling seven hundred thousand miles, with enough copper wire to encircle the globe almost thirty times.

With it came a new disease called neurasthenia. Outside of the U.S., scientists recognized electricity as one of its causes. Like those suffering today from “chronic fatigue,” patients felt weak and exhausted, unable to concentrate. They had headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, floaters in the eyes, racing pulse, pains in the heart region and palpitations; they were depressed and had anxiety attacks. Dr. George Miller Beard noted that the disease spread along the routes of railroads and telegraph lines; it often resembled the common cold or influenza and commonly seized people in the prime of life.

1889 marks the beginning of the modern electrical era and also of a deadly flu pandemic, which followed the advent of electricity throughout the globe. Says Firstenberg, “Influenza struck explosively and unpredictably, over and over in waves until early 1894. It was as if something fundamental had changed in the atmosphere. . .”

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Physicians puzzled over influenza’s capricious spread. For example, William Beveridge, author of a 1975 textbook on influenza, noted “The English warship Arachne was cruising off the coast of Cuba ‘without any contact with land. No less than 114 men out of a crew of 149 fell ill with influenza and only later was it learnt that there had been outbreaks in Cuba at the same time.”

During the first world war, governments on both sides of the conflict installed antennas which eventually blanketed the earth with strong radio signals–and during the later part of 1918, disaster struck. The Spanish flu afflicted a third of the world’s population and killed around fifty million people, more than the Black Death of the fourteenth century. Those living on military bases, where the antennas were routinely installed, were the most vulnerable. A common symptom was bleeding—from the nostrils, the gums, ears, skin, stomach, intestines, uterus, kidneys and brain. Many died of hemorrhage in the lungs, the victims literally drowning in their own blood. Tests revealed a decreased ability for the blood to coagulate.

Health officials in those days were very interested in the question of whether the Spanish flu was contagious. Doctors from the U.S. Public Health Service tried to infect one hundred healthy volunteers between the ages of eighteen and twenty- five by collecting mucous secretions from the noses, throats and upper respiratory tracts of those who were sick. They transferred these secretions to the noses, mouths and lungs of the volunteers, but not one of them got sick; blood of sick donors was injected into the blood of the volunteers, but they remained stubbornly healthy; finally they instructed those afflicted to breathe and cough over the volunteers, but none became sick. Researchers even tried to infect healthy horses with the mucous secretions of horses with the flu, but the results were the same. The Spanish flu was not contagious.

The year 1957 marked the installation of radar worldwide. The “Asian” influenza pandemic began in February 1957 and lasted for a year. A decade later the U.S. launched twenty-eight satellites into the Van Allen belts as part of the Initial Defense Communication Satellite Program (IDCSP), ushering in the “Hong Kong” flu pandemic, which began in July 1968.

As Firstenberg observes, “In each case—in 1889, 1918, 1957 and 1968—the electrical envelope of the earth. . . was suddenly and profoundly disturbed,” and along with it the electrical circuits in the human body. Western medicine pays scant attention to the electrical nature of living things—plants, animals and humans—but mountains of evidence indicate that faint currents govern everything that happens in the body to keep us alive and healthy. From the coagulation of the blood, to energy production in the mitochondria, even to small amounts of copper in the bones, which create currents for the maintenance of bone structure—all can be influenced by the presence of electricity in the atmosphere, especially “dirty” electricity, characterized by many overlapping frequencies and jagged changes in frequency and voltage. Today we know that each cell in the body has its own electrical grid, maintained by the highly structured water inside the cell membrane. Cancer occurs when this structure breaks down, and cancer has increased with each new development in the electrification of the earth.

Chinese medicine has long recognized the electrical nature of the human body and has developed a system to defuse the “accumulation of electricity” that leads to disease. It’s called acupuncture. Many things that we do instinctively also help release any unhealthy buildup of current—the mother who strokes her infant’s head or who scratches her children’s backs to put them to sleep, the caresses of lovers, walking barefoot, massage, even handshakes and hugs—all now discouraged by the frowny faces of health authorities as we face the specter of bed police bursting in at midnight to make sure that Dad is sleeping on the sofa.

Am I making this up? The Washington Post recently published an article in which a mother was explaining to her teenage son why she couldn’t hug him during quarantine; and a WHO official suggests that public health officials should enter people’s homes and “in a dignified way” remove those who test positive, to prevent infecting the rest of the family.

Fast forward to the Internet and cell phone era. According to Firstenberg, the onset of cell phone service in 1996 resulted in greater levels of mortality in major cities like Los Angeles, New York, San Diego and Boston. Over the years wireless signals at multiple frequencies have filled the atmosphere to a greater and greater extent, along with mysterious outbreaks like SARS and MERS. Today we face the installation of fifth generation wireless (5G), broadcast in the gigahertz range, often at 60 gigahertz, a frequency that is highly absorbed by oxygen, causing the O2 molecule to split apart, making it useless for respiration

Compare the pattern of 5G installation in the top map to the pattern of corona virus cases in the lower map. While correlation does not prove causation, the strong overlap between 5G rollout locations and corona virus cases should give one pause, especially given the history of pandemics following step changes in planetary electrification.

Map of 5g Rollout in US
Coronavirus - US Map

On September 26, 2019, 5G wireless was turned on in Wuhan, China and also launched in parts of New York City (areas of uptown, midtown and downtown Manhattan, along with parts of Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens), the difference being that the 5G grid in Wuhan was much denser, with about ten thousand antennas—more antennas than exist in the whole U.S.A., all concentrated in one city. Illness has followed 5G installation in South Korea, Italy and Iran. In South America, Ecuador is a hot spot for the respiratory illness, and it is in Ecuador that 5G first appeared. The 5G system is also installed on modern cruise ships and in many health care facilities. People who suffer from electrical sensitivity cannot go near many hospitals and nursing homes.

But surely this is just a coincidence.  Isn’t it a virus that is causing the current outbreak? Doesn’t this nasty little creature called coronavirus infect us and make us sick? Please watch this talk by Dr. Andrew Kaufman in which he explains the role of exosomes in the cells.

Exosomes are particles released from the cell; they carry RNA, toxins and cellular debris in response to various insults (toxins, stress including fear, cancer, ionizing radiation, infection, injury, many diseases, immune response and asthma). A number of virologists agree with his conclusions that viruses are exosomes; they are the same size, the same shape, both carry RNA and both attach to the same receptors. These exosomes/viruses are the result and not the cause of illness, with primary roles of coagulation, intercellular signaling and excretion of waste materials. If 5G, by overloading the body’s electrical circuitry and by high-jacking oxygen, causes injury to the lung cells, then an increased production of exosomes (wrongly called viruses) is sure to be the result—and thank goodness!

No wonder the anti-viral medications—given in the early days of the pandemic, but now abandoned—caused such terrible side effects (allergic reactions, fever, nausea, vomiting, bleeding, diabetic lactic acidosis, damage to the kidney, liver and pancreas. . . and breathing problems). These drugs suppress the body’s efforts to protect itself against the poisonous effects of 5G and other toxins.

exosomes communication

If you do a bit of surfing on the Internet, you will find that exosomes are the latest thing for diagnosis and therapy, with many medical uses—from cancer treatment, to wound healing, to hair restoration!

It’s clear that we are making the same mistake with viruses that we have made with cholesterol and saturated fat—blaming a substance that is essential to life for causing disease. Just twenty years ago the medical profession “knew” that bacteria were killers—now we recognize that bacteria are essential to health. How long will it take us to learn that so-called viruses are our friends?

It’s interesting to note that each wave of influenza has its own constellation of symptoms—during the Spanish flu epidemic the main problem was bleeding, the inability of the blood to coagulate; the main victims were healthy people in the prime of life, between the ages of twenty-five and forty. Today’s victims are older, usually with pre-existing conditions. The main symptom of today’s outbreak seems to be hypoxia, akin to high altitude sickness.

Please watch this video by Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, working on the front lines in New York City. Says Kyle-Sidell, “We’ve never seen anything like it!” The afflicted are literally gasping for air. In fact, the ventilators that the hospitals have scrambled to obtain do more harm than good and may be accounting for the high mortality rate. These patients don’t need help breathing—they need more oxygen when they take a breath. This is not the sign of a contagious disease but of a disruption of our mechanisms for producing energy and getting oxygen to the red blood cells.

So is corona virus a contagious bad guy? Remember that researchers could not show that the dreadful Spanish flu was contagious. The fact that viruses are actually helpful exosomes, and that many who test positive are symptom-free, makes their role as a perpetrator highly unlikely.  To settle this question once and for all, we need to do the same contagion studies that proved non-contagion in 1918.  I’d be happy to be the first volunteer.

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Author: Sally Fallon Morell

Sally Fallon Morell is best known as the author of Nourishing Traditions®: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats. This well-researched, thought-provoking guide to traditional foods contains a startling message: animal fats and cholesterol are not villains but vital factors in the diet, necessary for normal growth, proper function of the brain and nervous system, protection from disease and optimum energy levels.

269 thoughts on “Is Coronavirus Contagious?”

  1. Most tremendously appreciated!

    Your exosome graphic is several times more well defined than the slide than the talk by Dr. Andrew Kaufman.
    The compassion maps are certainly worth close scrutiny.
    The quotes and all from “The Invisible Rainbow” by Arthur Firstenberg are priceless.
    The logic here is virtually flawless and anyone who disagrees could possibly add to our greater understanding if they included verifiable evidence to the contrary. In the meanwhile I’m running with this!

    1. Thankyou for explaining this theory clearly. I am curious about this. One thing that is not explained is why some people recover from these symptoms and why others do not – possibly related to immune system nourishment and health.

      Also, crucially- why is it that the technology or new electromagnetic wavelength stays in our environment but the pandemic finishes? I do not believe all the countries that now have Covid 19 symptoms have also got 5G infrastructure all ready and switched on. Technologies are rarely evenly spread out between countries. Is your theory that our immune systems get used to the new electromagnetic radiation in our environment?

      The bleeding of the Spanish Flu sounds like the Ebola virus effects. Yet Ebola is mainly in parts of Africa that are not likely to have particularly had the same technology as you say caused the Spanish Flu reaction, and they have mostly stopped the epidemics.

      Could this bleeding not be likened to scurvy in which people bled easily due to deficiency of Vitamin C? After 4 years of the first world war, and lack of fruit and vegetables, this could be another reason why internal bleeding was a big problem.

      Another question in my mind is that exozomes containing toxins might affect other people in their environment. With Covid 19, Viral Load seems to be a crucial factor, which is why hospitals have become dangerous places to work. Even then some people even elderly people recover from all their breathing problems and get discharged. Those treated with some of the effective treatments may stay only 6 days. It is not the treatments given that are causing the damage, and they were not given just early on in the Pandemic. They are increasingly being trialled in hospitals due to their effectiveness in getting rid of severe symptoms!

      We are told that what kills people is the cytokine storm that our bodies sometimes launch in response to invaders/ damage and this extreme response causes damage to lung tissue- causing scarring that could bring lifelong problems with breathing, or death in some cases. We are told that the viruses invade our body’s own immune cells and lung cells which is what confuses our immune systems into attacking healthy along with infected cells.

      If production of exozomes is a healthy immune response of the body to new electromagnetic radiation, then you would I suppose say the cytokine storm happens in some people purely in reaction to the electromagnetic radiation or the drugs (the latter not being true). There must be times of day when 5 G is less active, or some places where it is not so dense in transmission e.g. the new Nightingale hospital set up in the Excel Exhibition Centre. Surely then the breathing problems in those times and places would then be less?

      The fact is that people get severe breathing problems, and then come to hospitals and not all of them are coming from areas where 5G is switched on yet.

      Anyway I think our bodies’ immune systems may be initially weakened by the introduction of new technologies but humans are made very resilient and adaptable. We can all help ourselves by nourishing our body correctly to help it to be strong and resilient, especially our immune systems, and we need good circulation to achieve this as well- so regular exercise is important. Those healthy people who do this seem to get rid of initial Covid 19 symptoms pretty quickly and they do not develop into severe symptoms like lung pain and breathing difficulties, from the cases I have seen and heard of so far.

