I Can Prove That The Earth Is Round

For the past thirty years I’ve been involved in the field of nutrition and health; much of my work has had to do with debunking firmly held beliefs in the field—such as the premise that cholesterol-lowering drugs prevent heart attacks or that consumption of animal fats causes chronic disease.

United Nations logo

Since these dictates are obvious propaganda created by the industries that benefit from selling us drugs and industrial seed oils—true conspiracies foisted on the world’s population, with tragic consequences–I am perhaps more likely than the average person to take other “conspiracy theories” seriously.

I have therefore perused the memes and websites of those who claim the earth is flat.  What concerns me is the fact that some very intelligent people in our field have endorsed flat-earthism, and I smell a rat.  Should flat-earthism infiltrate the natural health movement, our opponents will have a perfect reason to dismiss everything we stand for.  I can already hear it: “These butter-eating virus-deniers believe the earth is flat. . . how can we believe a word they say!”

Let’s go over some of the main flat-earther arguments, and then I’ll get to the proof.

  1.  If the earth were a spinning ball, the water in our oceans, lakes, etc. would fly off into the atmosphere. If that were so, then no one could drink a cup of water on an airplane traveling at almost six hundred miles per hour.  If there were turbulence, then the water in your cup would slosh about, and if the airplane accelerated or decelerated rapidly, then the water would indeed fly out of the cup, but on a smooth flight water stays level in the cup.  Our oceans stay put because the earth is spinning at a constant speed.  We learned this principle in high school physics.

  2. No one has seen the curvature of the earth. Not true. My father saw the curvature of the earth on a flight in the Concorde.  You can’t see it from the windows very well because they are so small.  But he was invited to the cockpit where he could clearly see the curvature of the earth—it was almost a mystical experience for him, as it has been for others. See here and here.  And here’s a view of the earth’s curvature from a high-altitude weather balloon.

  3. You can see the Chicago skyline at a distance of 56 miles, from across Lake Michigan. On the top is the photograph the flat-earthers like to show:
Flat Earth view of Chicago skyline

Closer view of Chicago skyline

Compare this with the close-up view of the skyline on the bottom and it is clear that you are not seeing the whole Chicago skyline from 56 miles away, only the upper half of the buildings.  The lower half is hidden below the curvature of the earth.  Also note that the camera man is taking this shot from an elevation higher than the man on the right.  From that height, he can see a lot further. If his camera were at water level, he’d probably see nothing of the Chicago skyline.

Here’s a great shot of the Toronto skyline from a distance.  It’s clear that the lower parts of the enormous buildings are hidden by the earth’s curvature.

Toronto skyline

  1. The entire edge of Antarctica is a wall of ice. Parts of Antarctica do indeed resemble a wall of ice, but other areas have varied landscapes, including, in the summer, bare ground—as you can see from Disney’s popular movie Penguin.

  2. The United Nations logo shows a map of a flat earth, therefore the earth is flat. Of course, the logo does not prove the earth is flat, but it may indicate a desire to return to the days when the common man believed in a flat earth; those were the days when people were subject to the dictates of the aristocracy and the church, and we had no safeguards for individual rights.

  3. The moon landing was faked, therefore the earth is flat. There’s plenty of evidence to indicate that the moon landing was faked, but that’s not because the earth is flat; it’s because at the time, we did not have the technology to get a man to the moon and back alive. Nor do we have the technology today. The best evidence for this is the fact that no other country has gotten a man to the moon either, even after 55 years of technological improvements.

  4. The image of the earth taken from the moon, as a ball in space, is faked—of course it’s faked, since we didn’t go to the moon.

  5. There are no flights from Johannesburg (South Africa) to Santiago (tip of Chile) because the earth is flat, making distances much further in the southern “hemisphere.” The real reason there are no flights is because there is so little demand for them.

These arguments are not going to convince die-hard flat-earthers. After all, photos can be faked and people do lie.

Here’s the actual proof that the earth is round: the flight from Auckland, New Zealand to Sydney, Australia takes about 3 ½ hours. That’s a fact. I’ve taken this flight several times, as have millions of other travelers. The distance is about 1350 miles, a bit less than the distance from Washington, DC to Denver, as you can see on the map below.

World Map of Earth

If you draw a line between Auckland and Sydney on a flat earth map (below), and then place a line of the same distance on the U.S.A, the line will be longer than the distance between Washington, DC and San Francisco, that is about three thousand miles, requiring a flight of over 7 hours.

Top-down view of Earth map

A spherical earth is the only way to explain the fact that the flight from Auckland to Sydney takes 3 ½ hours.

We have a lot of important work to do in the health and nutrition movement.  Let’s not subject ourselves to ridicule by endorsing the notion that the earth is flat.

No other organization has done more to educate the public on the flaws in the cholesterol theory of heart disease and the real causes of heart disease than the Weston A. Price Foundation. Your membership supports the Foundation’s work to return nutrient-dense foods like butter, whole milk and cheese to American tables. Not a member yet? Please join today!

Author: Sally Fallon Morell

Sally Fallon Morell is best known as the author of Nourishing Traditions®: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats. This well-researched, thought-provoking guide to traditional foods contains a startling message: animal fats and cholesterol are not villains but vital factors in the diet, necessary for normal growth, proper function of the brain and nervous system, protection from disease and optimum energy levels.

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      1. Honestly, you would have to provide evidence that the shortest route is the one and only consideration when an airline needs to make an emergency landing for these emergency landings to be evidence that the earth is flat. Even a falsified route can be because of a number of reasons.

        1. This channel is dedicated to just that “emergency landings to be evidence that the earth is flat”.

          We don’t claim that flight paths “prove” flat earth; only that when you compare the flight routes and landings to the flat earth map- the EVIDENCE shows that it makes vastly more sense why they made the decision to land at those locations when looking at the FE map than it does when looking at any of the “globe” maps.

          Watch some of those videos and you’ll clearly see that it doesn’t appear to make any sense on the globe maps but that when looking at the FE map, the stops made are the only reasonable ones.

          1. Still, unless you have access to the communications between the flight crew and the ground, you’re just speculating. Directness of route isn’t the only consideration.

    1. 1. Actually, for that analogy to work, double the speed to 1,038 mph, remove the roof of the plane, and nosedive at 200 feet per second (based on 8 inches per milee traveled).

      In your example, you are confusing constant linear speed with constant rotational speed, which creates an accelerative force known as centrifugal force. An example of this is when you turn the corner in your vehicle fast enough to feel the pull to the outside of the turn.

      2. According to NASA spokesman Niel DeGrass Tyson, you can’t see the curvature of earth from 127,800 feet high, when he commented on Felix Baumgartner’s Red Bull jump from “edge of space”. DeGrass explained fisheye lenses distort the photos to make it look curved.

      Below you can see an undistorted picture from a weather ballon at 120,000 feet. It shows a flat horizon with an apparently close sun, as indicated by the local “hot spot” from the sun.

      3. Tallest building in Chicago (Willis Tower): 1,451 feet
      Drop due to curvature: =2/3 foot x (60 miles)^2 = 2,400 feet


      Other long range photography confirms no curvature.
      Below is a photo famously known as the Black Swan test. Where the oil rig on the left is 9.41 miles away from the photographer, whose camera is 1-foot off the water.

      4. Here, we see the horizon is well beyond the furthest oil rig (9.41 miles away), but according to globe math, the physical horizon (if earth is a ball with a radius of 3,959 miles, as we are told), the formula of distance to the horizon* is:

      Distance to Horizon (in miles)= 1.225 × √(Observer_(Height(in feet)) ) = 1.225 × √(1 foot) = 1.225 miles

      This means that we were able to see at least 8x further beyond the physical horizon (10 / 1.225 miles) if we are on a sphere, or large bodies of water do not curve and the earth is flat.

      * this formula is the inverse of the curvature calculator (Drop due to Curvature = 8 inches * distance_to_horizon_in_miles2)

      4. Actually, Antarctica is considered to have the highest average land elevation in the world, whose banks acts as the banks of a large pond, thus containing the water. But we don’t exactly know where our earth ends (or if ends at all) since the signatories of the Antarctic treaty of 1959 all agree that no one can freely explore the area beyond 60 degrees south latitude and patrol the skies and oceans.

      5. The United Nations logo shows a map of a flat earth, therefore the earth is flat.

      This is a red herring argument that does not prove anything.

      6. The moon landing was faked, therefore the earth is flat.

      The author agrees that the landing was faked, but does not want to acknowledge anything from NASA is untrustworthy, including our “solar system”, distance and size of different celestial bodies – like the sun, moon, and stars, what the “planets” are, orbits & speeds, etc.

      7. The image of the earth from space is a fake. Yes, we agree.

      8. No flights from Johannesburg, South Africa to Santiago, Chili because earth is flat.

      There are flights, but no direct flights.

      Actual proof that the earth is round: There’s too many variables to know distance, including planes that can fly up to 1,100 mph and get even faster speeds if they catch tail winds, which are said to be over 300 mph at times.

      If you draw a line between Auckland and Sydney on a flat earth map (below), and then place a line of the same distance on the U.S.A, the line will be longer than the distance between Washington, DC and San Francisco, that is about three thousand miles, requiring a flight of over 7 hours.

      Try increasing the speed from 500 mph to 1,100 mph (within plane specifications), and speeding the plane another 300 mph due to tailwind. It’s easy to make up time with this amount of leeway.

      I am happy to discuss further by text or video interview. I have an education in engineering, math, and 8 years working in GIS.

      Please contact me for more information or an interview.
      Robert Tozzi

      1. I have two things that are preventing me from buying full in to the flat earth model. If they could be explained to me, that would be so super helpful. Will somebody please explain longitude and longitude on a flat earth model and also as the sun rises why does it hit the top of the mountain first before the base? Thank you so much!

    2. I think skepticism is great – Just think, if everyone would have been more skeptical and allowed to challenge everything when we were learning as children without the fear of ridicule from an authority figure or peer pressure; then we wouldn’t even be in this mess and it would be very difficult to fool us.

      Skepticism is one thing but aggressively trying to belittle and shut someone up because they question a narrative held by many who don’t even realize how the narrative was forced into them to begin with…

      We need to look at things differently.

      I’d like to ask everyone “globe” or “flat”, to humor me and watch this video from the timestamp of 1:12:00 until the end – no it isn’t “proof” of anything, but several very valid points are made that really should help us realize that maybe we really don’t know what we don’t know.

      [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCfkDdgief0?t=4337&w=859&h=483%5D

  1. You are wrong. What appears as curvature in pictures is caused by the camera lens. When you fly from Europe to Australia, i.e. to the “other side of the planet” the pilot does not have to make altitudenal adjustments because there is no curvature, i.e. it is a “straight” flight. Practically all maps reflect a flat earth. And the oceans do not stay put because the earth is spinning at a constant speed. That is complete nonsense. They stay put because the earth does not move.