      However if they have received a high ‘viral load’ whatever that is, even if healthy, they struggle to get better.

        1. They feed on iron! Which is why older people, who have a lot of iron in their tissue, are more sensitive to this than others. With more iron in our tissue we are also more sensitive to EMF. The Weston A. Price foundation helps with iron recycling since it stresses retinol, which is crucial for loading copper into ceruloplasmin which will handle iron in the body.
          You can read more about this on the Root cause protocol website!

          1. Dumping Iron by P.D. Mangan is also an excellent book regarding excess iron and how to avoid and get rid of excess iron.

      1. Great points. As much as the exosome theory sounds interesting and I would like to believe it, there are lots of holes in it. On the other hand the regular virus theory is strange too. It is strange that there are these RNA strands just floating around and trying to get us sick. All this while they are not even live!

          1. Residents in nursing homes are a highly vaccinated population. When I worked at a nursing home, I remember that the peak of deaths fell in December- Feb soon after nurses gave them flu vacs.

          2. Love this! Only one question that is preventing me from accepting the postulate being put forth: why, then, does sodium chloride, a.k.a. Miracle Mineral Solution, then cause one to recover from an illness; seeing as how it’s predicated on killing pathogens in the body?

      2. Look at the Johns Hopkins ArcGIS coronavirus map and see that there are COVID cases all over Africa. Now Google where 5G networks are in Africa: South Africa and Lesotho only. Anyone can see for themselves that there is no correlation between 5G networks and COVID cases. Find another explanation guys. Or simply accept the one that virologists and epidemiologists are telling you.

        1. Scrub typhus is said to be caused by ddt mutant chiggers but doesn’t ever leave this triangle of land I wonder if this triangle is a electric radiation hot spot other wise scrub typhus would be in everyone’s home already

        2. We now have the arrogant self regulating American FCC acting as if it is the world authority over all otters having granted icenses for 105,000 satellites to be launched. Elon Musk is building his network over North America to provide a comprehensive coverage including all desert regions and has been launching these satellites at the rate of 60 per launch since 2020. Considering around 1000 satellites are above us in my 73 years lifetime, and half of those are not functioning; the arrival of the ground stations that were allowed as Critical work during April 2020 onwards (and were used in a testing environment), as the pandemic ‘shut down’ enabled a fast installation and implementation plan, which coincides with this plandemic purpose!

          Now consider the invisible mesh, as it were, that covers the earth’s stratosphere to prevent the solar winds sunspot flares reaching our atmosphere and indeed works to convert much of the matter into critical life supporting Ozone. What with the need of around 100 lightning bolts striking the Earth’s surface 60 times a minute making eight million daily strikes to release the earths charges, to keep the earth at an optimum balance and thus sustain all life on earth as we know it…! Do remember that the human body has 37 trillion cells (New studies completed and pub’ in 2016) all operating at 0.7v and this is upset by the microwaves of all electrical motors and electricity. Even the rear of a fridge is somewhat equal to standing four feet in front of a slightly leaky microwave cooker, which microwave scientists I have met in my work will not have in their homes for any presumed benefit.

          A delete balance is how the earth operates in terms of its electrical requirements and man is to send active electrical pulses into the stratosphere beaming down on to our earth. Give a scientist the budget and they would try and stich a human head onto any animals body – oh yes they are already doing tha in China under license form the western nations who have shipped out these undesirable political hot potato’s. The world is full of mad-men who have created 130,000 man made chemicals for which is now proven and accepted that we have a current and permanent 4,000 of these chemicals in every human on this planet.

          I have personal experiences with pharmacologists concoctions impacting my body in dramatic ways that they do not understand and have been involved with high court matters concerning the pharmaceutical industry, both privately and also in my work in IT projects for thus industry where they proved to my eyes that they are an extremely deceptive and callous marketing machine.

      3. I would suggest that there is a correlation between vaccination and the symptoms EMF’s. Vaccinations we know contain nanoparticles that cannot be excreted through normal detox pathways. They lodge in tissue and organs. I believe these particles are present in vaccines for a reason, in order to increase the uptake of EMF’s. Older people are encouraged to get flu and pneumonia shots, and I’m betting while they do, their practitioner is telling them they should get booster shots of other vaccinations. Because physicians make big bonuses from pharma companies for this. In addition, malnutrition and dehydration, lack of Vitamin D and exercise are all comorbidities in older populations, along with multiple medications. All this is a recipe for death.

      4. When I was with D.O.D. it seems satellites were used for many things no one talks about. I believe I read soon there will be over 3000 low level satellites floating over head . Wonder what tragic things they will bring to the world.. Ranger Rick, D.O.D. 1971 /2010. I left the military as they were training the military to disarm the Americans. Not on my watch.

      5. An article in The New York Times, September 22, 2009, In 1918 Pandemic, Another Possible Killer: Aspirin.
        “The Journal of the American Medical Association suggested a dose of 1,000 mg every three hours, the equivalent of almost 25 standard 325-mg aspirin tablets in 24 hours. This is about twice the daily dosage generally considered safe today… Public Health Service thought that the amount of lung damage seen during autopsies in early deaths was too little to attribute to viral pneumonia, and that the large amounts of bloody, watery liquid in the lungs were caused not by the virus, but by a drug used to treat it: aspirin.”

    2. Sally, I love your work. And I am shielding against EMF every day. However, I’d put EMF secondary to air pollution as cause for the “COVID” epidemic. See this picture of Wuhan, the epicenter:

      The three initial NYC COVID epidemics of 2020 coincide with the three NYC measles epicenters of 2019 (in terms of location) !

    3. Thanks for the article, I’m certainly leaning much more towards terrain theory than germ theory. Just a couple of points. (1) I think the Spanish flu pandemic was mainly down down to the widespread use of toxic vaccines, except in a few countries, like Greece. In combination with dreadful medical treatment, especially high doses of aspirin, responsible for internal bleeding. (2) I don’t buy the line about “US launched satellites into the Van Allen belts ushering in the Hong Kong flu pandemic”. NASA makes the CDC look like a truth agency. Satellites are high altitude balloons. Coincidentally, NASA happen to be the world’s largest consumer of helium. According to an ex-CIA operative, NASA stands for Not A Space Agency or, as I prefer, National Academy of Space Actors.

  2. An absolutely brilliant article, Sally! I have listened to Dr. Cowan’s excellent recent presentations, watched Dr. Kaufman’s videos, and even delved into “The Invisible Rainbow”, yet still found myself somewhat confused while tantalized by fascinating information. This one blog post helps tremendously in bringing it all together in a clear and understandable way. Thank you so much. (Just in case there are people reading this post who ask, “where are the citations”? you might mention the 200 some pages of citations from reliable sources at the end of “The Invisible Rainbow”).

  3. Excellent! For others looking to research 5G and nnEMF’s and everything that those topics relate to I highly suggest getting into the work of Dr Jack Kruse. He’s a bit obtuse but he’s brilliant and has been speaking about Light, Water and Magnetism in relation to our mitochondria for over a decade and he has much to share. Much in this article lines up with what I’ve already studied, the only thing missing….more people tuning in (pun, lol) to the REAL story. Thank you for your continued efforts, I will be sharing. Cheers.

  4. If it’s not contagious, then what explains the high rate of COVID infection among hospital workers, who have increased exposure to sick patients? I’m not attempting to discredit your research but am truly seeking answers.

    1. think about the concept of “resonance” and the amount of time one spends next to someone with covid 19. Will you start to resonate with that person if you are more toxic with heavy metals. Vaccinated medical staff have more metals in them…..just some musings.

        1. Think of it less as an explanation and rather evidence that we should at least question if certain things are safe. You may think of it as flimsy at best but it’s at worst a valid argument that warrants further research.

          1. Tesla said think of everything in terms of frequency.. we know we live in an electromagnetic universe with no separation.

        1. I do believe this is a man made bioweapon that has caused this but I also think this round was just a fire drill to condition the masses to believe it’s cv19 when either a more lethal strain is released or when 5G is fully functional and create a much more severe response. Dr. Shiva Ayyudurai is speaking out about it and will use his created technology to further analyze. Also see George Webb on YouTube for his tracking of the nefarious activities.

        2. One thing that is often not mentioned or forgotten is that in a hospital environment especially in the UK the air is dead. You cannot open windows and the level of negative ions are much lower than the quantity you would get from being outdoors. First hand knowledge as I have a $1000 air ion counter.

      1. I AM 44 yrs. Only vaccinated till I was 3 years. My 4 kids not vaccinated only 1 vaccine 15 day born. And we all got covid 19. Mild symptoms . Living in Dom. REP. LEANED TO GERM THEORY. NO 5 G here.

      2. I do like this concept of resonance which would explain a possible cause for transferral just like the rotten apple spoiling the others. thanks!

    2. Hospital worker infection rates could really be low once a large enough people outside of hospital setting are tested. We may never know the actual rate.

    3. If we view the virus as a toxicity that is secreted by and afflicts the body due to electromagnetic interference, hospital workers would be more at risk due to their constant exposure to electronic equipment and the high levels of mercury and aluminum content in their bodies from vaccines.

      1. They( hospital staff) actually build a a tolerance.

        This is why kids seems almost immune to this Coronavirus.

        We have iPhones smartphone and WiFi in homes in babies faces from day one of their lives.

        kids play on them day in day out.

        I am 42 I didn’t get a cell phone until I was 24.

        So I have almost 20 years under my belt but these babies and kids these days, they have already built a immunity by age 4.

        Well the ones that make it out. SIDS I think is related to a build up of toxins some young children cant build up a tolerance quickly enough or are maybe unknowingly exposed to higher levels.

        1. The effects are not like chemistry where most will go ‘ouch’ when hydrochloric acid is poured on their skin. The frequencies are causing a vast array of other things we could otherwise process to malfunction and people are just as varied in that regard.

    4. do you have first-hand knowledge of this? the reports I am getting from friends who are nurses and doctors are the hospitals are empty in Chicago, yet they are cleared for expectations. Does this mean the 5G is not turned on yet?

    5. Well when you read about how bs the test is then it doesn’t really matter who’s testing negative or positive. This guy is a investigative journalist that is my favorite writer on the planet. Check out his site out and check this article out!!!

      Also read the book Virus Mania that goes into the history of diseases and viruses since the germ theory of disease started by a fraud name Louis Pasteur. And to learn about the history of the germ theory disease check out another book BeChamp or Pasteur?

      Knowledge is power y’all!!! Let’s spread the truth!!! And let good triumph over evil!!! Peace and Love y’all!!!

      1. Love Jon Rappaport. His information on the testing and the previous Plandemics is stellar. I highly recommend him for anyone wanting to delve deeper into the motivations, money and true reasons for our current predicament.

    6. The Rt PCR testing to determine the presence of Covid is totally arbitrary. PCR cannot be used for viral determination both qualitative and quantitative according to its inventor Dr Kary Mullis. It is being used to create fear and to service other agendas, and through blind beliefs and a failure to question junk science.
      Sally’s article is right on…

      Please see the following:

    7. Have you ever been in a hospital or nursing home? They have hundreds of WIFI routers though out the building.

      1. 5G networks are different than 5G Cellular. It’s important to know the difference. 5G Cellular refers to the “5th Generation,” whereas 5Ghz Wifi is referring to the radio spectrum. While it’s true that 5G Cellular also operate in the 5Ghz Spectrum, the impact and effect of a WiFi network is VASTLY different than the power-output of a 5G Cellular tower. A 5G tower can produce wavelengths as high as 300Ghz. Additionally, they will also support 3G and 4G (3rd Generation and 4th Generation) wavelength production. The result is a 5G tower is putting out a LOT of Radio Frequency radiation. Significantly (and when I say that, I mean magnitudes more!) more RF than the little WiFi boxes in the Hospitals.

        Please do not confuse Wifi with 5G Cellular. They are not the same.

        1. 5G operates on 28-60gHz whereas all other wireless networks have always operated on the 2.4gHz wavelength.

        2. On the other hand, studies cites in the BioInitiative 2012 indicate that close proximity to ANY high-frequency electromagnetic radiation (EMR) where waveforms have erratic, high-spiked harmonics, as is the case with even older-generation cell phones and wifi, can have a negative impact on health. My guess is the strength of one’s immune system is diminished when in close proximity to this type of EMR.

    8. What might the role of belief play in getting sick? If the emerging field of epigenetics is added into this conversation, then it is plausible that our belief in how the virus operates ( “is contagious”) may affect our susceptibility. In the field of epigenetics, our environment has great influence over our health, not just the water, air, and food in our environment but also our beliefs.

      1. Yes just look at the placebo effect….rivaling the efficacy of big pharma drug results. The mind can heal or kill!

    9. Why are the doctors and care givers also getting sick if this isn’t contagious?

      Where are hospitals located in communities? Usually in or near the center of population density. Where do they put cell phone towers? In the same places. Many hospitals have telecommunications antennae on their roofs or on the roofs of neighboring buildings. They installed 5G in the hospitals in Wuhan.

      I am a physician who has practiced Environmental Medicine for more than 20 years. My wife and I developed some of the symptoms currently associated with the pandemic on returning to our top floor apartment after being away for several weeks. This was before the first cases were reported in the US.

      The next day we discovered a new microwave antennae array on the roof of our apartment.

      We left the area and 30 minutes outside of the city, all our symptoms resolved.

      We have moved.

      My wife is from Milan, Lombardi, Italy. It was one of the first cities with 5G in Europe. She contacted her brother who still lives in Milan. He was having some of the same symptoms. He left the city to go to their place on the coast. His symptoms resolved.

      As was pointed out in this excellent article, there is a very strong correlation between 5G cities and Covid-19 hotspots. We have looked at carrier specific maps from individual cell providers of current 5G availability to confirm this.

      The interaction with oxygen decreases over distance from the emitter.

      Our experience suggests there may be a stronger correlation between symptoms/disease and how far away you are from a 5G cellphone antenna.

      Has anyone else observed this?

      There are other environmental factors which contribute to our susceptibility to this new electrical energy in our environment including pollution levels and glyphosate exposure. Here is a nice summary of this:

      1. Thank you for your invaluable comments & details of your personal experiences with 5G frequencies & illness. If you haven’t learned of the energy system discovered and developed by Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo, please look up his website & read about the Miracle of Hemberg and the use of Biogeometry to correct the detrimental frequencies emitted from an antenna in a church steeple in Switzerland. People, animals & plants were getting sick & dying. This energy correction of Biogeometry that is non electrical, is now the official energy correction in Switzerland in two of their towns.

        1. BioGeometry is one of the main remedies we use for ourselves and for our clients to deal with the current increase in EMF disturbances. We have employed their use for almost 3 years.

          We encourage everyone to become familiar with this unique approach of overcoming negative energy by attracting excess positive energy. It is based on the timeless principles of sacred geometry and proportion.

          Dr. Karim released a new Biogeometry Home Balancing Kit for 5G late 2019.

          There is also an Emitter designed specific for CoVID-19 and 5G. I have been doing a research project with it for the past 10 days gathering preliminary data from our existing clients who have been effected. The results so far have been very impressive.

    10. One M.D. recently reported that the hospital environment is made extremely toxic because of all the extensive electronic equipment everywhere, even by each bed. Hospitals more than likely have more electromagnetic radiation frequencies (EMFs) that most other location. It would make sense to me that hospital workers have a weakened immune system do to the EMFs, thus create more exosomes trying to ward it off.

      1. The more machines, computer and screens I see in a hospital means less and less healing can take place. Soon, nurses will be replaced by robots. Robots are already performing surgery. And the more costly it becomes for the patients.

    11. Exactly the right question. EMF May have some long term effects, and more research is necessary, but the perspectives presented in this article are an extreme overreach, and ultimately unhelpful.

      1. You had better do more in depth research. The EMF exposures can have a lot more than just “some long term effects”, and this is well proven. In the meantime, the precautionary principle should always be used for any new technology or for lookig again at something already in use.

    12. In the article:
      “People who suffer from electrical sensitivity cannot go near many hospitals and nursing homes.”

      Perhaps these hospital workers are part of the rising tide of people who are sensitive to all the electronics in the hospital, that are currently being used to their max.

      Also, the ‘resonance” idea has merit too, in that a person who feels much for their dying patients may start to exhibit the same symptoms so as to be more sympathetic. Of course, this is all in the unconscious as we try to handle all the conflicting information being presented. But these workers believe in the rhetoric of their health field, so they will unconsciously repeat what they hear: repeated exposure can mean illness.

    13. The article stated “ The 5G system is also installed on modern cruise ships and in many health care facilities. People who suffer from electrical sensitivity cannot go near many hospitals and nursing homes.” If hospitals and cruise ships were one of the first recipients of 5G, it would explain the outbreaks in those facilities.

    14. As stated in the above article,many nursing homes and hospitals have five gee in place. Could that be part of your answer?

    15. If those hospitals have 5G installations? It’d be interesting research to see which hospitals and nursing homes have 5G relative to the number of deaths and “contagion” in them.

    16. You have asked my question. We hav all witnessed and heard of the toll the virus is taking on hospital workers, and we see the case tracking is possible. How would the electrical or 5G theory explain these phenomena?

    17. Well, given that officialdom has admitted that the various tests are worthless, then assuming anyone has Cov19 is speculative. So your base assumption that there is a high rate of infection is unproven. See how we so easily accept the propaganda. Start with first things first.
      That aside, why do groups of anyone in close proximity get the same symptoms. I know it’s real because we can easily see it transfer in a household. Kid brings home the crud, mom, then dad, etc. I think that’s the point of this article. Answer? We’re not sure. I personally reject anything Consensus Scientism says because it’s track record is nearly always wrong and tied to some various financial/governmental control/agenda driven scheme. Global Cooling anyone? Umm,,,, I mean Global Warming… Uhhh.. I mean Global Climate Change…. cough cough.

    18. The answer is simple.. sort of.
      First off, the ‘covid-19 virus’ genome was lab engineered, and by that, I mean a computer simulated rendering. It was not ‘discovered’ under a microscope. The ‘confirmation’ tests are wrong you’re asking? Yes, kind of.
      You see, admittedly we’ve long known of, and been exposed to, Coronaviruses. This is ‘novel’ – we’ve never ‘seen’ it before. But the test itself, does not distinguish the virus being ‘novel’. As one may know, ‘viruses’ are ‘live’ in human tissue, they are shapeshifters, they are exomes (or rather microzymas). When you ‘kill’ one, and lab sample it, you can distinguish the ‘novel’ aspects, it’s no longer alive, but a rendering – like the difference between a picture of you and your real live person. Furthermore, as admitted by the WHO, the disease has yet to fulfill Kock’s postulates of dis ease.
      Buts that only the 1st major problem. The second is that the PCR test is a magnification method, not a quantitative method. It simply enlarges specimen for examination and identification, but not for volume. Everyone has a plethora of viruses and microbes, scary ‘germs’, saturating your body constantly. But you only shows symptoms of illness when those ‘viruses’ are discovered in large quantitiaties – the PCR test, the standard test, does not show how much virus is present.
      Next, the PCR test itself is completely unreliable, posting validity rates in the 20-30% range. We’re seeing scores of people testing false-positive, and, false-negative.
      Lastly, so you’re wondering aloud – ‘the test still presumably could identify this pathogen, and the specific one in question – so it isnt completely useless right?’ Answer: No.
      As mentioned, we’ve long known coronavirses to exsist. We’ve documented them. A Canadian study, presented on CBC no less, showed that atleast* 4.5% of all ‘flu’ deaths over a 10yr span could presumably have been from a ‘coronaviruses’ – and that in that study, only 15% of those who died from the flu, had test postive for a flu pathogen.

      The test does not work. Coronavirus is not new. Viruses are symptoms.

    19. Hi! would also question IF THERE was a high rate of covid among hospital workers. Not a criticism, simply a question, given the amount of mis information we have been given.

    20. Hospitals have multiple electronic machines and an extraordinary wide range of scanning equipment, pagers and cellphones carried in or around patients, and by all hospital workers and visitors. Also the density of frequencies and the electrical wiring of the building and its heavy duty air-con systems will provide the soup for such a concentration of EMR…it’s that simple.
      In France, and I believe Sweden, EMR is medically recognised for making people ill and about 3% of the population are hyper sensitive, as it can impact them as they walk into a building. The remaining 97% are affected by the physics of EMR but do not experience the outcomes that the 3% do but their health like, all of us is effected by EMR. Even the back of a fridge/freezer is equivalent to standing four feet away from a leaky microwave cooker…they are all leaking much of the time as they require almost daily recalibration.

    21. There’s also the fact that hospitals are hot spots of all kinds of EMFs. So in combination with the metals in the vaccines, that can also be a factor. And even with that, many health care workers don’t get sick.

  5. Sally,

    This article is amazing! We all need to forward it to the White House and to as many public figures as possible!

    1. I agree, please help spread these thoughts and researches to the offices and newspapers, governments, medical facilities, people who make the laws, each and every government institution in the world!

  6. Thank you for this, I think each day more and more people are waking up to this, let’s just hope its enough to start making some noise.

  7. Your article shows a true misunderstanding of the conflation between marketing hype and actual technology. “5G Evolution”, as show by the blue dots in your illustration, is not 5G at all but rather a misleading marketing term for 4G technology that overlaps with data speeds that will eventually be provided by 5G. As an owner of the Nourishing Traditions book, I expect better of you than a scare piece designed to sow fear, uncertainty and doubt amongst the ignorant tech-illiterate masses, and which might encourage folks to intermingle during this very dangerous time.

    1. The 5G range is 30 ghz to 300 ghz. 60 ghz is the oxygen absorption spectrum. There is plenty of industry info on this, and there is research. I found an MIT paper from 1948 on the O2, 60 Ghz issue; the paper says it was funded in part by the military. 60 Ghz is known to be a shorter range frequency in the industry because the O2 in the atmosphere absorbs it. Of course, power level and duration of exposure are also factors in health effects of all electromagnetic radiation, such as the 2.45 Ghz of the ubiquitous microwave oven. Based on your comments I think you may be well aware of some or all of this; I just wanted to post it for others who may not be.

    2. Agree – you need to be very careful with these types of assertions. 5G tech is not yet working and is not yet broadcasting in the higher frequencies. But yes – we should be concerned, very concerned, none the less. Finally, lets not forget about the plan to launch 20,000 low orbit satellites that will beam more radiation over the whole earth – with no where to hide. For example, is just one of several companies planning their own space network – to support 5G.

    3. Agreed. I questioned that map as well. Also, worth noting… South Korea was the First Nation to have nationwide 5G and they had a small outbreak. Meanwhile, Iran has NO 5G and yet they are digging mass graves (plural) the size of football fields to bury their dead. Additionally, many of their government officials suffered from COVID as well. Further, an international map documenting the trend would be far more beneficial than these maps. I also felt it was curious that when comparing the maps it is the most densely populated areas that have intense outbreaks. This indicates that it could indeed be contagious. I am trying to be open minded but I just don’t see clear evidence based proof here, or anywhere.

      1. A little research shows that South Korea did not have a “small” outbreak – they just managed it well. Additionally, Iran actually DID have 5G, and early on.

  8. Fascinating! Thank you, Sally, for, at the very least, opening up some great debate among my family members and friends!

  9. I would like to know how and why parents have chicken-pox parties to expose their children to a “carrier” who end up getting chicken-pox. If it isn’t “infectious” how does one explain this? How are other so-called childhood-disease transmissible then? The statistical chances that every child at a “party” is eating the same, exposed to the same environment and therefore the immune systems are the same etc… are much to high. While electrical anomalies may have negative impacts, the statement of the earth being “covered” with electrical power lines in the late 1800’s is not true. Yes, many of the large cities were but there was very little coverage in the rural areas.