    1. The jet’s altimeter simply measures the distance to the ground, hence there is no need for altitude adjustments. It’s called autopilot

      1. That is false. Air-planes fly straight and level over the earth-plane. Auto pilot uses the Gleason’s flat earth map for navigation. Check out the 16 Emergency landings that prove flat earth on my website.

    2. Any and every two-dimensional map simply does not have any capacity to actually “reflect” whether or not the earth is flat!
      The lens of a camera do not have any capacity to determine whether or not the earth is flat!
      Pilots constantly make course corrections because although the airplane has the capacity to fly “straight” it has to navigate through an atmosphere that surrounds the earth.
      The earth moves! See Copernican heliocentrism!

    3. Wotan, …or you can understand that the oceans are held to the earth the same way you are: by gravity. Same with the atmosphere, which is why the gasses are more dense the lower you go. If the atmospheric gasses were held to earth by a firmament barrier, then they would disperse evenly from Death Valley low to Mt. Everest high, but they do not. That’s also why pilots don’t have to keep correcting for the curvature of the earth, gravity does that part; they just have to correct for the irregularities of the earth surface and of the atmosphere.

      (Gee I wish flat earthers would agree on their own terminology! they don’t believe the earth is a sphere, but they talk about atmoSPHERE, ionoSPHERE, hemiSPHERE, etc.)

      1. Hi again Ruby,

        BTW – Einstein and Newton were both proven wrong by the research of Barry Setterfield concerning the Speed of Light not being a constant – completely nullifying Einstens THEORIES of gravity (He admitted as much when he stated that he didn’t have the technology to prove the speed of light to be constant, C in his equation E=MC2, and that if it was ever proven to not be constant that it would nullify his equations and theories.)

        And I do use the term atmosplane as you will see.

        You do realize that having a barrier that keeps in the gasses does not nullify the acceleration that we CALL “gravity” – as you’ll see if you read the paper in the link below that there’s already a demonstrable explanation OTHER than the pseudo-science of Newton and Einstein.

        The fluid that we call the atmosplane obviously still sorts accordingly, being that we are on an extended plane (containing variations like mountains and valleys of course) and pilots don’t have to correct for “curvature” because it it isn’t there. Read all my detailed comments and go to all the content provided.

        You might want to read this: https://odysee.com/@AgentOfChange:e/Gravity-What-is-it-Really:8


        William (AgentOfChange)

        1. Hi William,

          It’s good to see people trying so hard to explain their reasoning. I don’t totally follow it, but there’s no need to accept either Newton’s, Einstein’s nor your explanation of what “gravity” is or is not. It exists, it’s measurable, it has consequences. We experience this phenomenon 24/7.

          My main question on your “buoyancy/density/electromagnetic charge hypothesis is why the various gasses in our atmosphere don’t layer based on those features, but instead are all mixed together, but mainly denser the lower in altitude they are?


  2. Sally, I love your research and work you’ve done in the food and farming industry… I first heard you speak at AcresUSA conference.
    Your research in that area is par none!!!
    Please stick to your expertise and leave the flat-earth research to us pilots and those of us who have actually (almost ) hit the firmament ‘dome’ over our heads on this flat earth, which (dome) at 80 degrees south latitude is under 10,000 feet – the main reason why we’re not allowed to fly over the south ‘pole’ which Admiral Richard Byrd actually did back around 1947 and shortly afterwards every nation on earth agreed to a treaty NOT TO allow any explorers to go beyond …. The truth Is being revealed now ….
    Just as you’ve found out that we were lied to about food and its health benefits from Weston Price’s research
    We are now realizing we’ve been lied to about the earth and going to the moon, which you acknowledged was a lie!
    My Question to you then, would be this: ‘If I lied to you once, and without apologizing and confessing to you that I lied before, but then I continued to lie to you not once but over and over again, to the tune of 13 times (the Apollo project stopped after viewership waned with Apollo 13 – Stanley Kubrick confessed in his memoirs that he had created and filmed the greatest movie(s) he’d ever created and then could not take credit for them (I’m talking about the Apollo series of course) and wouldn’t allow his confession to be released until 15 years after his death for fear that his family would suffer from the truth
    Some of us who have gone down this road of ‘the bigger the lie, the easier it is to get people to believe it’
    NASA today gets $58 million/ day to continue to deceive while the medical industry and their cancer programs making millions $$$ daily continue and we both know cancer is easily preventable and cured with diet…
    Think about it- you may have been pressured to say something about this conspiracy for some unknown reasons but seriously you need to dig deeper just as Dr. Price continued to do over the years and years he kept returning back to those villages where no western processed, refined and canned foods had been introduced – he found health

  3. Thanks Sally, I see this FE idiocy popping up in all sorts of truth corners – it’s clearly a psyop to discredit those who see, research, and tell the truth. The level of certitude is off the charts though – unfortunately the fact that we are on a globe having been proven repeatedly for hundreds of years is still not enough to sway these evangelicals. They are just so sure they are right. They demand proof, they get proof, and yet offer no proof of FE themselves…. and still cannot see themselves. Good luck!

    1. Concerning the Chicago skyline video (trigonometry included)
      Besides not accounting for ALL the science and math, Sally is focusing on the wrong things:

      The biggest problem that the magical spinning water-rock has is that we can see vastly farther than we should IF the earth was a globe with the official claimed radius of 3959 miles – their number, not ours.

      The Chicago skyline can bee seen with quality optics on any high visibility day, you can see the entire Chicago skyline from 56 miles away – do the trig., that’s not possible considering the claimed globe attributes – and I’m not talking about just seeing the blurry top of the Sears tower – but I personally counted 42 buildings – FACT, there are only 13 buildings taller than 800 feet in the Chicago skyline – the tallest is the Sears tower at less than 1500 feet.

      WE ARE TOLD, the Circumference of earth is 24,901 miles, the mean radius is 3,959 miles
      (look it up in wiki or Nasa)

      Here is the trig. formula to figure out curvature based on the OFFICIAL glober numbers:

      d1 =( √h0² + 2rh0)
      d2 = (d0 – d1)
      h1 = ((√d2² + r²) – r)

      d0 is Distance Observing in miles
      r = Earth Radius in miles 3,959
      h0 is Height of Observer in feet
      d1 is Distance from observer to horizon
      h1 is Height hidden by curvature

      (If you doubt the math, go to any High School or University and find the math professor to validate it.)

      Joshua took the photo at 15 feet above the water from 56.42 miles away. (Many other people have done the same as Joshua btw)

      The base of the Willis(Sears) Tower is at 596 feet Elevation.
      The dunes at Stevensville, Grand Mere Lakes Park where Joshua was, are 596 feet Elevation
      The Lake Michigan Water is at 581 feet Elevation.

      Plug the numbers into the formula – that brings it to 1,780 feet that would be hidden by the alleged “curvature” IF the earth was a globe with a 24,901 mile circumference.

      Guess what?

      The Willis(Sears) Tower is only 1,729 ft tall at the tip of the antenna, it’s only 1450 ft tall at top of actual structure.

      The point being missed is this:
      Not only should you not be able to see even the very top of the Sears Tower antennae, you also definitely would never be able to see any of the skyline from that distance for any reason. All anyone should EVER see from that distance is a clean horizon. Period.

      And it’s not a “mirage” because mirages do not work that way – to see a mirage, you MUST have line-of-sight to that which is being miraged…

      This is a good example because if you live in USA, it’s not too difficult to go there and see it yourself, although, if you live near a large lake you can test there too – you’ll need a really good a high visibility day where the water temp and the air temp above the water is approx the same, and a telescope or camera (I recommend the Nikon Coolpics P900 or P950 or P1000 – aka the “Globe Buster”)

      That example is only one of many tens of thousands of other examples from every continent that we should never see IF the earth was the claimed “globe”.

      And that example is far from the farthest that has been IMPOSSIBLY seen on this non curved earth; many of which have been in the hundreds of miles away – just google “Beyond Horizons world record distance photo” and do the math on that one – you’ll see.

      Many examples here:
      We see to far – 37 Reasons to do your own research

      Just a few of many youtube Channels for more info –:

      You think you have globe proof – debate it here: https://www.youtube.com/@jeranism/videos

      Science we were intentionally not taught:
      The Physics of Optics

      Just watch all the interviews…

      1. Hi William,

        I have to admire the FE folks who go to great lengths to conduct real experiments trying to prove their point. I don’t know if you include it in your links, but I watched several videos of a group in Europe who used a laser on one side of a lake and a camera on the other, at night, in order to measure the distance and height off the lake surface that the laser could be photographed. They measured air temperature (often near freezing), distance from the light source to the camera (many miles/kilometers); I think they calculated a refractive index or something, to try to take that into consideration.

        What they found was that the camera was always slightly lower than the height of the laser source, regardless of atmospheric temperature, and they were always able to photograph the laser, even from 20, even 40 K (or miles?) from laser to camera.

        They were assuming that the laser’s path was geometrically a straight line. Yet we know that light rays can bend, and even in their pre-test, they showed that the light as seen from the camera position was jumping around on a very windy night.

        I’ve seen numerous other such demonstrations of being able to see things that are farther away than the geometric calculations indicate should be seen on a curved surface. It does look to me like that’s a real phenomenon, not just FEers faking some photographs. However, the geometric calculations assume a smooth geometric solid, with a geometrically straight line representing the line of sight. Both assumptions are faulty:
        1. These line of sight experiments are not done on the outer surface of a geometric solid sphere, but within the outer, gaseous layer of a spheroid with an irregular solid surface.
        2. Their own experiment showed that in moving air, the laser could be seen to move (they showed in the video that the laser light generator mechanism was completely stationary), indicating that a light beam, even a laser, is not a geometric straight line. One thing they didn’t do was to measure the height of the laser beam above the surface of the lake at any point between the source and the camera.

        My conclusion is that yes, we can see things farther away than we “should” be able to on a curved surface the size of earth’s circumference. But because sight is a light phenomenon, and light rays are not geometric straight lines under any and all circumstances, those light experiments can’t prove that the earth’s surface is based on a flat plane rather than on a spheroid.


      2. And Ruby, saying, “that the camera was always slightly lower than the height of the laser source”:

        First, “slightly lower” is not a scientific term – I challenge you to do the math so you can definitively KNOW how high above that laser should be seen IF the earth was a spheroid with the claimed radius of 3959 miles – not to mention one more fact (as seen in the following video) – the ONLY way to see the hotspot of a laser beam is if you are looking at it strait-on.

        In the following video, IF the earth was the claimed size, the angle of the laser beam would have been of such that it should have been at least 118 feet above the viewers head and seeing the hotspot of the laser would have been impossible…

        Great Salt Lake Laser Test – 21 Miles and No Curvature

        There’s just no way around this for those who are Intellectually Honest with themselves.

        EVERYONE! Go test this for yourself – I don’t need to convince you of anything – you’ll convince yourself if you would only do the testing…

    2. The globe has been proven? Really? Can you site one of those proofs? I offer 3 Bitcoins for one globe proof for several years now and nobody has been able to come up with one.

      Sally is one of the LAST great leaders in the health freedom movement that has not figured out the globe lie. She doesn’t even know that her close associates in this movement are flat earthers.

      Please watch the first video in this list to understand WHY it matters!

        1. Hi Steve,

          I’ve heard Dr Tom was but haven’t confirmed it yet.

          And I also think based on all I’ve seen and read from Sally that she also has the intellect to figure out the True Cosmology when she decides to apply herself with Intellectual Honesty and as a true scientist that I know she is.

          Man how I wish that I had instant access to the True Cosmology people making comments here when I first started looking at it – it would have saved me at least two years – and these people are offering their own time and money to help her. The sheer volume of Disinformation that I had to wade through was mind boggling back then and it way worse now with all the new search algorithms employed to hide the valid content.

          It’s only a matter of time now before it hits a critical mass of the population and is all in the open.

          TIC TOC 🙂


      1. She states her philosophy very well. What I don’t see is what advantage the “spherical earth lie” would give to the ruling elite, if the reality is that the earth is flat. Same question about space exploration, moon landings, etc.

        I can easily see how the virus fraud, germ “theory,” and contagion dogma gives them material (lots of profit), psychological (fear of our fellow humans) and political (censorship, “political saviors,” etc.) advantages over those who believe them, and over those who don’t. But I don’t see what advantage, if any, a lie about how the cosmos works would give them.

        Seems to me it only gives them an advantage if we let our differences of opinion on these more esoteric and philosophical issues distract us from exposing the lies that impact our daily lives and give them a psychological hold over so much of humanity.

        1. Hi Ruby,

          When you say, “She states her philosophy very well” – I’m assuming that what you are referring to is that she feels that the association of her stance’s on the truth about “germ/virus” theory, mainstream medicine, health care and nutrition with something of the perceived “fringe” nature of True Cosmology may have the effect of detracting from the forward progress of what her and her group (of which I am also actively part of myself), is accomplishing.

          I’m sure you are aware that the much larger group of, “anti-vaxxers” are currently taking a similar position in philosophy towards those of us, Sally included, in the “contagious viruses are fake” camp.

          And those of us in the True Cosmology group are similarly faced with precisely the same conundrum. There are literally thousands of separate factions within the truth movement(for lack of a better term), who’s beliefs and philosophies have a detracting effect on our forward progress as well – not to mention that all the most popular platforms (youtube, google, FB/Meta, twitter/X, Instagram, TikTok and so on…), have their new search algorithms designed in the manor that it’s practically impossible for anyone who types in the search terms “flat earth” to ever be directed to valid True Cosmology content. Meaning that for us, “they” have it so locked-down now that if you don’t already personally know of someone who is a sincere True Cosmology Researcher – then you will never find the truth; all an outsider will ever be shown is the official cosmology position, “globe” shills, and controlled opposition designed to gate-keep the True Cosmology and only provide disinformation containing the most absurd claims which we certainly do not ever say or believe.

          Once we out-trended the 2016 presidential puppet selection on youtube/google/FB/Twitter – it’s been an an increasingly steep uphill battle ever since.

          But think about it – with all of that opposition against us, we are still here, still trending even though they refuse to ever show it on their graphs – I’ve never seen it grow so fast in a grass-roots fashion than it is now…

          We adjusted, regrouped and found multiple ways around their censorship – moved to not yet popular platforms which have not yet been compromised – redirecting new people via coded(misspelled or abbreviated) remarks in comment sections to throw off the algorithms, email campaigns, creating apps, took it to the streets handing out fliers directing interested new people to valid content, and red-pilling as many people as possible in local leadership positions within our own local communities as possible. I talk to as many strangers as possible when out and hand them fliers directing them to valid info for not only true cosmology but anti-germ/virus theory, and anti vaxx material.

          Lately I’m amazed that about 2 out of 10 people who I talk with in my area now know that the official cosmology is wrong and another 4 out of 10 who know someone who’s a True Cosmology researcher and are looking at it themselves. This was never so before the fake-demic – I never ran into anyone in public who had done the research that I did before covid scam.

          Truth is truth – rise above the opposition and do what you have to do to get it out there in spite of the perceived detractors.

          You also stated, “I don’t see is what advantage the “spherical earth lie” would give to the ruling elite, if the reality is that the earth is flat.”

          It’s the exact advantage as all the other deceptions that “they” indoctrinated us with – from all the false wars, spraying DDT and the like, chem-trails, 9/11(the largest inside-job HEIST in history), fluoride in the water, wireless millimeter wave technology, the “space”/NASA programs, revisionist history, germ/virus theory, eugenics programs, vaccines, and Climate Change to only name a few:

          It’s ALL about the stealing of our wealth, our health, our freedoms and keeping us in a bubble of limited knowledge so that “they”, the Rulers of Evil can maintain CONTROL.

          – Germ/virus theory & vaccines: Do I really need to explain this one? (Money, Control, Power)

          – Eugenics programs: control breeding, medicine and healthcare – they can keep the population small, docile and controllable. (Money, Control, Power)

          – DDT and the like caused Polio which culled some of the population and provided them the impetus to make vaccines which culled even more of the population and lined their pocket$ in the process.

          – Chem-trails allows them to manipulate the weather potentially causing disasters, death, famines and provides the appearance of “climate change” – not to mention the siphoning of tax money to fund this black project – someone is making BILLION$ on all the chemicals and DARPA technology being used to do this.

          – 9/11 had a multiple purpose: Money, subvert the legal system(control over population) with Patriot Act and other laws, transfer a sovereign nation(Iraq) on to the main banking system and literally stealing their natural resources from them (money and control)

          – Fluoride in water: keep us unhealthy and continually detoxing so they can call it a “virus” which must be combated with a vaccine (originally it was to save money for the aluminum industry who had to spend a lot of profit on disposing of this hazardous waste – now they sell it to the water and toothpaste companies) (money, control, power)

          – Wireless millimeter wave technology (4G, 5G,6G…): Causes illness that can be blamed on yet another fake “virus”, requiring more profitable vaccines which continues to reduce the population to CONTROLLABLE levels and make a lot of money doing it. Notice that the puppet Trump fast-tracked the 5G infrastructure in the midst of lock-downs – that’s because the 5,6,7…G Wireless technologies are the BACKBONE of the soon to be implemented Social Credit Human Control System(just like it is in China) (money, control, power)

          – Revisionist History: If you don’t know where you are, or how you really got here, or what has been accomplished in the past – but yet “they” do… (money, control, power)

          – Climate Change: This entire agenda which is tightly coupled to Viruses, Vaccines, Medicine and Healthcare has one major desired outcome for the rulers of evil – to be the impetus get everyone on their Social Credit System with a zero cash, digital only central banking system where they can turn our money off at will or limit where we can go and what we can buy or sell with zero legal recourse on our part. (Money, Control, Power)

          – “Space”/NASA programs: NASA alone averaged $20 BILLION a year since 1969 and that’s just one agency – Military budgets are the largest portion of nearly ALL governments in the world and the USA’s is one of the largest if not THE largest – The puppet Trump just added a new branch to the military called “Space Force” LOL

          The “space race” in the 60’s was what they call in a long con, “The Setup”, becoming the impetus for all the major nation states to steal even more money from their bond-slave masses and keep them in the dark about where they really live. This con also helps to seal-in the cosmology ILLUSION by not only pretending to go “up and out there” but also having an excuse to lock it down and keep the masses from ever discovering that there is a created structure above earth that they can’t even get through…(Money, control, power)

          – Why hide flat earth and lock it down?

          If the earth is flat – the next logically intelligent questions should be:

          – How far does it extend?

          – Are there more resources out there?

          – Are there other continents beyond the Antarctic mountain range which circles and contains the giant lake we live in?

          – Have the rulers of evil of the 52 Nations who are part of the Antarctic Treaty (which forbids the common person from ever FREELY exploring it), have they already been reaping the benefits of all the possible hidden resources that may be out there and hording it for themselves?

          – And just like when those oppressed peoples in Europe/Middle East (slaves of The Old World Order) did when they found out about “The New World” – they flocked there in masses and in doing so the Powers That Be lost control over them and cost many of them dearly to regain it again – what do you think would happen if masses of people found out there were more continents beyond the Antarctic Mountain Ring? That’s right, the PTB would lose control – so what is the most logical thing to do for them – HIDE IT and LOCK IT DOWN so the masses can’t discover it…

          They gain the same from hiding the True Cosmology as they have for all the others – money, control and power.

          Also notice how they craftily designed each of those deceptions to feed into the others…A circular logical support illusion – The Matrix.

          There’s nothing new under the sun.


          William (AgentOfChange)

          1. Hi William,

            I think the comment you’re replying to got misplaced. I was referring to the woman in the video, Laura Nina, not Sally. Not sure if you got that.

            Anyway, thanks for your elucidations. I still ask the question, what advantage does it give to the ruling elite? I don’t agree with your analysis of the opening of the Western Hemisphere to colonization. I see it as a boon to the European powers to expand their power and resources base, and to use the peasants, serfs and poor townspeople, not to mention captive Africans. to do the grunt work. They had a pretty good psychological control over the colonists throughout, with their idea that the indigenous of this hemisphere were savages worthy of being massacred, dispossessed and their land free for the taking, according to EUROPEAN law. And likewise, that the Africans were less than human, worthy of being enslaved. Those ideas were always heavily promoted (just read the US Declaration of Independence) and taken up by a lot of the non-elite population.

            Your speculation about “more continents beyond the Antarctic Mountain Ring” is interesting, but I don’t see any evidence of such a place. It occurs to me that if the ruling elite were aware of such additional continents, they would be exploiting those resources already, and I just have never seen any evidence of that, either from mainstream sources or from FE sources.

            While I agree with your points on at least most of those other things you bring up (I didn’t read them in depth), they deal with issues and phenomena that can be readily experienced, while your “more continents beyond the Antarctic Mountain Ring” speculation is just that: speculation.

    3. “it’s clearly a psyop to discredit those who see, research, and tell the truth.”