    1. If you read Firstenberg’s book The Invisible Rainbow, you will see the extensive documentation he presents of health records comparing rural and city areas in each state of the union.

    2. I had the same questions. According to a WAPF article on chicken pox (varicella virus), it is contagious. “Chickenpox is a contagious disease caused by infection with the varicella-zoster virus—a member of the herpes virus family and the same virus that causes shingles. Chickenpox spreads through coughing and sneezing or by touching or breathing in the virus particles that come from chickenpox blisters.”

      This goes against the “terrain” theory. What does Dr. Cowan say about this?

      Are we saying there are no viruses that are contagious? Maybe there is another process happening? I know that trees, for example, send out hormones to warn other trees of a threat. Those other trees will then respond. I’m guessing there are other examples of this in the animal kingdom.

      Also, Dr. Price apparently transmitted disease via an infected tooth under the skin of rabbits. The disease would manifest in the animal. What is the process happening here?

  10. You have had numerous ‘shinning’ moments in your life as I have read (and heard you speak) your other articles for the last
    ten years. This article really culminates your innate ability to sum up an issue correctly without demeaning other voices that
    are meant to confuse us.

  11. 60 GHz was chosen specifically because of the benefits of Oxygen abortion. Here is a great article explaining it:

    What the article doesn’t touch on is essentially that 60 GHz does to O2 what 2.4 GHz (a microwave oven) does to H2O. We know that microwaved water isn’t healthy for plants. My assumption is the same thing is going on with O2: the 5G energy gets transferred into the O2, which are bodies have a difficult time absorbing. I imagine, just like all things, some people have a harder times absorbing the energized O2 than others, so it makes it look more like a pathogen.

    1. Your comment made me laugh! Tell the government? The government is well aware since they are the ones doing it.

  12. Don’t forget the bleeding caused during the Spanish flu was potentially caused by the heavy use of aspirin, newly discovered and used for pain relief and fever reduction. Similar possibly to the reason positive pressure ventilators are causing more damage to fragile, surfactant-reduced lungs and the possibility these exosomes or other particles remove the iron from the heme molecule of the red blood cell, rendering them unable to carry the oxygen that is available!

    1. yes, allopaths, who used aspirin, had a death rate of 30%. Compare this to homeopaths, who treated thousands of cases, and had a death rate of only 1%
      I don’t doubt that this is also due to the fact that suppressing fever inhibits the immune response, slowing down reaction times, white blood function and production of antibodies
      Another case of mainstream advice to use paracetamol (tylenol) being misguided and potentially dangerous

  13. Hello Sally — I have been researching the virus situation since it first became a problem. Your article is the best thing I have seen so far. Regarding the video of Dr. Kyle-Sidell, are you familiar with the Buteyko breathing method or the Bohr effect? That explains why the ventilators are making things worse and provides a solution. I tried to reach Dr. Kyle-Sidell. I hope to hear back from you on this . . . Dave

  14. Excellent accumulation of historical facts. It is obvious that this is EXACTLY what is going on. This is what is creating the illness and sickness. 5G has unique oxygen absorption characteristics and properties. We hamans are competing for the same air space as this virus.

    Ms. Morell,..I’ve got to believe that this connection has been heard by the many governors and mayors of the major cities in the US.

    IF that assessment is in fact accurate,…here’s a suggestion for them,…why have they not turned off their 5G connection and religate it back to 4G for an experiment. After all,…it is their city. It is not AT&T or T-Mobile or Verizons turf.


    Thank you for clarity and courage to bring this information to the forefront.

  15. Great information!
    Recent weird weather pattern may be also a result of the disturbed electrical field? Not just global warming!

    1. Geoengineering (weather modification) has been spraying aluminum, and barium, nanoparticles, among other terrible things in the sky supposedly as sunlight dispersal to mitigate global warming. As we breath aluminum, we are changing our body’s cellular electronic environment. Much more at

      1. I always wonder if it’s being done on purpose to see what is underneath the ice in Antartica.

        I also have another theory – you know how are electric poles have oil in the transformers for “cooling” purposes. I always wonder if drilling and removing the oil out of the Earth is the cause for it warming up… because the oil isn’t there to cool it down.

    2. Nanobots are creating weird cloud formations. Someone has been playing with weather creating tornados and flooding. There appears to be pictorial proof of this happening but who’s doing this? Seems like everyone is getting it from what I saw admittedly I don’t know enough to talk about it only to raise more investigation.

  16. Very enlightening! Well put and makes complete sense. I’ll probably loose a few friends and make some people angry, but small price to pay if it will help people wake up.

  17. I have passed this article on to many people, and one person posed an excellent question: if there is a link between the illness and 5G, why is the illness arising in 200 countries when 5G is present in only about 42 countries?

    1. Good question. Perhaps there are other factors at work as well, such as the spread of fear and panic via media. The areas of highest concentration are also the areas of highest population, so the fear/electrical disruption may be spread via contact with others? Just throwing out food for thought here.

      1. See Dr Tom Cowan’s Four Fold Healing website.. under blogs and podcasts.. see recording of webinar.. 3-27-20 regarding it’s more than just 5G.

  18. “Today we face the installation of fifth generation wireless (5G), broadcast in the gigahertz range, often at 60 gigahertz, a frequency that is highly absorbed by oxygen, causing the O2 molecule to split apart, making it useless for respiration”

    Outrageous if true, and yet I’m unable to find how this might be substantiated.

    1. Excerpt from wikipedia on J.H. Van Vleck:

      “During World War II, J. H. Van Vleck worked on radar at the MIT Radiation Lab. He was half time at the Radiation Lab and half time on the staff at Harvard. He showed that at about 1.25-centimeter wavelength water molecules in the atmosphere would lead to troublesome absorption and that at 0.5-centimeter wavelength there would be a similar absorption by oxygen molecules.”


      Note that a .5 centimeter wavelength is 5 millimeters, which is the 60 Ghz frequency of EMR.

    2. There are plenty of peer reviewed scientific studies that substantiate exactly what 60 gigahertz of radiation does to the human body. It is outrageous and it is true, as well as, easily substantiated. It is good to bring attention to this.

  19. Hope you are right BUT (at 70 years old, a member of WP, an MS in nutrition) I’m following the rules of classical contagion theory and disinfect everything that comes into the house, wearing a mask in public and keeping my distance from others. The stories of people surviving the infection, witnesses of those dying from covid and the incredible misery the virus causes are enough for me to be safe rather than sorry. The electrical predisposing factor story may be true but it’s too late because the virus is here.

    1. I totally agree. Many of the “facts” in this blog are wrongly associated with the epidemics. What about bubonic plague BEFORE any electrical man-made stuff was around?

    2. Where is the “proof” that “the virus is here”? It was never isolated, purified, and then proved according to accepted methods such as Koch’s postulates, but is the result of assumptions (correlations) and faulty testing via RT PCR which cannot be used for either identification or quantification of viruses (according to the inventor Kary Mullis and many other concerned scientists). In an instance like this one may ask Cui Bono, or who benefits?

      1. Vaccine makers, test kit makers, Gates, Fauci and their cronies. Hospitals getting paid by Medicare…$13K for each ”COVID” patient, $39K if they are put on a ventilator!!… Big box stores, as the small businesses get crushed. List goes on and on.

  20. I would very much like to have the source of the information about the experiments proving the Spanish Flu was not communicable. I’m saving as much about that as I can find.

      1. Please could you provide the references for the Spanish flu contagion studies? I’d rather not have to try and access the Firstenberg book.

            See under EPIDEMIOLOCICAL STUDIES: “Perhaps the most interesting epidemiological studies conducted during the 1918–1919 pandemic were the human experiments conducted by the Public Health Service and the U.S. Navy under the supervision of Milton Rosenau on Gallops Island, the quarantine station in Boston Harbor, and on Angel Island, its counterpart in San Francisco. The experiment began with 100 volunteers from the Navy who had no history of influenza. Rosenau was the first to report on the experiments conducted at Gallops Island in November and December 1918.69 His first volunteers received first one strain and then several strains of Pfeiffer’s bacillus by spray and swab into their noses and throats and then into their eyes. When that procedure failed to produce disease, others were inoculated with mixtures of other organisms isolated from the throats and noses of influenza patients. Next, some volunteers received injections of blood from influenza patients. Finally, 13 of the volunteers were taken into an influenza ward and exposed to 10 influenza patients each. Each volunteer was to shake hands with each patient, to talk with him at close range, and to permit him to cough directly into his face. None of the volunteers in these experiments developed influenza. Rosenau was clearly puzzled, and he cautioned against drawing conclusions from negative results. He ended his article in JAMA with a telling acknowledgement: “We entered the outbreak with a notion that we knew the cause of the disease, and were quite sure we knew how it was transmitted from person to person. Perhaps, if we have learned anything, it is that we are not quite sure what we know about the disease.”69 (p. 313)”

        1. There are no references, citations or sources for the Spanish Flu “study”because it never happened.
          If it did, we’d see someone post the source. Simple request. Dig around for it – it’s not there.

          For the rest of “facts”, spend some time looking up the dates she mentions…none of them are accurate with history.

          This is what happens when you realize that raw milk doesn’t solve everything I guess…you start blaming boogie monsters.

          As an acupuncturist, I used to refer patients to Sally’s work. Not anymore.

        2. [Public Health Service] Fight Against the 1918 Influenza …
 › online-reading-room › influenza
 › online-reading-room › influenza

          1 Cached
          Apr 6, 2015 – Influenza. » A Forgotten Enemy: PHS’s [Public Health Service] Fight Against … 1 ( Because Spain was not a belligerent in the war, reports of … Surgeon General Rupert Blue, a North Carolina native who served in the … Alfred Crosby, in his 1989 history of the event, America’s Forgotten … And in-flew-Enza.6.

          The contagion studies were done by the Health Department and there is a plethora of links on the internet. Try this one to start with.

  21. Wow. I have lost all respect for your work. If this was true, then why does contract tracing work when outbreaks are small and early as has happened in New Zealand, Germany, Singapore and other countries with rapid responses? Same with Ebola containment. I can stretch and think that new electrical technologies initially create increased susceptibility due to increased inflammation by a new technology that the body hasn’t acclimated to yet, but even if your correlations are accurate, that does not mean there it is causation. This is straight up dangerous misinformation.

    1. She states clearly in the article that “While correlation does not prove causation, the strong overlap between 5G rollout locations and corona virus cases should give one pause…” My take is that she calls for some rational, evidence-based consideration applied to our approach to this situation, rather than calling it something a growing number of medical professionals are saying it doesn’t appear to be (virus) – and which may be doing more harm than good.

      1. 5G is correlated with dense population centers where people are densely packed, and thus more readily able to spread disease in the classic infectious disease model. You could also note a “strong overlap” between 10+story buildings or 4-lane highways with coronavirus cases… Furthermore, people living in countries without 5G also contract it… Without a lot more evidence, I have an awfully hard time believing this

        1. It is hard to see since there is a general assumption that the PCR test to determine the presence of Covid is accurate. It isn’t. Corona Virus has never been isolated and purified and then proven to cause disease as per Koch’s postulates. The RT PCR test which the ONLY test done in most cases, cannot be used for viral identification or counting according to its inventor Dr Kary Mullis. It is junk science to use such testing without absolute purification. The amplification procedures can produce an estimated 80% false positives. But main stream media never cover such things. All the do is to stoke fear which is believed due to a lack of understanding by the public.

  22. I am in agreement with all in the post and watched Dr. Cowan’s recent zoom meeting on aspects of the exosome and water theories. I, and others in my immediate circle of friends including 2 medical professionals, have never had a “flu shot” and we never get the flu. As to the part in this post about the Spanish flu not being contagious, our “opponents” would likely counter that was/is not provable and indeed it was contagious but not for healthy people (and healthy horses) who had immunity.

  23. Excellent article. I have been following your articles since first finding you in StockGrassFarmer many years ago. Keep up the good work.

  24. Compelling information.
    Other than the complete overhaul of global assumptions about the nature of illness , are there any implications for what the individual can do to counteract the harm caused by electrical
    phenomena ?