      Spoken like a true indoctrinated narrow minded person.

      How do I know??

      Most of us FE defenders said the exact same thing when we were where you are now.

      The powers that (shouldn’t) be, use Aleister Crowley’s law of reversal to make all truth look insane and all insane lies look like truth.

      “They are just so sure they are right.”

      That’s because we are and we have done our research EXTREMELY thoroughly and gone out and performed the tests to prove our claims. Just to remind you, we FEers were once like you. We know all the arguments cos we’ve been there, done that.

    4. I take offense to evangelical crack. All evangelicals I k ow, including myself, believe in round earth! It’s certain sects, cults that have formed out of Christianity that believe the fe nonsense. They believe the bible proves fe which it certainly does not, because they read the bible without context.

      Pilots navigation system cannot work on a flat earth, even eclipses don’t work if the earth was flat.

      No, whatever is going on is indeed a psyop but it is not evangelicals but cults calling themselves believers that are a big part of the problem.

      1. Hi Shannon,

        Seriously consider this:
        The Indisputable Biblical case for a Flat Earth cosmology

        Rob Skiba is arguably the #1 goto for this topic approached from a scriptural view:
        Here’s a playlist that comes at it from every angle and covers every “yeah but” that any Christian would ever have:

        Sincerely and respectfully,

        William (AgentOfChange)

        1. Rob Skiba was a legend.

          He was one of the researchers who helped me go over to FE.

          I firmly believe they knocked him off because he was too influential in the FE movement. I know a few people who converted to FE because of him.

          I’m not too sure,but I heard the PTB blamed “C-19” for his death when it was the ventilator and remdesivir that killed him……..

          1. He is a legend and not just for Flat Earth – He’s the only person who I never knew personally where I cried when he died – he changed the spiritual direction of my life forever with his Virtual House Church program.

            We have every video he’s ever put out (in the thousands) on our plex server – he was in some kind of ministry since he was a child (other than when in Army) and started putting out bible based content around 2009-2010 I think – his material, teachings and biblical revelations are second to none. He didn’t even hear about flat earth until 2016 which is when I started looking at it and I went along the journey as he did.

            And because of his intellectual honesty, Rob Skiba became arguably one of the best flat earth researchers out there. Rob was one of those rare people who is known for immediately retracting something he said or claimed when he realized his error – the majority of the time he did so on his own before anyone else ever caught it. He’s also not preachy which is rare for someone who knew as much about scripture, Hebrew & Greek…

            His wife Shelia wrote a book about how the medical system killed him – revealing a lot of detail covering how others are dying from the same protocol.
            The book is called: The Protocol that Kills – A True Crime Story – I recommend it.

            Here’s his channel for those interested: https://www.youtube.com/@RobSkiba
            They removed many of his videos, mainly flat earth based since 2016 when youtube suddenly changed their User Policy Agreement and found reasons to delete some of his most compelling videos on FE – which can now be found on many channels on alternative platforms like Odysee, Bitchute and Rumble in channels of those who mirrored his content.

            He once also had about 270,000 Subscribers in 2016 when youtube also suddenly changed their Trending and Search Algorithms where all the sudden subscriptions just stopped growing and it was nearly impossible to find his content for FE showup in a search – you had to KNBOW to go to Rob Skiba channel – otherwise his content never shows – many times even if you search for an exact title of one of them…

            If they wouldn’t have killed him, you can bet that he’s be one of the top most competent content providers for debunking “germ/virus” theory and was already an anti-vaxxer.

            My wife and I still watch his Virtual House Church Torah Portion videos every Sabbath.

            We miss him dearly.

    1. To distract from the Vietnam War. To assert American authority. To siphon off trillions of taxpayer dollars…etc., etc etc

    2. Just follow the money and and realize who these occult believing “Rulers of Evil” really are.

      “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the US public believes is false.”
      William J. Casey, Director of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) from 1981 to 1987

  4. one of your “proofs” is a Disney movie?? you do realize that Disney & NASA work hand in hand with their deception? glad you acknowledge the fake moon landing though!

      1. Wow, William!

        Those two videos are so informative! Especially the one that juxtaposes old silent movie clips to clips of the US space program. It’s so on-point that if you start watching from any point, there’s no way you could figure out just what its point is.

        The other one, which seems to be exposing Disney as a socialist/Nazi/anti-Jewish/illuminati/occult/satanic/etc. propagandist, is so fact-based that much of the voice-over is against either the title of the show or a bizarre montage of Disney cartoon clips.

        Disney and the studio/ megacorporation he founded certainly have a lot to be criticised for, from many angles. But I keep wondering why FEers and some other critics of the mainstream seem to need bizarre editing tricks (like repeatedly replaying a fraction-of-a-second clip, the final one being slowed down) to illustrate their message. Why not a straight-forward dissection of the propaganda or a clear description of the ties between the subject and a hidden master/agenda? Like what the no-virus team members do so well in their take-downs of virology?


        1. Everyone reading this.

          You can take Ruby’s word for it, or you can go checkout the videos and content that I’ve made available for yourself – this is too important to be lazy about.

          I hope you’re all smart enough to see what Ruby is doing in that comment – the same tactic is being used in comments under anti germ/virus theory & anti-vaccine truth videos in youtube and many other platforms in an attempt to steer people away from the truth and put them back to sleep continuing to believe the Matrix illusion created for them. It does works on some people which is why they do it – please don’t fall for it.

          I recommend that everyone consider checking out content on both sides – but don’t just look at content that feeds our own Confirmation Bias, you can never learn anything that way – be fair to yourself and, try to put your emotions about it aside and critically examine contrary material in the same way that most of us here on Sally’s newsletter had to do to overcome the Contagion Myth deception; even when it’s uncomfortable realizing the possibility that we might be so wrong about a long held belief.

          Remember your reaction the first time you heard someone say that contagious viruses are not real and that’s not what makes you sick? How did you react? Me too.

          True Cosmology is no different – maybe a little bit bigger cookie to swallow, more difficult to validate and somewhat more polarizing because the implications are so huge; but if it’s true, wouldn’t you want to know?

          Please don’t be dissuaded by coercion tactics – review all the information that both sides have to offer; and THEN see where you stand – you may be surprised but you’ll also be relieved that you are no longer deceived.

          William (AgentOfChange)

      2. It is what it is Ruby.

        EVERYONE ELSE – decide for yourself, just watch the videos – or trust in Ruby.
        You won’t know what you don’t know until you do.

        The Disney Deception (The subliminals used are insidious – see for yourself)


        NASA/Disney Connections

        And once you realize they are mostly High level occult Freemasons (including Walt Disney Himself) and what that really means – you won’t want your children to watch any longer:

          1. Thanks Andi – this truth of True Cosmology is growing faster than I ever though it would – it’s only a matter of time… 🙂

  5. Hi Sally,

    Yes, thanks for all you have done in your area of expertise.

    If you really think that you have any actual EMPIRICAL proof for the spinning ball earth – then I recommend that you go and present it here where you can have a fair and balanced debate along with all the others who think they’re indoctrination is true:

    Because I made all your same claims almost ten years ago and have been studying it since; and when I went to see what you have here, and all you have is logical fallacy and a failure to comprehend the REAL science that we were all intentionally never taught – specifically the Physics of Optics.

    But seriously, go debate on the channel above and see if you really know what you think you know. You are exceedingly wrong and I understand that you simply don’t know what you don’t know yet – but you’ll quickly learn it there.

    This may help:
    Human Optics Explained – How they Tricked the World into Believing They Live on a “globe”

    Nearly everything important in this world is a deception from the Rulers of Evil – not only the virus lie and vaccine scam.


      1. There’s ONLY Three reasons that people think the earth is a magical spinning water-rock and that there’s a mythical place called “space”:
        1) Images from NASA/FakeX and other money scheme space agencies (can’t fake those, right? ){CGI, Photoshop, hollywood tech….}
        2) Public Indoctrination (We learned it in school, on TV and “Scientists” say so – because, they’ve always been right – uh huh 🙂
        3) Popular Opinion (everyone believes it, so it must be true)

        All three are Logical Fallacies:
        – An image proves nothing
        – Just because an authority figure “says so” is a loigical fallacy called, Appeal to Authority and proves nothing.
        – Popular Opinion is also a Logical Fallacy – the majority of 7 year olds believe in Santa because of Images and Authority figures saying so…

        So your solution to validate your belief is to ask for another logical fallacy? IE. an image of the underside of earth…
        How about an image of a white horse with wings and a single horn on it’s head standing on the Whitehouse Lawn – if I send you that will you believe in flying unicorns?

        Gotta do better than that.

        Sorry to burst your bubble but if it were that easy, there wouldn’t be hundreds of millions of people world-wide who know the “globe” is a lie and growing so fast that it literally out trended the Trump/Hillary selection in 2016 and obviously continues to this day – which caused youtube/google(the govt.) to change all their algorithms so that it hides the trend and makes it exceedingly difficult to ever find valid cosmology research being done by serious truthers. All they’ll ever let you see now are the ridiculous controlled opposition videos of shills claiming to debunk flat earth…

        Watch the playlist – not for proof, but so you can learn to think for yourself again: https://odysee.com/@AgentOfChange:e/LEVEL-2021-SEAN-HIBBELER-656565:a?lid=e81531d1a9b63d8b24e2cc0e83afe6f3de92d88c

        I say all of this with sincerity and respect.

        1. Ah William,

          You forgot one:
          4.) FEers have given you the opportunity and incentive to really examine why you understand the earth, moon and sun and their workings the way you do, and you have come to the conclusion that the heliocentric model of rotating planets revolving around the sun, many with rotating moons revolving around them in turn, is the one that makes the most sense.

          Yes, it’s what we’ve been taught since we were little, but we’ve also been shown actual physical (not just computer simulated) models of how it works, and have learned of the experiments, measurements and calculations that have led curious humans for several thousand years to come to similar conclusions. You don’t have to believe that the currently accepted figures or theories are precise or even correct, to see that the general model explains what we see and experience with our own senses (or at least what I experience; perhaps your experience is different).

          The main problem I have never seen tackled by FEers is this:

          1.) How do the moon and sun move around in the sky, such that they create the patterns of motion, of light and dark, and the regular variations in those elements that we see throughout the year. I’ve only seen the models where they show the sun and moon opposite each other, both circling the flat earth at the same speed. Only someone who’s never paid attention to the sky could possibly think that’s a reasonable model. If you know of a flat earth model that shows the real motion of sun and moon, please post it. (That’s a request of William, Steve, or any of the other FEers responding to this blog post)

          Additional questions would be:

          2.) How far away are the sun and moon (plus, how are those measurements arrived at), and are they inside the firmament or outside it? I get that FEers are not generally part of the 1% who have access to unlimited resources, but surely there are some measurement methods that could be used to fairly accurately measure the few thousand miles that FEers usually say that the sun and moon are distant. The same measurement methods could be used to determine the height of the firmament. If ancient Greeks could figure out how to do that, surely 21st century folks could.

          3.) What causes prevailing winds? The trade winds blowing from the east in the tropics and the prevailing winds from the west in the temperate zones: if the earth itself is completely stationary, how does its gaseous layer start to move in those patterns? And why is it that hurricanes in the northern latitudes circle in the opposite direction from those in the southern latitudes?

          I encourage anyone who’s curious about this topic to watch those videos you’ve posted (even though some turned out to be a waste of time for me), and to compare what’s offered there with what your own senses tell you.


          1. You’re asking questions that I’ve already left answers for OR – you can examine the channels that the videos I linked belong to, which are excellent sources that answer all those questions and more.

            The answers to the movements in the sky, eclipses, wind patterns that only make sense on a level plane, distance to the moon/sun, why Eratosthenes can be proven wrong with a simple experiment that anyone can do at home…etc etc etc.

            All those answers an many more that most people never think to ask until they hear them – you’ll find on these channels:

            Taboo Conspiracy

            Rob Skiba

            Testing the Globe Website (excellent resource for anyone just beginning to look at True Cosmology)

            Deep Inside The Rabbit Hole

            Jarenism (excellent resource which also has many dozens of people debating the True Cosmology)(spoiler alert, the Globe-side of the argument never wins – watch them and see why…)

            Flat Earth Interviews

            John Thor

            Founded Earth Brothers

            The Morgile

            Hibbler Productions


      2. Nobody has been able to drill a hole deeper than 7.8 miles. They hit an impenetrable barrier. The flat earth is NOT a disc floating in a fake space vacuum. You, like all of us, have been brainwashed to ask the same questions. Wheres the edge? What about sunsets? How does a lunar eclipse happen because the earth has to be a sphere? Why can’t I see Polaris from Australia? Why do ships disappear from the bottom up? Are all pilots and scientists in on it? What about photos of earth from space? ALL of these questions have simple answers that have been hidden from you to even ponder.

        I offer 3 Bitcoins for 1 globe proof. Don’t get excited because the earth is provably flat.

        If globe believers knew one tenth of what flat earth researchers know about the fake heliocentric globe model, they would be flat earthers.

        Google is hiding all the real flat earth info and only feeds you crap to keep your mind in a globe prison. Check my website and learn the truth. Believe nothing, verify everything.

        FlatEarthDave com

        1. Exactly, just like there’s no number higher than 700 – it simply starts over again. We have different words for those so people think that numbers keep going up, but they really don’t. It’s brilliant.

  6. I have seen the curve of the earth so many times from over 30,000 feet above ground including over the geographic north pole and across all longitudes both going east and west, to be able to dismiss any idea of a flat earth. Spend more than 6 hours in, not near, in the northern lights crossing north America to the Atlantic at over 30,000 feet then watching the scene as the horizon lights up and rolls toward you and then dawn with the sun rising and there can be no flatness. Watch a sunset then take off and climb rapidly to see the sun rise again, in the west, only to slowly descend again below the horizon and you know for certain we are living on a globe, a curved orb in space. 23000 hours or more looking at the earth from above makes a very clear impression of reality.

    1. I said exactly the same thing in 2016 when my cousin whom I had respected as highly intelligent and had known for over 50 years called me to tell me he was looking into flat earth – actually I laughed at him and told him how stupid he was first and so I set out on a quest to prove that the spinning “globe” earth was true – I was devastated after about 3 weeks of looking for EMPIRICAL proof and now I know why I couldn’t find any.

      You do realize that #1, the windows in airliners have multiple layers and the outer layer is convex which distorts what you are seeing?

      #2 Even the famous Astro Physicist Neil DeGrass Tyson who is a staunch proponent and of the spinning ball earth theory clearly states that not only would you not be able to see the “curvature” at 35,000 feet, but also pointed out that if you sent up a balloon with a non fisheye lens to 120,000 feet that mathematically speaking you’d still never be able to see the curvature…
      Which BTW he HAS to say because thousands of us all over the world did exactly that – we sent up balloons to 120,000+ feet with NON Fisheye lenses and it was STILL flat as you can get.

      Tyson says so in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPnBv-hzERM&list=PLHadb962eYqjZAl2kQ_4NrTS1_kRw9T7t&index=4



      1. I have two things that are preventing me from buying full in to the flat earth model. If they could be explained to me, that would be so super helpful. Will somebody please explain longitude and longitude on a flat earth model and also as the sun rises why does it hit the top of the mountain first before the base? Thank you so much!

  7. Ur base argument was the same thing said to Creationists when they dared argue the theory of evolution. U may be a monkey’s uncle but I’m not, regardless of what status quo has normalized, incl a globe. Society is very pressuring to keep its members in line or society will collapse—so goes the myth. Or maybe we shouldn’t be afraid of Truth.

  8. Sorry, but none of your so-called proofs prove that the earth is NOT flat.

    I will give you an example that will prove the earth is NOT a globe and the heliocentric model is BS.

    In the heliocentric model we are told that the sun is 93 million miles away. If the sun is shining on a ball it would shine on exactly half the globe. If this were true, we would experience 12 hour days and 12 hour nights every single day of the year. It would not matter if the globe tilted, there would still be 12 hour days and 12 hour nights. But this is NOT what we experience.

    We only experience a 12 hour day and a 12 hour night twice a year during the Spring and Fall equinoxes. This fact alone destroys the globe model.

    1. Adam, I think you’re missing the part where the rotational axis of the earth is tilted at between 23 and 24 degrees. Exactly half the earth IS illuminated every day, but not any particular point on it. The most even days and nights year round are found at the equator. The North and South poles, on the other hand, experience the most uneven duration of daylight throughout the year. Even travelling from southern Ohio to central Florida in late December in experiencing a noticeably longer period of daylight.

    2. Adam isn’t “missing” anything – there is no other single group of people under the dome who are more schooled on ALL of the claimed official attributes of the “globe theory” than flat earth(True Cosmology) researchers.

      Heck, most people don’t even realize that according to the claimed globe model authorities – that because of the CLAIMED elliptical orbit, now GET THIS:

      “They” say that if you live in the northern hemisphere of their model that in the dead of winter time when it’s the coldest, that the sun is allegedly 3 MILLION miles CLOSER to earth and in the middle of summer it’s the opposite, 3 million miles FARTHER AWAY from earth…

      Everyone think on that a while.

      Most people don’t have a clue – but if you look at all the comments here from William (AgentOfChange) – especially the ones about all of earths CLAIMED movements, then you to can know – then you can test it yourself – I even included the math which can be verified by any math professor or even HS Physics teacher.

      Check it out.

  9. I use to think the same thing. Flat Earth is a psyop to discredit all of the truth movement but then I looked past my indoctrination. Without mentioning any names, the majority of the health freedom movement is flat. Check with your goof friend. To keep it short, every thing you mentioned in your article is provably wrong and if you like I can show you. The globe lie is how they convinced the vast majority of the population to take the death shot. I can explain all of that also. Feel free to reach out.

  10. Thank you, Sally. Credibility was important for challenging the Divine Right of Kings, an Earth-centered planetary system, the virus theory, or the belief that the FDA is supporting health for Americans. I appreciate your short, concise defense of the round Earth concept.

    Because I believe I can Think Outside the Box, and I think that proponents are sincere, I spent some time reading about the Flat Earth theory. While I don’t have the knowledge base to contradict some of those explanations, it doesn’t seem that important, so I stick to Earth Is Round and get on with pushing for reforms in school food, which actually does matter to a lot of people.

    One benefit of seeing beyond conventional thinking is that we hone our ability to detect lies. We social creatures are prone to believe what everyone around us believes, even giant lies like women are too emotional to vote, or this or that minority are inadequate for college attendance.

    Meanwhile, there are some other popular ideas that I do question because they require our social norms to change and affect the economy: Build Back Better, 15-minute cities, Anthropogenic Climate Change, pandemic readiness, miracles of genetic modification, 5G is safe, and chemtrails are just a tin foil hat idea.

  11. For many many years, I believed that illness was caused by virus’ and germs. I believed that jabs were safe and effective. I also believed in a globe earth. Every adult I know who now believes in a flat earth, grew up believing the globe lie.

    Frankly, I’m surprised that someone with your tenacity for truth, who has fought SO hard against the treacherous lies of TPTB, would allow fear of scoffing by our opponents to deter you from searching through the mud and muck to find the truth.

    How hard was it to dig through all the lies to get to the truth of cholesterol? food additives? soy baby formula? or viruses? Please don’t give up so easily on the truth of the earth. And don’t allow your bias to thwart your quest for truth.

    I’m sure many of my loved ones died believing in viruses and a globe earth. I’ll not continue the lie out of sentiment, but I hope I will honor their memory by speaking the truth as they would have had they known.

    Sally, you are a living legend among those who follow the principles of the WAPF. Many of us owe a great debt of gratitude to you. I believe when you want to find the truth, you will find it.

    1. Cheers Bonnie.

      Sally, I am offering you a private (or public if you like) Zoom meeting where I will answer EVERY question / objection you have and I will prove to you that you do not live on a scientifically impossible spinning rock surrounded with smooth curve-less water which is surrounded by high pressure air adjacent to a void of zero pressure space.

      I have done over 1,000 interviews that Google is hiding from you. There are hundreds of millions of flat earth researchers now and it is growing faster than anything ever and the PTB are petrified of the world waking up to the globe lie. Flat earthers are the largest population of non vaxed people across the plane.

      I pray you take me up on my offer.

      David Weiss
      Ask Amandha Vollmer, Andy Kaufman, Peggy Hall, Stew Peters, Greg Reese, Kelly Brogan or your close associate who I shall not name for my phone number.

  12. Wow. I had such great respect for you. This “proof” you say you provide, is an absolute embarrassment. You really should have stayed in the lane of your expertise. This has actually tainted my opinion of the Weston Price Foundation, because if this is your idea of what “proof” is, as you discuss your knowledge of nutrition….it leaves me in a place of needing to seriously question what the so called expertise is in fact based on.

    1. Dear MS,

      I still have great respect for Sally regardless.

      Your point is understandable but please remember that we were all once there too – and it took quite a while before we could sort through all of the disinformation, censoring and learn the math and science that enabled us to wrap our heads around the real cosmology.

      And I think that she should understand that Anti-Vaxxers say precisely the same thing about her – that she detracts from their community because she is a “contagious virus denier” along with a growing multitude of other scientists and doctors now…

      Let’s give her a chance to receive the valid information and not polarize her about it.