  25. Some questions to test this Theory:

    Is 5G turned on and operating in the places where there are outbreaks?

    Are their outbreaks in areas of the country or world with no 5G service?

    If 5G is operational, how long has 5G service been on, and if it has been on earlier than the outbreaks, why did we only see effects starting late last year in localized places?

    If 5G service causes Influenza symptoms, why do cases present as exponential curves, and then fall away? Why wouldn’t everyone get sick at the same time?

    If 5G service causes Influenza symptoms, why do people recover, sine the 5G is still at the same strength in the area? What changes where now they are able to use oxygen, where before they couldn’t?

    If previous epidemics were caused by electrical changes in the atmosphere, why did the epidemics subside after a time, while the technology stayed, and grew more pervasive?

    Lastly, the correlation between 5G locations and Coronavirus hotspots also correlates to population density. According to the maps given, these 5G locations are in the urban centers, where there is greater population density, with less 5G coverage in rural, sparsely populated areas. This could indicate that Coronavirus IS contagious, since hot spots are where there is more interstate travel and population density.

    1. Question number two…. Iran has one of the worst outbreaks and NO 5G. South Korea was the First Nation in the world to roll out nationwide 5G and their outbreak was minimal…… OMG and what you said about population is exactly what I put in my comments above.

      1. How is the “outbreak” measured? See comments above about RT PCR testing. You are assuming accurate diagnosis, which RT PCR CANNOT provide.

  26. Majority of 5G currently commercially deployed is at 3.5 GHz.

    Few places have 26-28 GHz: Italy, USA, South Korea. Russia and Japan are testing.

    To my best understanding, 60 GHz stands in an unlicensed band = you don’t apply for a radio license. Unlicensed means also, there is NO LIST to be found. You need a spectrum analyzer to find out, if there are transmitters around or not. Some 60 GHz products seem to exist. (GOOD pictures!)

    Of course, this does not exclude the possibility of plenty 60 GHz devices being in use somewhere. This also does not mean that 3.5 GHz is safe.

  27. Very interesting. But what about the common cold, HIV, etc.? Are you saying those viruses aren’t contagious either???

    1. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) calls a “Cold’ a cold wind attack as one possible trigger (there are other triggers). With 5000 years of direct observation they could see that people with compromised immune systems (due to lifestyle) would be open to “colds” which could be provoked by environmental influences such as a sudden change of seasons, or exposure to cold wind (chill). And so many fall ill (detoxification) at the same time. It was only since Pasteur that microorganisms were blamed. At the time of Pasteur another scientist Antoine Bechamp said that the cause of disease was not the microorganisms but the terrain, or the state of the body. WAP found that certain ways of living ten to support the body. I no longer experience any disease ever, by following WAP suggestions (and others) in 7th decade of life.

    2. HIV has long been debunked as not scientifically proven. Whose baby was HIV? Fauci, along with Birx, & Redfield and where do we see them today front and center of cv19. Interesting the creator of PCR the basic for CV19 testing called this out decades ago and also spoke out against the use of PCR as a diagnostic tool. It’s always about money and control. Corey Lynn has done a very deep dive into the HIV/AIDS scandal and it’s the opening chapters 1-3 of her book she is writing. Nothing is at it seems.

  28. You may be right…I hope you are wrong …
    I’m sorry for the loss of life and turmoil from this pandemic and the response to it.
    You are referring to correlation, not cauaslity, but the implication is clear.
    1) Why did the prior pandemics stop at all if the electrical grids weren’t at the time, and only got more prevalent and stronger?
    2) Why are so many people 97-99% (it’s unclear what the real number is at this point) of the people not susceptible to the lethal outcome?
    3) What makes some people stronger to the exposure of the correlating electrical impact or viral spread?

  29. When we were in Jamaica 37 years ago our guide, who did not have a PhD, said “this area used to be lush and verdant but with all the rockets you Americans are sending up to space it is no longer so”

  30. My question in response to this article is what can we do about this to avoid the hypoxia effects from 5G?

  31. As much respect as I have for your work, It is very difficult to take an article seriously that makes such sweeping and controversial claims and yet is supported by easily disprovable facts. As a simple example of this, you write, “In South America, Ecuador is a hot spot for the respiratory illness, and it is in Ecuador that 5G first appeared” connecting the statement to a link. The link, however, discussed plans for testing and the auctioning of spectrum. Nowhere does it say anything about any test that actually happened. If you googe “is there 5g in Ecuador?” you will get many hits about the preparations that are being planned and a demonstration at a conference in September 2019 in Guayaquil, by Movil, of one small network for a week. Additionally, if you look at the Ookla 5g map that is updated weekly at ,you can see there is no active 5g in Ecuador and only one commercially available 5g site in Uruguay, in South America. There are at the time I am writing this over 45,000 “confirmed” cases in South America where it has even reached the remote tribes. ( So, where is the correlation, statistically or coincidentally, with the new illness and 5g in South America?
    The second point I will make is about your use of the 5g coverage map. Yes, if you look at the two pictures briefly it gives the impression that there is correlation. If you look closer, though, only the yellow dots represent live 5g networks. If you were to erase all of the “planned networks” it would look different. The map is outdated anyway. There are currently 7276 commercially available 5g networks in the United States. (per Ookla) Using an accurate, updated map would help support the credibility of your work if there is a correlation. The distribution of CV cases map that you use, just offhand, looks like it compares pretty closely to a map of US population density. (
    These are just two examples that I pulled out of this. It takes time to check accuracy and one would hope that task would start with a rigorous effort by the author. You are a respected contributor to the conversation in the health and diet paradigm, and any article you write is going to be endlessly copied and posted on social media. Whether these types of articles lead to uncovering truth, or burying it deeper, is going to depend on the truth accuracy of the articles themselves.
    Thank you for posting this in a place that you can receive comments.

  32. This is the kind of irresponsible disinformation that makes me wonder where the line is between free speech and government control. Whether the government can or should remove this article from public view is not a question I can answer. What I can do is exercise my own freedom of speech and ask that you voluntarily take it down, and that you refrain from publishing such nonsense in the future. Why? Because there are people foolish enough to believe it, thereby endangering themselves of catching the highly contagious COVID-19, or of voting as neo-Luddites.

  33. excellent write up madam
    am just taken by surprise on the facts that are put up coherently here,

  34. It’s more than just 5G per Dr Tom Cowan’s Four Fold Healing website.. under blogs and podcasts.. see recording of webinar.. 3-27-20.

    1. This chat between Sayer Ji & Tom Cowan addresses a theory of how a virus appears contagious without being the cause of disease.

      The theory goes something like this:

      A person who is exposed to a toxic environment may depending on a variety of health factors experience disease. In the case of Terrain Theory, this disease is part of a detox or cell cleanup process. Perhaps when a person actively in this cleanup state contacts another who is not, communication between the two bodies occurs. The ill person signals the other that they are in cleanup mode due to toxic exposure, so all others who share their environment should activate cleanup as a precaution.

      The person with no disease may have a very clean body, having gone through disease/cleanup recently. In this case their body may conserve energy and not activate cleanup unnecessarily. Or perhaps the person has not been through the process recently so cleanup is activated. This gives the appearance of contagiousness, when a more sophisticated evolutionary process for protecting the group may be underway.


  35. When anecdotal or apocryphal research is used to support a hypothesis, perspective, or point of view- it is contingent upon the researcher to include alternate sources which may conflict with the researcher’s hypothesis. This is academic honesty Multi-factorial causes for a given condition should not be narrowed to a single factor because any single condition in which that single factor (5g for example) can be demonstrated to not be a factor destroys the single factor hypothesis. Here is a fascinating synopsis of city case studies compiled during the late stages of the 1918 pandemic. Of course these individual reflections can be discounted or denied if they conflict with the notion that viral transmission from individual to individual in close proximity is not possible, but then all apocryphal or anecdotal reports must be discounted or rejected. It is fair & just to conclude that one does not know the cause for a particular affliction if one truly does not know. Truth must always be based in perception and never in supposition.

  36. The misinformation here is astonishing; Sally acts as though no advances were made in modern medicine in the past 100 years that deepened our understanding of how communicable diseases and viruses spread. If what she were saying were true, then why are people who are staying home completely isolated not suddenly getting ill?

    The most upsetting thing about this nonsense is that it implicitly encourages people to doubt disease experts and perpetuates the idea that social distancing is not necessary. Posts like this are directly responsible for sickening-and killing-people. They are inexcusable.

    Sally, if you really are so confident in your assertions, go hang out near a hospital emergency room for a couple days and report back to us in a few weeks how that went. Or find a covid patient and ask to visit them in their home for an afternoon, sitting a foot away and talking to them without any PPE as you share a bowl of popcorn.

    If you are unwilling to do that, then I suggest you retract this “article,” get your stories straight and stop increasing the risk to the people trying to save your lives with this irresponsible conjecture, commentary and assumptions.

    1. Thank you for a breath of fresh air…pardon the pun!
      This entire thread is irresponsible and should be taken down.

    2. Sally you are spot ON as usual. There are over 50 years worth of studies confirming your knowledge. You are obviously well studied. Thank you for your work.

    3. The “advances in modern medicine in the past 100 years that deepened our understanding of how communicable diseases and viruses spread” are based on a fraud, germ theory. Pasteur was not right! The Flexner Report in 1910, funded by The Carnegie Foundation (and Rockefeller money), was a tool used by the robber-barons of the time to eliminate healing instruction (medical schools) that did not fit the agenda of petrochemical medicines. Rockefeller’s generous ‘philanthropy’ supported the AMA, as well as medical schools, labeling any other forms of healing as ‘quackery’. Pharmaceutical medicine of today is the result, along with a continual rise of disease and death. And profits to big oil, the father of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
      Viruses have NEVER been proven to cause disease. (They’ve never been proven to meet Koch’s Postulate’s, nor Rivers’ conditions to excuse Koch’s Postulates. Rivers’ work conveniently came from the Rockefeller Institute for Medial Research.)
      FYI, during the Polio epidemic, Public Health Service researchers tried to ‘infect’ healthy people by cohorting them with polio patients, having them be coughed, sneezed, and breathed on, as well as taking nasal and oral swabs from polio patients and transferring these swabs to the healthy individuals. Not ONE healthy person contracted polio, a supposedly airborne/droplet transmissible disease. No reports stating if they shared a bowl of popcorn, however.
      Fear weakens the terrain, the immune system. A few key (evil) people behind this ‘pandemic’ are using this to their advantage (because it has worked before, just not to this level of ‘success’.
      Virology has been employing irresponsible conjecture, commentary, and assumptions for years (no proof). They should remove all their articles.

      1. No edit button.
        Not during the polio epidemic, but the 1918 flu epidemic, was the testing with healthy individuals performed.
        Still, supposed airborne/droplet transmission. Not one ‘caught’ it.

  37. The author failed to point out after each pandemic that human beings were not wiped off the face of the earth!! The loss of life was tremendous and very sad. However, whether one wants to believe it or not we are still highly governed by the evolutionary theory by Darwin of “survival of the fittest”. There were humans beings that who survived each of the pandemics because their bodies had the ability to evolve, change the genetic makeup due to the environmental stress. The environmental stress of the high electrical disturbances while cause some human beings to evolve and survive, whereas others will succumb to death due to underlining health issues. The virus has one goal in mind, to spread its genetic information. Richard Dawkins made it very clear in his book “The Selfish Gene”. CoVID19 is very contagious because it needs to survive! Just look at the hospital workers, they are not texting on their 5G phones!! They are trying to save the patients who are emitting the selfish gene!! Sadly some are surviving and some are not!!

  38. 5g map and covid map both match population density map. More people = more covid cases. More potential customers = more 5G towers.

  39. I’m sharing the link to this post with others, as I do with all your articles. Some are replying that 5G has not been rolled out in sited places. Please could you share your sources, so I can share this information too. People are dangerously relying on Google’s first search result to form an opinion.

  40. how can we can any references or citations for this article? VERY POWERFUL and true info – I want to share and it is more powerful when referenced

  41. Very fascinating article! I’ve been battling emf with Shungite (conductive Russian stone) a natural balancer of energies for years and personally felt an awesome difference with many 100s of positive feedback from people I’ve introduced!! I’ve also been investigating the difference between 4G and 5G ( why do we need 5G?) as I noticed on the geographic charts that the new active 5G towers were not all in hotspots. From my limited resources and a UTSD article that mentioned 5G was able to move millimeter wave spectrum thru buildings and hard to get to signal areas without several towers that 4G couldn’t do so (so that we can enjoy mobile video more effectively) (zoom anyone?) That could explain areas without a lot of 5G towers. I was just curious why we needed 5G and like oil our dependence on it is ruining our world! Our need for this fast technology may be testing our own health and survival!

  42. I keep reading and fully get my head around this idea, information. I have one question I would love to be answered in a way that I can complete this picture. If this electrification that is occuring now on the planet has all these people sick and dieing, how is it that so many are able to overcome this poisoning that is happening to them? As is some people do not get sick, others mildly? Are we saying that if my level of toxicity, my imunne system if the one is low and the latter is good my body will be able to handle this new 5G and it will not cause my body to not be able to obsorb oxygen and I will be ok? I don’t see this aspect discussed. Please reply

    1. It probably depends on the concentration of toxic heavy metals in your body. Google this title: Fixed Wireless Communications at 60GHz Unique Oxygen Absorption Properties. From 2001 it shows research on how 60GHZ (where 5G) lives disturbes Oxygen. Yeah, the stuff that keeps us alive

  43. History is always fascinating. The seeming relationships imply, but Only imply, causation. Look at the theories of the Moon influence. Only one of the many is a clear cycle that repeats with resilient regularity and is predictable. That being, the Moons influence on the tides. Theories about Sunspots also abound with none being predictable. When a baby’s heartbeat begins in the womb ( and what are the precipitating events) remains a complete mystery. I welcome the conversation and appreciate scientists laboring to prove their theories. Meanwhile, we have to be on guard for our attraction to conspiracy theories as answers to our struggle. For me the virus is darkness, the shadow of humanity. And our task is to do our personal shadow work that we avoid and deny and project on others and the outside world when of course it is an inside job.

  44. Thank you so much Dr. Fallon! Finally , someone who is describing the truth behind all this. Makes me happy to know there is someone out there who thinks this thru. I hope this is shared to the world. Please get rid of the 5G!! Save our lives so we can save the mother earth. !! Get EMF protectors now! We are a frequency of the earth. We upset that to much and then we are unable to gather the O2 we need to live. The doctors are seeing that it is like an altitude sickness and not a lung “disease” . We must all turn to solar power for the new way of living at home.

    The main part of this article to read over and over and over again

    Western medicine pays scant attention to the electrical nature of living things—plants, animals and humans—but mountains of evidence indicate that faint currents govern everything that happens in the body to keep us alive and healthy. From the coagulation of the blood, to energy production in the mitochondria, even to small amounts of copper in the bones, which create currents for the maintenance of bone structure—all can be influenced by the presence of electricity in the atmosphere, especially “dirty” electricity, characterized by many overlapping frequencies and jagged changes in frequency.

  45. This is how my husband believes. It makes a lot of sense, but at the same time why are people getting this virus when they are living with a person who has it, or has spent time with someone who later they find was a carrier, it’s so confusing,

    I thank you for this very well written and researched article,

  46. This is probably a stupid question but i wonder why, with all the flu injections now available, there are still many thousands, if not millions, who continue to die of flu each year. Even now, flu-caused deaths are far more than recorded covid virus deaths.

    Could it be that the flu injection could also be a hoax?

    By the way, i have never had a flu injection or the flu. I’m aged 75.

  47. I have not read The Invisible Rainbow, by Arthur Firstenberg, but accept you are referencing it in good faith.

    However, the examples given fail completely to demonstrate cause and effect.

    Example 1. 1918 flu. A far simpler explanation is the unprecedented international movement of people in World War I, plus the all out focus by both sides on winning the war against known, visible enemies rather than an unknown, invisible one, plus the overstretched hospital, convalescent and medical services by 1918.

    Example 2. 1968 flu. A far simpler explanation is that this was another mainland originating epidemic, first publicly identified in British colonial Hong Kong. People’s Republic of China was at the time 2-3 years into its Cultural Revolution and effectively closed to the world. Thousands of refugees fled weekly to Hong Kong and it is highly likely that one or more could have brought this infection with them. Hong Kong had a much freer press and media than the Mainland, and mainly British trained medical staff.

    The IDCSP satellites had feeble transmitters of just 3 Watts. Modern flashlights / torches  may exceed that and car headlights are typically 35 to 55 Watts. Bear in mind that the IDCSP satellites’ orbital altitude was about 33,800 kilometres, and the inverse square law applies. Thus doubling the distance quarters the power received over a given area. The power received from the satellites in their given frequency band was a minute fraction of the power received from the Sun in the same frequency band, the Sun being by far the most powerful radio transmitter in our Solar System. And why would these satellites, with global coverage, produce an outbreak in Hong Kong, which being a British colony at the time, was safely in the hands of a US ally?

    Example 3. All of the dated examples. Why did the pandemics cease in most cases within a couple of years, even as the electrical fields increased steadily between the supposed step changes described in the book?

    1. Simple: adaptation. All organisms evolve to adapt to their ever-changing environment. Watch this excellent demonstration of how bacteria colonies start to die off when exposed to an antibiotic but then develop resistance to it and thrive again – over and over with ever-greater concentrations of the antibiotic.

  48. Because Elon Musk is beaming 5 G technology from satellites in space back to earth. 5 G is a pulsating beam.

  49. The maps used here use are just correlations based on population density everything has a correlation to population destiny… you should use per capita numbers:

    But more importantly Correlation does not equal Causation. do you have any experimental evidence on the harms of 5g? 4g, 3g? radio waves? There are plenty of studies on microwaves, and millimeter waves, surely there would be an overwhelming body of evidence that these had some affect on human health if electromagnetic radiation was causing such a sudden and catastrophic pandemic. What changed in the last month that would cause an outbreak of this magnitude? Even if we were to rely on collations we should be looking for a correlation that reflects the slow rollout of new wireless technologies, no? Did every town in the US flip the same switch on March 1st?

  50. Not totally agree with this, but what if
    #5g is a kind of remote control for this #coronavirus? turn off, turn on, increase or decrease its effects?as someone expert in programming and computers could make

  51. Can you please post the reference on the US Public Health Service’s research where they tried to inoculate recipients with Spanish Flu? that seems like a key bit of information and i can’t find anything about it online. Thanks in advance

      The State of Science, Microbiology, and Vaccines Circa 1918

      “Perhaps the most interesting epidemiological studies conducted during the 1918–1919 pandemic were the human experiments conducted by the Public Health Service and the U.S. Navy under the supervision of Milton Rosenau on Gallops Island, the quarantine station in Boston Harbor, and on Angel Island, its counterpart in San Francisco. The experiment began with 100 volunteers from the Navy who had no history of influenza. Rosenau was the first to report on the experiments conducted at Gallops Island in November and December 1918.69 His first volunteers received first one strain and then several strains of Pfeiffer’s bacillus by spray and swab into their noses and throats and then into their eyes. When that procedure failed to produce disease, others were inoculated with mixtures of other organisms isolated from the throats and noses of influenza patients. Next, some volunteers received injections of blood from influenza patients. Finally, 13 of the volunteers were taken into an influenza ward and exposed to 10 influenza patients each. Each volunteer was to shake hands with each patient, to talk with him at close range, and to permit him to cough directly into his face. None of the volunteers in these experiments developed influenza. Rosenau was clearly puzzled, and he cautioned against drawing conclusions from negative results. He ended his article in JAMA with a telling acknowledgement: “We entered the outbreak with a notion that we knew the cause of the disease, and were quite sure we knew how it was transmitted from person to person. Perhaps, if we have learned anything, it is that we are not quite sure what we know about the disease.”69 (p. 313)”

  52. A theory that I have on your comment is that more than likely even though Iran doesn’t have 5G turned on (any proof of this?) is that with all of the satellites that the US, NATO and Israhell have in orbit (not to mention drone capabilities) it wouldn’t surprise me if they are beaming 60+ ghz of power onto their population centers (and probably aim it at their politicians buildings) in order to facilitate this “virulent disease”. All three of those nation states are the most militaristic and biggest purveyors of terrorism in this world so “anything is possible” in my opinion especially as they have had their hands on these technologies the longest and that the technologies have all been developed with military use in mind first before civilian use. And the US uses “beaming technology” in crowd dispersal weapons in the US and abroad, so “they know what they are doing.” And it’s pretty obvious by everything that has happened in the US since the start of this that it has been the “key” to the big power, money and control grab ever so what does that tell you?

  53. If this is true, how are scientists able to sequence the genome of the viruses from different patients and derive historical information about how it “spread” by looking at the mutations? How would everyone exposed to 5G produce these exosomes with a common genome?

  54. After enjoying your article, I wanted to expand on it and find some sources for some of the information that is new to me. One thing I was particularly curious about, but can’t find info on, is how the Spanish flu was not contagious, though it was studied? I used DuckDuckGo in hopes of finding uncensored information, but I can’t find anything that references that. Any help would be appreciated!

    Secondarily, I did find an article that suggested the cause of the “flu” was actually due to an experimental amount of vaccines given to the soldiers. However, the article made it sound like it was indeed contagious, however it was not just a pandemic that arose from nowhere like some sources may like us to believe.

  55. Layperson here, so please excuse me if this is an ignorant, poorly informed comment. I’ve tried to make some sense of the following his scientific article, but it is way over my head: But I think I get parts of it. I found this while trying to make sense of the connection between exosomes and autophagy.

    In it, it states that exosomes are the vehicle that viruses hijack to invade the cells of the body, it’s the “invisible cloak” which allows the virus to hide from the immune system. Which is why the coronavirus is depicted as an exosome – the virus is hiding inside, if that particular exosome has been infected.

    My interest in autophagy is due to the many purported health benefits. But due to our ability to avoid famine, thanks to a constant food supply, it is not activated as often as it should be in most people. My understanding is that consumption of animal proteins and sugars inhibit activation of autophagy. It supposedly takes about a 16 hour fast to activate autophagy, but if I am following the work of Valter Longo correctly, avoiding sugars and animal protein for that same 16 hour window does the same thing. It is my likely incomplete undestanding of autophagy that it is the body’s repair and recycle process, particularly recycling defective or unneeded proteins within cells.

    One of the functions of exosomes is as a virtual trash collector, gobbling up toxins and shunting them off to the liver for excretion. But I believe the above article is telling me that there is an overlap of functions between exosomes and autophagy. And that when the primary processes of one or the other is impaired, a secondary function of its opposite is to fulfill that role.

    Dr. Mercola recently posted an article where 18% of Italy’s Covid-19 fatalities were examined for the presence of diabetes, hypertension and/or heart disease. They found that 99% of those sampled did have these issues.

    Diabetics, in particular, would seem to be chronically avoiding autophagy activation, meaning that they likely are full of defective proteins that aren’t being dealt with in a timely basis. If so, then it would be up to exosomes to fulfill that function, but, if my understanding is correct, they don’t do that by recycling, there only option is to ship it down to the liver to be excreted.

    So my question is, wouldn’t this result in far more exosomes existing outside of the cell bodies in the diabetics, hypertensives and cardiac patients, allowing more of the virus to hijack more exosomes, thus allowing the virus to replicate far faster, and more quickly overwhelm the immune system? That might explain why those people have such a high mortality rate.

    And it could be the people who manage to activate autophagy fairly often have few such extraneous exosomes for the virus to find and hijack, giving the immune system a much better chance of intercepting the virus before it wreaks havoc. That could explain how some people are barely effected by the virus.