      William (AgentOfChange)

      Anyone who would like to as questions about the True Cosmology, please feel free to email me: agentsofchange@protonmail.com

  13. I grew up with the earth being round. Now they say it’s flat. Seems that’s coming from the same folks pushing global warming and COVID 19.

    I’m not swearing to either. I’m just surprised how many people here are taking such offense to either side. It doesn’t change our lives either way.

    I think we have bigger fish to fry. And better oils to fry them in than what the government tells us to use.

    Perhaps let’s move on to things we can change/improve in our lives/health. And meanwhile, enjoy which ever earth you live on – the round one or the flat one…

    1. Hi Lynn,

      We see this type of disinterest comment a lot. In most cases, it a product of Cognitive Dissonance (we all experience CD when some piece of information threatens our long held belief systems and sometimes rather then spurring us on to figure it our, it instead shuts us down and we say things like, “well it’s not really important…”).

      Usually it’s from someone who has only taken a cursory look at the threatening information – enough to realize that there is no quick-fix, slam-dunk way to disprove it and it would require time and effort that they either do not have or simply do not want to put in that kind of time or effort.

      I’m not putting you down, just stating my experience of many years in the truth community on multiple topics that we’ve been deceived about our entire lives.

      Personally I think it’s important to know the truth about as much as possible, ESPECIALLY a subject as huge as Healthcare and also as huge as where we actually live – and even more-so when the powers that be have spent an exorbitant amount of time and money to Gaslight us in those areas.

      But I do realize that there are those who who are fine with the status quo as long as they do not perceive why it’s important.

      And if it were the “same folks pushing global warming and COVID 19” then they wouldn’t have spent so much time and money creating search algorithms on all their platforms to remove or hide the valid true cosmology content just as they CENSOR, hide and remove anyone against their Covid, Virus, Vaccine, Climate Change, NWO agendas. It sure is important to “them” to do the same to those who are systematically debunking their “globe” indoctrination for some reason…



    2. “I think we have bigger fish to fry. And better oils to fry them in than what the government tells us to use.”
      I love this – very nice!

  14. ok, so you have committed a large number of logical fallacies in every DISPROVEN point you gave, which actually looks like a cut-n-paste job that most anti-“flat earthers” use.

    The points you site above have been thoroughly disproven over and over again by many in the FE community, it’s just that you seem very “picky and choosy” about them.

    Just some of my replies to your general comments above……….

    “What concerns me is the fact that some very intelligent people in our field have endorsed flat-earthism”

    Did you ever stop to think for a moment, that it’s because they figured out germ theory was a lie and virology is a fraud, that they were intelligent enough to use those same critical thinking skills to figure out there are even more grand lies than just health and nutrition and if government can lie about 1 or 2 things, they can lie about anything???…….which indeed they do.

    “I can already hear it: “These butter-eating virus-deniers believe the earth is flat. . . how can we believe a word they say!””

    Again, another logical fallacy………you don’t need to invoke the flat earth model to be associated with “science deniers” …..you are already in the minority of people who seem crazy and anti-scientific by being a “virus denier”.
    The fact you deny viruses and endorse eating fats, already places you in the “science denying” category, you don’t need FE to help you look insane, just virus denying and endorsing eating fats will do that alone.

    To the rest of the world, you are as “ignorant” for denying viruses exists as they are for claiming the earth is flat and stationary. You already look foolish to the rest of the world. No help from FEers needed.

    All your “proofs” have been long thoroughly disproven.

    Why don’t you get in contact with some of the leading defenders of FE and agree to debate them, they are always looking for new people to properly educate, and one thing you globers fail to realise….is that most flat earth defenders were once anti flat earthers themselves and went out to disprove flat earth and found they couldn’t do it, so, many flat earthers have been where you are now, only they all LOOKED diligently at the data and evidence and were honest enough with themselves and admitted we have all been lied to on a grand scale.

    They know the arguments better than most anti flat earthers who can’t even recite the mathematical measurements and equations for their own heliocentric model they defend.

    Try getting in touch with David Weiss and Austin Whitsitt. Those 2 are the most well known and have the time to debate. There are many many more out there but these 2 are really really good at destroying the heliocentric flaws.

  15. I want to start by saying that I am not a flat-earth proponent. I rather wonder that the flat-earth/globe earth argument is manufactured and stoked by nefarious agencies bent on keeping us distracted from what is really going on.

    I’m open to the idea that the planet (plane – t?) and universe are nothing at all like the models that are continuously presented to us.

    Just a couple of thoughts, however, on the rebuttals you present here.

    On No. 1, surely the water does slosh about when there is turbulence. When it is bad enough, magazines slip off tabletops and bags fall out of overhead storage – or is this just a conceit presented in movies? If you were standing in the middle of a train carriage and jumped up in the air any movement would be negligible. But take you to the end of the carriage with the door open and the wide open world behind you, and you’d think twice about jumping directly up in to the air for fear of the train whipping out from under you, which it would surely do.

    On No.3, all of those photos are highly suspect. Actually all photos are these days. We can never really know what we are being shown, and whether it is an artificial construct. These days it’s becoming more and more difficult to trust what we see with out own two eyes.

    But with those cities – surely it’s not just that they are several stories lower on the horizon, wouldn’t the buildings be leaning away from you, too? Or is the angle of the lean too negligible to observe? So all those tall skyscrapers are actually leaning away. I mean, surely if you were to observe a hot air balloon disappearing into the distance, it’s not just that it would eventually disappear down the horizon, but with a particularly powerful camera and lens, you should – albeit briefly – observe the underside of the basket as the balloon tilts around the curve. Perhaps we don’t yet possess equipment powerful enough to carry out such a test…

    1. Attempt to empirically prove the “globe” and it won’t take you very long to realize that it cannot be, “manufactured and stoked by nefarious agencies”.

      Emphasis on EMPIRICALLY…

    1. Hi Carol,

      Let’s try not to put down Sally or others who have been triggered by this topic.

      Just remember what it was like for us when we were first approached about true cosmology. Think of the way most of us reacted – in most cases we were all no different at that point – all she needs is information and time – she already has the intellect to comprehend it, she just doesn’t know what she doesn’t know yet.

      There’s no reason that Sally and others cannot also know the truth about True Cosmology as well as truth about Health, Medicine and Nutrition.

      Thanks for the link.



  16. Thank you Sally for highlighting this issue with many (or most big public names) from team no-virus.

    The scumbag PTB (power-that-be) thought it was important enough to bring out their shill David Weiss who commented on your blog not once or twice, but 5 times over the course of 2 days IMMEDIATELY after your initial posting plus the myriad of state shills or useful idiots. As Allan Weisbecker (RIP) once posted, “I have had to come to the conclusion that any alt media figure that supports FE in any way is dirty.”

    It’s important enough for them to keep FE nonsense going as it discredit legitimate research into no virus, climate change, appolo and space-x fakery, any anything else of importance they see fit.

    Their belittling attitude towards your position is another ‘tell’. Weiss’s offering of 3 bitcoins sounds eerily similar to his offer of a million dollars from his “handlers” a number of year ago that he boasted.

    The skyline (from a distance vs up close), rising and setting of the sun over calm oceans, navigating the seas with a sextant and dipping the lights are a few examples of their attempts to misdirect you to something else than what your own senses tell you. Orwell would be proud. The party is attempting to tell you to rejected your own senses and build a new reality they want you to believe.

    ht tps://blog.banditobooks.com/flat-earther-david-weiss-lets-slip-fe-is-a-govt-op/
    ht tps://blog.banditobooks.com/a-flat-earth-round-table/


    1. If you are so sure of yourself and your arrogant false lying claims, then debate David live for all to see and prove him wrong. You’ll lose miserably.

    2. Sally,

      This person, “Mechanic”, who made the above comment about David Weiss is obviously one of those desperate paid disinformation globe shills that I mentioned in other correspondence.

      Sure, go ahead and look at whatever he posted here if you like – In the beginning of my journey on this topic I was sidetracked by many of these disinformation trolls while I was looking for confirmation bias to help prove the magical spinning water-rock cosmology – eventually using my own brain to validate the info prevailed and it wasn’t long before these insincere paid trolls became easy to spot – they just can’t seem help themselves.

      Maybe you do need to go down that road too, IDK – but I do know that you publically opened this up for yourself and it won’t ever go away; I trust that you have the intellect to figure it out – besides, you are surrounded by doctors and scientists within your own field who already know the truth about the cosmology deception and they all know David Weiss – many of them personally – ask you close colleagues and friends about David if you want confirmation about who he is.

      Get ready Sally, you are about to be inundated with trolls like Mechanic here – you probably didn’t see this coming, but the moment you went public on it – we knew it was coming.

      “They” are desperately trying to put this genie back in the bottle and they are losing magnificently.

      William (AgentOfChange)

  17. Hi Sally,

    I tried sending this to your “info” email from your newsletter but my email provider responded and said that your email provider wouldn’t accept it but would keep trying – so I’ll put it here too.

    The following addresses each of your eight claims:

    The “#” sign in front of the numbers below refers to one of your eight claims that you say flat earthers claim.
    You have some disinformational flaws which serious cosmology researchers do not claim.

    Nobody who has done serious research and testing of the realm we live in ever makes the claims of your #1, #4, and #5 – only unexperienced zealous newbies and Controlled Opposition.

    #2 As for balloons, the Concord and “seeing curvature”:
    Balloons first:
    You must take into consideration of whether fisheye lenses were used on the high alt balloon flights – here’s a fact, they all only go to no more than 130,000 feet before they pop – and if you see curvature then a fisheye lens was used – fact.
    High Alt Balloons – the Reality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPnBv-hzERM&list=PLHadb962eYqjZAl2kQ_4NrTS1_kRw9T7t&index=4
    Fisheye Lens explained: https://www.studiobinder.com/blog/what-is-a-fisheye-lens-photography/

    Many of us all over the world have sent up balloons to over 120,000 feet SPECIFICALLY with NON fisheye lenses which produce non distorted ACTUAL footage of what is there – and it’s demonstrably flat at that altitude – as well as it also shows with amateur rocket footage from 70 miles high. (70 miles high is 369,600 feet) The Concord max altitude is only 60,000 feet – So, sorry and no disrespect to your father but he did not see the curvature from the Concord. BTW – all airliners have multiple panes in the windows – one of the panes is convex to better resist the pressure – which obviously will slightly distort that which is being viewed through it. Check it out on your next flight.