    My apologies if I’ve inadvertently cobbled together my own Frankensten’s monster here. But if the real risk in overwhelming the healthcare system comes from the risk of diabetics, hypertensives and heart patients becoming critically ill, wouldn’t it make sense to quarantine/self-isolate those people, and let everyone else get back to work? Some would die, as there are likely other risk factors, and a bunch of people would get sick from the virus. But once they recover they should have immunity, and we’d be
    a lot closer to achieving herd immunity.

    In a national emergency, it should be possible to require people to show that they don’t have these underlying conditions as a condition of getting out of quarantine. And while they are in quarantine, perhaps the government could fund one of Longo’s 5 day FMD fasts for each of them to activate autophagy and rebalance their hormones, thus improving their underlying conditions? It would likely be a lot cheaper and far more beneficial than poorly tested vaccines of dubious benefit.

  56. Sally, thank you for posting this article and continuing to do the work you do in the face of adversity and emotionally charged reactions. Your eternal optimism gives me hope (and I’ve been feeling pretty hopeless lately thanks to the pushback I receive for presenting unpopular and unconventional ideas and questions). Being a member of the WAPF gives me the community I need especially during this time of isolation, fear, and negativity.

    You’re asking questions that need to be asked. Nowhere in the article did you suggest against taking precautions, so I have a hard time with people who suggest you and your article are responsible for illness and death. That’s absurd.

    Thank you for providing references and resources, including Dr. Cowan’s and Dr. Kaufman’s (exosome) work.
    Keep going, Sally! Thank you!

  57. I live by your book. I have never felt better than now in my life! I just dont get sick that easily too. I dont have any health issues so far.
    But everymonth i get extremly ill from the solar flare. I get a headache that nothing can help, it is really hard to breath my heart beat is not normal, my digestion gets so bad that i cant digest anything, my sleep is crazy ( i get very colorful dreams,with smells and sensations on my skin, i get about the same nightmare about spiders that jump on me) , the worst part is that i even sleep walk. Also i feel like my temperature is higher and i get a body oddor. My hair also are falling out more and memory get very bad. I tried to eat more animal fat and drink raw milk.
    I did enjoy your posts i will send to my friends.

  58. Whilst I have read and heard many assertions by the proponents of 5G that there is not one shred of evidence that it represents any threat to human health, it is equally true that I have not read or heard of one shred of evidence of research that shows the benefits of 5G to human health. Our Governors have not built a National Health Service, but a National Sickness Service. Do they have any idea, or interest, in what the difference is? True or false?.

  59. 1) Can you provide the source for the 1918 study on the 100 individuals 18-20 that would cough on each other and not get sick? I do not have a copy of the book.

    Science is based on two things 1) disconfirmation and 2) replication. If you do not have a condition for disconfirmation, it is no longer science.

    Effectively your hypothesis is this:
    -The harm we are seeing comes from electrical disturbances (notably 5G for covid19) either from sun,etc or mankind, not from transmission from other humans.
    -What we call viruses are actually what are “exosomes”, something our body uses to detoxify harm.

    Simple disconfirmations would be:
    1) Evidence of human to human transmission in the absence of 5G
    -How do you explain Iran showing large spike of deaths before 5G?
    2) Stall in the spread of covid-19 symptoms despite 5G still present or 5G expanding?
    -What about asian countries that have flattened their curve MORE than western countries? Shouldn’t the spread of something electric like 5G keep spreading?
    -How do you explain that covid-19 seems to be flattening in terms of deaths around USA after social distancing policies were put in place?
    -What if covid-19 goes away in 2-3 months, but 5G is still present and expanding?

  60. I read where Elon Musk (Tesla, SpaceX) is deploying satellites at a fast rate to control the ground stations of 5G. The government has approved thousands of deployments. Years from now you won’t be able to tell if it’s a star or a satellite in the sky.

  61. I would appreciate if the author or someone could provide a reference of the Navy study in which they try to infect soldiers with the spanish flu. I can’t find any information about it, and I find the “spanish flu was not contagious” statement made here very difficult to believe without some reference. Thanks.

  62. Sally, thank you so much for the article. I forwarded the article’s URL to about 200 others. From one of them, however, I received push-back regarding part of a single statement in your article: “causing the O2 molecule to split apart, making it useless for respiration.” I read the 2001 document at the link you provided. For one of the comments, your reply at 7:11pm on 4/10/2020 was: “I found an MIT paper from 1948 on the O2, 60 Ghz issue; the paper says it was funded in part by the military. 60 Ghz is known to be a shorter range frequency in the industry because the O2 in the atmosphere absorbs it.” However, I could not locate the MIT paper. Can you give me a source for, or a clearer explanation of, “causing the O2 molecule to split apart, making it useless for respiration?” Many thanks!

  63. Re Comment about Ebola: In his foreword to the book “Every Second Child” by Dr. Archie Kalokerinos, Nobel laureate Dr. Linus Pauling said that IT IS KNOWN THAT VACCINATION DESTROYS VITAMIN C. And, in his book, “Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins,” Dr. Thomas Levy has four pages about Ebola. Levy says that Ebola is in a group of diseases which presents much like SCURVY, with capillary fragility and bleeding. SO: Could all those vaccination campaigns in Africa be contributing to the Ebola problem?? PLUS, Dr. Robert Rowen let the leaders in Sierra Leone know that Ebola could be safely and effectively treated with OZONE. (See Dr. Joseph Mercola’s interviews with Dr. Rowen.)

  64. It is indeed good to be stimulated to think and be free to think.
    No-one has the answer as yet, but one thing is certain: there is a God, the maker of the universe, who is not asleep and has allowed this to happen. Yes – God allows bad things to happen. How can a God of love allow bad to things to happen? The same way a loving parent corrects his child – through discipline. No discipline is pleasant at the time, but it prevents worse evils in the future.
    I think our biggest question needs to be ‘What is God saying to us?’ And the answer form the Bible is ‘Turn back to me. Turn away from your wicked ways, repent and find salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ. What are eveil ways? Those ways of living that contravene God’s perfect laws which were built into nature as well as humanity when God ceated this world, which we cannot break without consequence. This may be a consequence of our breaking of God’s laws as a world, but it is also God’s way of saying ‘I love you enough to want to stop you from pursuing that which is evil and turn to that which is right’. The Bible is full of such examples of God acting in such a way out of love for his people – and God does not change, He will do what ever is needed to draw people to himself. This is not a manipulative God, like the rulers of our Nations, this is a loving God who wants the best for us – to save us from a far worse danger then COVID-19. The ultimate consequence of going our own way, from which he wants to save us, is hell – eternal intense suffering and pain. Our soul will live for ever – somewhere. May COVID-19 be a blessingto us rather than a curse. Secure in God’s love, we need have no fear of anything – as perfect love casts out fear. 1 John 4:18
    For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16 Our response must be personal, not universal…’whosoever’. There is hope for each one of us and we don’t need an answer to COVID-19 to obtain it.
    Thank you Sally – you have helped our family enormously over the past 6 years….we haven’t put our faith in you…but in our God who made all things well – including natural foods for us to eat. Our bodies truly are amazing and no scientist can fathom them – so perfectly designed, no accidental creation could ever brought them about even given eternity to do so

  65. I have a question about antibodies. Are they produced by the body to help usher away the exosomes that have eaten their fill of toxic material? If so, are there really specific kinds of antibodies that can be pointed to as proof that “Look, this person has “coronavirus” antibodies”, or are they more general and can therefore be pointed to in any instance where someone is trying to prove that a person has come into contact with a specific “virus”?
    I’ve been doing a lot of research on this topic lately and the antibody thing is really the only hang-up spot I have since scientists seem to have the ability to pinpoint specific antibodies. Either that or they’re just testing for any antibodies period and using that to validate their “science”.

    Any clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for this article.

  66. Thank you for this explanation. I just wonder what happened, in Europe in 1400 with the pest, the big tremendous plague. What was the trigger as no electricity and no radio waves? Thank you for your answer. Have a beautiful day.

  67. Thank you for your research and this article. Perhaps I missed it, but how do you explain entire families getting the virus if is not contagious?

  68. It has already been shown that bacterial pneumonia was the predominant cause of death in the 1918 epidemic – not viral pneumonia. Electron microscopy wasn’t invented until the 1930s and the idea that the pandemic was caused by a virus is a relatively recent one and most likely incorrect.

    Excess mortality was also caused by the recommendation that people take toxic doses of aspirin. It wasn’t known until decades later that these doses were lethal and following this recommendation is probably part of the reason why so many young and healthy persons rapidly deteriorated and then died: they were using this as a prophylactic treatment.

    We should be careful to look at all potential environmental toxins before placing too much emphasis on unproven claims about radiowaves. Remember 5G is a group of technologies but how it is set up in a network differs from country to country. For example in my nation we’re not using the 60GHz band for 5G telecommunications.

  69. Who has the power to transport some seriously sick people to the middle of the country? I believe that electromagnetic radiation is killing us slowly. This experiment would prove it. I wish I could do this study, but am not in the position to do so.

  70. Shouldn’t radio waves be considered an environmental toxin?
    Problems associated with radio waves were researched in the former USSR and Ukraine over half a century ago. 5G is just the latest ingredient in the cesspool.
    Be glad they are not using 60GHz in your nation, as that frequency apparently disrupts the electromagnetic bond between oxygen and hemoglobin (iron), causing problems with oxygen transport and delivery to cells.

  71. Lots of claims but no documentation. I’d like to read the documention for these claims, please, otherwise they are empty. I know nothing about the people who are quoted in this article. They could be brilliant scientists and theorists or absolute crackpots.

  72. So many holes in the heads of those who refuse to look at the science that backs up the claims made by WAPF regarding viruses, vaccinations, etc. If you listen only to the government health “experts”, and their theories, yes, unproven guesswork, about who and how many people are dying from coronavirus versus who and how many have underlying health conditions to which the virus is the straw that broke the camels back. Or who and how many are dying from the common seasonal flu that is now being attributed to coronavirus. CDC statistics reveal that 8000 Americans die every DAY from one cause or another. If YOU are scared of getting infected, then YOU barricade yourself inside your home and YOU stay away from other people. Face masks, social distancing, destroying the economy are NOT going to protect us from a virus that is in the air we breathe, whether the air is outdoors or indoors. This virus is not the Bubonic plague. Nor is it Cholera. Or small pox. These 3 plagues and many other plagues and epidemics, are the ones that are to be feared – but not the coronavirus.

  73. The following is from Ted Nugent’s Facebook page today, May 22: “I have a Doctor Friend that I went to High School with. He became a Cardiologist and about 10 years ago became a Medical Examiner. HE called me yesterday and told me he submitted to the STATE 17 Death Certificates on Senior Citizens in His area that Died from a Massive Heart Attacks. The State returned all 17 and “Re-Wrote” the Cause of Death to Covid-19 Related. When He called to ask “WHY?” He was told that it was likely that the “Stress” of contracting the “Virus” caused the Heart Attacks.”

    Is this an isolated case? Are there other deaths from other causes that are being charged to the coronavirus. And if so, WHY?

  74. The New York Times had an unusual front page over the weekend. It listed one thousand of the nearly 100 thousand names of people who have died from the coronavirus. The virus has killed far fewer people who die of seasonal influence, cancer, heart disease and other ailments, but here is one thought the media and most people try to ignore. Death is inevitable . . . all will die of something, including old age when our bodies wear out. By Cal Thomas from his website transcript. By Cal Thomas from his website transcript comment today.

    My comment is that we don’t know for certain due to the lack of scientific evidence and methods of government tracking how many of the 100 thousand deaths are due to the coronavirus. And so the government restrictions and ineffective face masks and social distancing continue to erode and destroy our economy and lead our nation down the road to bankruptcy.