    Note: That was also the very first thing that I said to my cousin when he told me he was looking into flat earth, {sarcastically laughing} ” but dude, I’ve flown back and fourth multiple times from coast to coast at 44,000 feet all over the USA – I’ve seen the curvature of earth…”

    There are also an increasing number of retired pilots coming out of the closet on flat earth – they couldn’t do it while active or they would lose their career (some did btw); same with several other careers like Engineers who know advanced Physics – I personally know one who was threatened by his employer to cease and desist talking about flat earth on his own private youtube channel in his own private time or he would lose his job.

    Here’s a playlist of that engineer which another channel reposted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOuqwUDHY68&list=PLKUXjnsRjTK4ekm6YFcKCrnH51nDrtEH6

    But do you see how “they” control the narrative. It’s insidious what “they” do.

    Seems many in the medical community are facing this same reality of losing their careers if they speak against virus validity or vaccine damage or anything against the mainstream medical narratives. We personally know doctors and nurses(my wife is retired RN) who lost their jobs at our local hospital over resisting the mainstream narrative on viruses and vaccines.

    #6 There is zero proof that anyone ever went to the LIGHT in the sky that we all call the moon – But there is an amazing amount of proof that they faked all of it and still do for anything “space related” (do you really think the US govt is going to give up $20 BILLION a year in NASA income? – Now they want even more tax money for the same fraud when Trump created a new military branch called the “SPACE FORCE” – LOL) It’s a money scam and a way to convince people that they are an insignificant spec flying through mythical space. It’s all a lie.

    This is really old news btw – once you see the OFFICIAL footage – the moon landing fraud speaks for itself.
    Good starting playlist for the fake moon landing & fake space nonsense:

    So that makes #7 true – there are literally ZERO photos of earth from moon or “space” – yet they claim over 30,000 satellites are up there along with at least a dozen of them with high res cameras which never seem to be pointed at earth and every one they claim did it (only a couple) – those images have been proven fake already.
    I’m not going to bother with this one much because once you figure out they ALL fake going to the moon and space it becomes moot.

    Ask yourself the question: “Why with all the tens of thousands of alleged satellites, rockets, space telescopes, shuttles…etc. are there not millions of valid, non CGI videos and photos of the live spinning earth from space?” I’m not saying that’s proof of anything, just think on it. Since 1969…

    Elon Musk was even questioned on the anomalies and strangeness of the LIVE video of the rocket that he allegedly shot up to mars with one of his Tesla cars in it – lol (People will believe anything now days.)

    His cheeky response with a smirk on his face was, and I quote:
    “You can tell it’s real because it looks so fake.”

    BTW – Jeran on the Jeranism channel and David Weiss on the DITRH channel and the team on the Globebusters channel(along with many others) detailed all the fraud with that particular “fake looking” launch. There were CGI experts who showed that what Musk claimed was actual live video was really Computer Generated “blue screen” images in a studio.
    Here’s a little clip from the making of the movie “Gravity” with Saundra Bullock just to give you and idea of the technology being used to gaslight us: https://youtu.be/FZfOvvGV5Q4

    People need to wake up.

    Your #8 (we do not claim there are no flights between those two locations)
    And this is not a proof anything either way – merely incongruent observations which make no sense until you look at the flights on the flat earth map.

    But it’s a Logical Fallacy when you state that, “A spherical earth is the only way to explain the fact that the flight from Auckland to Sydney takes 3 ½ hours.”

    When you say, “the only way to explain”, that’s simply not true – there are many ways to explain, although you may not like the explanations, they are still scientifically valid ways to explain it which do not require a spherical earth – and you’ll find them all in spades on this channel dedicated to Flights and Maps:

    The Johannesburg (South Africa) to Santiago flight explained here – the understanding of the “Jet Stream” and how pilots rely on it for many flights is critical and also explains why they often have to cancel this particular long distance flight – the jet stream changes with weather patterns at times making the flight risky or impossible because of the vast distance… https://youtu.be/lt06AmOnH04

    It’s important to be Intellectually Honest when attempting to figure out truth.

    As for the clincher – #3:

    Concerning the Chicago skyline Photo
    Besides not accounting for ALL the science and math, you are focusing on the wrong things:

    The biggest problem that the magical spinning water-rock earth has is that we can see vastly farther than we ever should IF the earth was a globe with the official claimed radius of 3959 miles – that’s their official number, not ours btw.

    The Chicago skyline can be seen with quality optics, and on any high visibility day, you can see the entire Chicago skyline from 56 miles away and further – do the trig., that should NEVER be possible considering the claimed globe attributes – and I’m not talking about just seeing the blurry top of the Sears tower – but I personally counted 42 buildings – FACT, there are only 13 buildings taller than 800 feet in the Chicago skyline – the tallest is the Sears tower at less than 1500 feet.

    There are serious scientific problems once you consider those facts; so I’ll explain in detail.

    The Trig:
    (If you doubt the math just go to any school or university and ask the math dept.)

    WE ARE TOLD, the Circumference of earth is 24,901 miles, the mean radius is 3,959 miles
    (look it up in wiki or Nasa)

    Formula to calculate curvature:
    d1 =( √h0² + 2rh0)
    d2 = (d0 – d1)
    h1 = ((√d2² + r²) – r)

    d0 is Distance Observing in miles
    r = Earth Radius in miles 3,959
    h0 is Height of Observer in feet
    d1 is Distance from observer to horizon
    h1 is Height hidden by curvature

    Plugging-in the Numbers:
    And here is a calculator that makes it easier with the same math:

    Joshua took the photo at 15 feet above the water from 56.42 miles away. (Many other people have done the same as Joshua btw)

    The base of the Willis(Sears) Tower is at 596 feet Elevation.
    The dunes at Stevensville, Grand Mere Lakes Park where Joshua was, are 596 feet Elevation.

    Note: The Lake Michigan Water is at 581 feet Elevation.

    Plug the numbers into the formula (or calculator)
    H0 (height of observer) = 15 feet above water.
    d0 (distance from observation) = 56.42 miles
    h1 (Height hidden by curvature) = 1,780.8242 feet

    So there would be 1,780 feet that would be hidden by the alleged “curvature” at that distance, IF the earth was the claimed “globe” with a 24,901 mile circumference and 3959 mile radius.

    Guess what?

    The Willis(Sears) Tower is only 1,729 ft tall at the tip of the antenna, it’s only 1450 ft tall at top of actual structure.

    The point being missed here is this:
    Not only should you NOT be able to see even the very top of the Sears Tower antennae, you also definitely would never be able to see any of the skyline from that distance for any reason whatsoever. All anyone should EVER see from that distance is a clean horizon IF the earth was the claimed spheroid. Period.

    And it’s not a “mirage” because mirages do not work that way – to see a mirage, you MUST have line-of-sight to that which is being miraged… And you should NEVER have line-of-sight at that distance according to the official “globe” attributes.
    Here’s an example of what a real mirage of the same skyline looks like:

    But Why are the Bottoms cut off? Glad you asked:

    This excellent lecture video explains in detail the Physics of Optics which definitively explains why we can’t see the bottoms of objects over long distance:
    There’s a reason they don’t teach this particular science in High School or University – once you KNOW it, you can no longer be fooled.

    Chicago Skyline is a good example because if you live in USA, it’s not too difficult to go there and see it yourself; although, if you live near a large lake you can test the same observances there too – you’ll need a really good a high visibility day where the water temp and the air temp above the water is approx the same, and a telescope or camera (I recommend the Nikon Coolpics P900 or P950 or P1000 – aka the “Globe Buster”)

    Personally, back in the early 80’s when in the Navy as an Electronics Technician ; we saw numerous anomalies that we should have never seen. We just never questioned it then because “curvature of the earth” was never talked about. but on some of the targeting RADAR systems I was trained on and had access to – we saw surface contacts at distances exceedingly farther than where the horizon should have been – but never questioned it – just like people never question how all the images get on a TV screen from an antenna – it wasn’t a thing then, we simply accepted that it was possible. Now, with all the physics and math training I’ve accumulated over the years, I now KNOW that it should have been impossible to see what we saw – Surface Targeting RADAR is Line-of-sight only – that limits the technology to only being able to see surface targets no farther than about 20 miles away, IE. the horizon limit distance from the height of the radar antennae(170 feet above water) – we had lock-on target over three times farther many times.

    The skyline example is only one of many tens of thousands of other examples from every continent that we should never see IF the earth was the claimed “globe”.

    And that example is far from the farthest that has been IMPOSSIBLY seen on this non curved earth; many of which have been in the hundreds of miles away.

    Many examples here:

    We see to far – 37 Reasons to do your own research

    Just a few of many youtube Channels for more info –:


    You think you have globe proof – debate it here – or just go and watch all the multitude of debates already there on the topic:

    Science we were intentionally not taught:
    The Physics of Optics

    Just watch all these interviews…You’ll learn a lot.

    You’ll be amazed how many people you personally know who either already know the magical spinning water-rock is a lie or are in the process of researching it.

    Sadly, most people will really do anything to avoid negative confrontation – they are simply afraid to openly discuss it with people they know for fear of the kind of thing you are doing here on your website… For those of us who have already done the testing and research for many years and actually know that the spinning glob is a lie – it really doesn’t phase us – but we will address misrepresentation and outright error whether someone really wants the truth or not is up to them. You still need to use your own brain and put in the time if you really want the truth on this.

    One last thing: There is a lot of effort put into hiding the valid cosmology research being done – all the major platforms have created search algorithms that make sure that it’s very difficult to ever get to the valid research.

    Google/youtube, FB, Twitter/X, Instagram, Tiktok, Reddit, and many other platforms do this – so when you search for flat earth or fake moon landing all they show you are the disinformation results designed to make fun of and discredit – there’s no intellectual honesty nor real science, merely false accusations & misrepresentations.

    They also employ tactics like Shaddowbanning where you make a comment under a video or on someone’s youtube/FB/Twitter post where you can clearly see it there when you are logged in but other users never see it and if you log out and go to that same page, you’ll see that you can’t see it either when logged out. And some things they just flatout delete.

    You KNOW they do this – think covid and vaccines… Just try and make a video or comment on youtube that says that viruses don’t exist or vaccines harm people and see what happens. So you see, it’s no different for flat earth, or moon landing hoax, or 9/11, and they are now doing it for anyone against their nonsensical “climate change” agenda as well as a handful of other topics they really don’t want people knowing about or openly discussing if it’s against their official propaganda narrative.

    There were once thousands of channels on youtube honestly addressing and testing the claimed mainstream cosmology in 2016 – youtube deleted most of them and hid the rest in the algorithms.

    Truth is truth – even when it’s inconvenient.