  75. The article ties in nicely with the views expressed by the brilliant Dr. Zach Bush, who states that though the coronavirus per se is relatively harmless it binds with air pollution (carbon, something called PM 2.5), which makes it extremely dangerous. This air pollution, caused by our abuse of the environment resulting from the use of inappropriate or toxic substances and production methods also seems to contain a form of cyanide. This observation explains why the virus has been particularly lethal in industrial and densely populated areas. According to Dr. Bush it has also been overlooked that people on ACE inhibitors and/or statins are particularly vulnerable to this toxic mix of air pollution and virus and almost invariably die unless their treatment with these substances is suspended. This has not happened so far and, consequently, thousands of lives have been lost unnecessarily. The cyanide element causes the hypoxia and accounts for the patients turning blue. A treatment of these patients for cyanide poisoning would most probably have ensured their survival.

    It follows from the above that 5G is clearly another “pollutant”, which serves to exacerbate the aforementioned toxic mix of air pollution and virus. Please read the interviews with Dr. Bush for further information. They are extremely illuminating, which is the same description I would attach to the above article by Sally Fallon Morell.

  76. If the ‘mathematic equation’ for disease is that Disease equals Virulence (of the bacteria or virus) multiplied by Number of bacteria in the environment/virus shed, divided by Resistance (in the organism/population). So, in a case like influenza (mildly virulent, but high numbers of shed, and also high resistance, we have *relatively* low disease); it seems the same is probably true of Covid 19; But with rabies, we have an extremely virulent virus, with low shed, and no resistance – equaling high disease/death rate. So, while I find this article and its outlinks very interesting – when you say you’d be the first volunteer – I wonder about that volunteer statement for a much more virulent virus….like rabies? Is that our friend, as well?

  77. For those interested in the facts – not the media hysteria – regarding the coronavirus, you’ll find the information you need to deal with whatever fear you may have about this virus that is nothing more than a variant of the seasonal flu that comes around annually in this link:

    Among the many links in this report is an interview with scientist Knut Wittkowski where he answers the questions we are asking:

    1. I looked at the Swiss reports today. I was impressed by the summary, but the quality of the supporting data (hyperlinked) was often inferior. A number of those links go to papers that specialize in gossip. So I’d suggest carefully combing through the linked resources before you pass this along.

  78. In the Wittkowski interview, we learn that the Task Force medical advisors are not epidemiologists. Hearing and learning from epidemiologists is crucial to our understanding of how viruses behave. The opinions of the medical advisors, such as Birx and Fauci, have been promoted by the media while ignoring the epidemiologists,that group of scientists who understand viruses. The coronavirus is no different from the other respiratory viruses that have preceded it. If we don’t slow infection via social distancing, herd immunity occurs, the virus goes away, and those infected recover and have lifelong immunity.

    1. Yes, a major lack on the federal level. Many standard epidemiological practices in research and public health are not being followed here. Lousy data as a result. Not only that, but the trio of Task Force advisors have significant ties, and financial conflicts of interest, with their involvement in the vaccine industry.

  79. I would like to add to your statement about the flu epidemic during WWI:
    “A common symptom was bleeding—from the nostrils, the gums, ears, skin, stomach, intestines, uterus, kidneys and brain. Many died of hemorrhage in the lungs, the victims literally drowning in their own blood. Tests revealed a decreased ability for the blood to coagulate.”

    What most people don’t know about that flu epidemic is Bayer’s aspirin patent had just expired. By 1918 many generic drug companies jumped on the aspirin bandwagon to make a profit in the aspirin market. Doctors fed mega doses to soldiers and they all died, not from the flu, but from the salicylates in aspirin that caused lung toxicity. In 2009 Karen Starko, MD, published a paper where she suggests that aspirin may have played a significant role in the death of people suffering from the 1918 flu. Doctors, thinking that the aspirin reduced fever, would prescribe as much as 1300 mg each hour. You will not find this account in the mainstream because of protections afforded to the pharmaceutical industry.

    There are many articles about Starko’s book, one of which is:

    Aspirin also thins the blood, perhaps leading to the hemorrhaging.

  80. Heather MacDonald, Manhattan Institute fellow, says this regarding the public’s irrational fear of the coronavirus:

    The [economy] shutdowns are a “massive overreaction” when most people “face almost no risk.” “We know that this [virus] is targeted at a vulnerable set of populations which is elderly, 75 and older, people in nursing homes and those with pre-existing conditions,” said Mac Donald. “Everybody else, it’s really not much worse than the flu.”

    So, if you’re healthy, the coronavirus is nothing to fear. And if you’re not healthy, well, you know what to do to get healthy.

  81. I have been dedicating plenty of my time these couple of months to research the topic and found many pieces of the puzzle here and there, this article surely helped a lot.

    But I am still couldn’t find answers to many things, such as:

    – The 5G rollout map makes a lot of sense for US and China, but why doesn’t it do so for Iran, Russia, Brazil, Turkey, KSA, and many other countries with +100K “Covid-19” cases where 5G hasn’t rolled out yet?
    Is it about the entire resulting Electromagnetic Field span on earth as a whole which its density varies from one place to another based on geographic characteristics or other factors?
    We need comprehensive details that can answer all those trying to picture all these facts of science as
    “theories” of “conspiracy”.

    – Why couldn’t we find other papers that prove microscopic similarity between exosomes and coronaviruses other than that low-quality exosome image that Dr. Kaufman used?
    Because there was a big mistake by Kaufman that makes any simple researcher (not just a doctor) questions his accuracy, and that’s when he referred to James Hildreth’s quote that was actually about “HIV” virus, not coronavirus!
    So why isn’t there any other papers yet that are dedicated to prove this exosome-Cov comparison is 100% correct?

  82. I have been dedicating plenty of my time these couple of months to research the topic and found many pieces of the puzzle here and there, this article surely helped a lot.

    But I am still couldn’t find answers to many things, such as:

    – The 5G rollout map makes a lot of sense for US and China, but I am sorry to say that, no, Iran hasn’t rolled out 5G yet; and thus, the map doesn’t make sense for Iran and neither for Turkey & KSA, and some other countries with +100K “Covid-19” cases where 5G hasn’t rolled out yet!
    And as for my country, Yemen, which its numbers are far from correct, the country recorded hundreds of cases which everyone believe they could be actually tens of thousands, but the war-torn country medical sector, which was actually the weakest in the region, is now even destroyed by 70% as a result of the airstrikes continuing for the sixth year now, how could we see cases and witness all these sudden post-flu elderly deaths while we’re still on 3G ?!

    Is it about the entire resulting Electromagnetic Field span on earth as a whole which its density varies from one place to another based on geographic characteristics or other factors?
    What we are sure about, is that the days that were rainy, showed less of these sudden flu-deaths, and this goes along with the rain dispersal effects on 60 GHz waves. But again, we’re still on 3G, so are the 5G satellites hovering above us and emitting these electromagnetic radiation?

    We need comprehensive details that can answer all those trying to picture all these facts of science as “theories” of “conspiracy”.

    – Why couldn’t we find other papers that prove microscopic similarity between exosomes and coronaviruses other than that low-quality exosome image that Dr. Kaufman used?
    Because there was a big mistake by Kaufman that makes any simple researcher (not just a doctor) questions his accuracy, and that’s when he referred to James Hildreth’s quote that was actually about “HIV” virus, not coronavirus!
    So why isn’t there any other papers yet that are dedicated to prove this exosome-Cov comparison is 100% correct?

  83. Sally there are so very many social, economic changes and lifestyle that happen with increased use of electricity. Change in diet, changes in contact with others. Etc. etc. How can you narrow it all down to electricity itself and ignore the other changes of human activity that happen when more electricity is available? Your saying 5G causes no changes in human activity? The charts prove a population density correlation with the corona, not a direct link to corona virus and electrical causation.
    I adore your work and thorough research, but this hypothesis is very incomplete: so many factors are overlooked here.It’s huge leap and assumption.

  84. WHY has this particular virus spread so rapidly? Apparently it began in a nursing home in Washington State and then exploded throughout America. It seems that SOMETHING other than personal contact by an infected person is involved. Wireless tech appears to be a suspect. Until proven safe, we should protect ourselves from it – by landline access to the web and rejecting utility company smart meters on our homes.

    This member of the large family of coronaviruses is now thought to be causing deaths that in past years were counted as deaths due to a “bad” flu season. But now the media and government health “experts” are declaring this virus to be a pandemic requiring a shutdown of world economies. The deaths that are being charged to the coronavirus are actually deaths resulting from underlying health conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, and other respiratory diseases.

    The public is ignorant about viruses. Ignorance can only be eradicated by knowledge. In order to make informed decisions about the how to respond to this new coronavirus and the “need” for a vaccine to “protect” us, we MUST go to information sources other than Fauci, who is a vaccine proponent and investor in the marketing of vaccines. The best source I have recently found is the Go there. Learn. And then act.

  85. this just in– European settlers didn’t give smallpox blankets to native americans but rather electric blankets!

    mosquitoes don’t transmit viruses but kill with tiny wifi routers!

    i think it is very possible that electric waves aren’t good for our health. i think there are environmental and health factors that determine how sick we get when we’re exposed to pathogens. but i think that viruses are contagious.

  86. Disease pre-dates technology. It spans species, geography and history. Why would this disease suddenly be a product of 5g/heavy metals instead of the ancient co-existence of disease processes that affect all life?

  87. Thank you for making sense of what is happening, so many pieces of the puzzle fit perfectly with this theory. I think it would be easy to prove by testing the electricity and other waves in places like the meat plants where covid was widespread. I have been sending this article to everyone I know and posting it all over Twitter in holes of spreading knowledge. Mandatory reading!!!

  88. Has anyone considered the Contrails that are constantly being left in our skies and the chemicals they are pumping out all over the world?

  89. Fascinating article! I do struggle with ruling out COVID-19 is not contagious. How would one explain a healthy 20 year old female National Guard member (no underlying conditions) who was called to serve in Atlanta and after 3 weeks coming down with the typical systems (shortness of breath, fatigue, loss of taste and smell, etc) if it’s not contagious? She tested positive (obviously the test is questionable). After reading this article, and the posted comments, would the answer point to military vaccines AND Atlanta having 5G?

  90. Great article. Thank you for your courageous work.
    I would never have found out about the Spanish Flu transmissibility experiments if not for this article. I went and checked out the actual published study myself. It’s honestly mind-blowing.

    I have been following your work, as well as that of a lot of other experts like Dr Stefan Lanka, Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dr Cowan who have all been challenging the virus theory just as you have. It’s very fascinating and makes a lot of sense to me. However, I’ve also been going through a lot of the epidemiological data published on COVID-19, and I’m seeing very strong evidence for transmissibility. Which is contradictory to what most of you are saying: that the PCR test is meaningless. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. I’ve e-mailed the others about it already. But I couldn’t find your contact information on here so I’m sharing the contents of the e-mail in the following pdf. I’d really appreciate it if you took the time to read and respond. Thank you!

  91. Great article. Thank you for your courageous work.
    I would never have found out about the Spanish Flu transmissibility experiments if not for this article. I went and checked out the actual published study myself. It’s honestly mind-blowing.

    I have been following your work, as well as that of a lot of other experts like Dr Stefan Lanka, Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dr Cowan who have all been challenging the virus theory just as you have. It’s very fascinating and makes a lot of sense. However, I’ve also been going through a lot of the epidemiological data and on COVID-19 and I’m seeing very strong evidence for transmissibility, which is contradictory to what most of you are saying which is that the PCR test is meaningless. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. I’ve e-mailed the others about it already. But i couldn’t find your contact information on here so I’m sharing the contents of the e-mail in the following pdf. I’d really appreciate it if you took the time to read and respond. Thank you!

  92. Aspirin was widely used during the 1918 “Spanish Flu” epidemic for symptoms and the dosage was unclear. Many people died from overdose on aspirin. Symptoms being internal bleeding/hemorrhagic lungs through the blood being too thinned and not coagulating. Also, bacterial infection seemed to have been abundant in later examinations. Not “flu” as is commonly thought.

  93. 2021 research paper:

    COVID-19 Attributed Cases and Deaths are Statistically Higher in States and Counties with 5th Generation Millimeter Wave Wireless Telecommunications in the United States.

    Angela Tsiang
    Magda Havas
    Medical Research Archives – European Society of Medicine


    Discussion and review from p.16 onwards

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