    I hope you receive this with all the sincerity and respect which we intend,

    William (AgentOfChange)

    P.S. Feel free to ask us as many questions as you like for as long as you like – I personally have many years of data and knowledge testing it and I know all the valid channels, sites and people to talk to. There are way more of us than most can imagine or even believe.

    1. The problem with all these “shouldn’t be able to see something that distance away because of the curvature” arguments is that they presume that the observations are being taken on the outer surface of a sphere. They’re not. The outer layer of the earth is the gas–air–we live in, breathe, and see through. It is not a uniform gas, but varies from place to place in its density, motion, temperature, suspension of various particulate matter and precipitates, even in the exact ratios of its component gasses. All those things affect the light rays that we perceive with our eyes, and any calculation that doesn’t take those things into account is inaccurate, and can’t prove curvature or flatness.

      1. Not So Ruby, that’s why I included the links where there are detailed scientific explanations outlining the effects and attributes of the atmosplane including how optical physics works with all the necessary science and math within the field of optics included.

        We don’t just see a little bit too far, we see VASTLY to far – and it’s not like these observations are rare anomalies, we observe and measure these observations everywhere on every continent – all anyone needs is a high visibility day, good optics and a non addled brain…

        There is no rational, reasonable or scientific reason that we see objects which according to the officially claimed curvature attributes should be anywhere from thousands of feet to many miles hidden over and behind the claimed “curvature.”

        There’s no amount of magical refraction that lifts a skyline up a quarter mile or in many observations several miles in a pristine state from a more dense medium up into a less dense medium. That’s all just magical wishful thinking and simply not how it works – in fact it’s the opposite – light through an increasingly denser medium bends down, not up. (It’s all in the many videos I’ve included in my comments. – take the time and do the proper research and testing as many of us has done – don’t take our word for it, DO the footwork. Send up balloons to a 120,000 feet with NON-FISHEYE lenses, take the measurements, go to different locations and see if you can observe similar observations, learn the science and math, then do the math…)

        The biggest problem of why many people have difficulty understanding their observations and easily fall for their indoctrination is that they were intentionally NOT taught the concepts and science of optics, perspective, refraction, and a handful of other important sciences and maths.

        But hey, I’m not against someone having faith in their indoctrination – I did for over 5 decades and all of my education, expertise and careers are science based and very technical.

        I STILL can’t believe that they fooled me so badly that of all people, that I didn’t pick-up on it sooner – I blame myself for not being more observant and diligent – I was part of a Special Projects team in the military that took failed civilian electronics projects meant to do things that had never been done and which many thought not possible at all and learned to think way outside the box to accomplish the task. – I had most of the math, science, understanding and equipment at my beck and call but never thought to apply it to cosmology – as the younger generations say now days – MY BAD.

        Yes, learning and testing to determine the True Cosmology has been the most challenging project that I have ever encountered, but it’s also the most rewarding when it allowed me to escape the indoctrination Matrix that we were all put in since childhood – you know, like Santa Claus – but a hundred times more technical, decades more programming reinforcement and rather than my parents revealing the CON, I had to figure it out on my own. No I’m not implying that my parents knew the earth wasn’t a ridiculous magical spinning water-rock zooming through endless vacuum of space… They were fooled too.

        Don’t worry Ruby, yes this truth is important but if it’s going to cause you to have continual angst – then hey, forget about it – there have been billions of people who lived a productive life and died believing the spinning globe lies as well as many other illusions and deceptions – I guess for some it really doesn’t matter.

        I’m here for those who want the truth, not the ones who cling to the illusion.

        I don’t mean that to sound so condescending – I just don’t know how else to say it considering what I know.

        1. Thanks for your apology for being condescending. Apology accepted. And thanks for all those links that I’m choosing not to open since none of the other ones have provided much real science or illumination. If you could post just ONE link that you think best explains why the geometric calculation is valid for a situation that’s not strictly geometrical, I’ll be glad to read/watch it. Bonus if it refrains from using put-downs and sarcasm (although a bit of that isn’t a deal-breaker).


          1. Everyone now days is looking for the quick fix, the magic bullet or the cure-all pill. Everyone has been trained to have an attention span so short that if you can’t say it in a TIK TOK video in less than 2 minutes then it’s not important and you should keep quiet. Sadly that’s where we are today.

            That’s not the way real science works Ruby – these links are not intended to “prove” anything, nor are they there to “convince” anyone – it’s only when you go out and do these observations and tests can you call it proof for yourself – Images and videos can NEVER prove anything – the fact that most people don’t realize this fact is precisely how we got into this “spinning globe”, “viruses are contagious” and “pharmaceutical drugs and invasive procedures are the only recourse to sickness” deception in the first place.

            Videos, Images, Pictures – cannot prove anything – all they can do help to show signs of evidence, open our minds to another way of approach, give us ideas and methods and help us step outside of the proverbial box that our indoctrinators placed us all in. Additionally, in many cases the content of a video or image can educate us in fields of science and math as well as help us see things from a different perspective.

            The following is a short video to illustrate the previous paragraph:

            Videos and images have their proper place during research – they may show evidence of something that needs to be tested, but cannot be proof; and we have to be careful that we don’t accidently misrepresent their meanings. Everything I’ve put out here does all of that and more for those with a strong enough constitution to overcome being emotionally triggered when presented with information that flies in the face of their long held and constantly reinforced indoctrination.

            Like I already said once to you Ruby – I’m not trying to convince anyone – I wasn’t convinced about any of this from a video or an image; it wasn’t until I went out and tested it for myself with many others that I became convinced, we learned or dusted off the necessary math and physics and put in the effort – you can’t unsee flat.

            So you don’t like me or the way I posted content – I’m good with that – like I already told you, go and watch your confirmation bias material like most of us also did in the beginning; but at some point if you’re intellectually honest and apply proper logic and scientific method, you’ll realize that the official position has no legs to stand on once you TEST what they’ve told us – THEN the truth will begin to appear.

            I personally have come to the realization that some people are not emotionally prepared to do all of that and many will never overcome their indoctrination – it’s simply too emotionally painful for them – others are just too lazy and not willing to put in the required effort – and even others don’t have the time, resources or other pressing personal matters to deal with.

            After seeing the way that you have reacted to all this, I can honestly tell you that from years of experience of talking to people about this, that this topic and the material we’ve supplied here is not intended for people like you – again, you’re just not ready and please don’t be offended – it only my opinion and maybe you’ll prove me wrong about you

            If anyone reading this is triggered by that statement, then you’re not ready either – just forget about it – pretend you never heard of such a ridiculous thing – go tell your friends and laugh about it and laugh about me – in fact I dare you to go tell your friends about the hundreds of millions of “idiots” all over the world who think that we live on an extended level plane (with variations of hills and valleys)(NOT floating in “space”) and is enclosed with a created structure which keeps in all the air… They’ll all laugh with you I bet and you’ll feel real good about yourself and can go back you whatever you were doing without a hitch.

            I get emails all the time from new people who’ve seen my comments all over different platforms who earnestly want to understand more – most of them start off with, “I’m not a flat earther BUT I just started looking into it, and I have a couple questions for you…” I love it when that happens because I KNOW that they are ready for what I’m going to send them.

            The truth about our real cosmology is getting out and growing quickly, with or without any one individual and it’s only a matter of time before everyone is talking openly about it.

            Many times a confident person can be confused as being arrogant or condescending even if they are not and never mean to be.

            Ruby, you can stop reading here, the rest is for those who really want to know. It’s okay to believe the earth is a globe, it’s not a salvation issue – in fact billions of people have died believing in the spinning globe nonsense as well as the contagious virus nonsense and many many other deceptions by the very same people group on this earth.

            For those who believe in the God/Jesus – I began receiving a flood of truth information about this world just after I prayed to the Father to provide it to me regardless of what I’d have to change as a result – He says that if we ask that He will freely provide and I called Him on that – I never expected what would happen next and I’m not just talking about flat earth…

            I highly recommend that approach but I warn you, buckle-up because nearly nothing in this world is what you think it is. True Cosmology is only the beginning but it’ll be difficult to see some of the other deceptions unless you get this one strait.

            For those not religious, you’ll just have to go out there like the rest of us and TEST the Globe for yourself – Forget about “flat earth” TEST WHAT “THEY”, the so-called “authorities”, TELL YOU IT IS YOURSELF! TEST THE GLOBE MODEL.

            Where is the Commensurate CURVATURE?
            The official claimed “spheroid” earths mean radius is 3959 miles and the claimed circumference is 24,901 miles – which means that there has to be MEASURABLE curvature COMMENSURATE with those values. I’m challenging you all to go out and MEASURE IT to see if it’s there, it’s not that hard.

            In my previous comments I’ve provided all the math necessary to test that claim and all the videos which show many different methods to do the testing – or use your own brain and come up with your own methods – but if you don’t test it yourself, then all you have is a religious style FAITH and BELIEF in the indoctrinators – the very same sources that told you there’s a little boogie-man partial called a “virus” that is lying in wait in the air on on a surface to “infect” you and make you sick and you’ll soon be legally required to take a vaccination as the cure. LOL I still can’t believe that I used to actually believe them about that one.

            If you don’t test it, it’ll bother you the rest of your life.

            Here’s an excellent resource that answers a lot of questions and shows in detail multiple ways to test it yourself:

            I’m praying for everyone who reads this that in the name of Jesus/Yeshua, Father please show the truth to those who truly desire it – Amen

    1. Yep – look at the Gleasons flat earth Map – it’s round.

      BTW, “round” is the least of the possible word options that “globe” believers should use:

      Most plates are round, many tables are round, Frisbees are round the face of many clocks are round…

      If you want to best describe your faith in our cosmology indoctrination then you should use the terminology that the indoctrinators use – “Globe”, “spheroid”, “globular”…

      Just saying. 🙂

    2. For people who are believers in the Christian Bible, that’s a very good resource. Even for people who aren’t believers, he has some good points.

    3. Here are some more:

      This person really breaks it down in great detail – you’ll be amazed.

      The Genesis Revelation – How the Bible absolutely describes an enclosed world cosmology

      Skiba vs Sungenis – The Complete Biblical (Flat Earth) Cosmology Debate

      NOTE: Notice in the post above mine with the link that says: “Earth is undeniably round” – on that particular video on the Living Waters channel, the comments are turned off…. hmmm – I clicked about 40 other videos on that channel on other topics and the comments are on and all of them have thousands of comments – why not let people freely discuss THIS particular one?? That’s the NO. 1 sign of Gatekeeping.

      And I can tell you this, the Answers in Genesis group have a lot of reasonable content concerning evolution and the biblical view – but just like any other controlled opposition who gatekeep something, they have to dilute what they gatekeep with good info – that’s the way gatekeeping in controlled opposition works – AND WHY it works.

      I watched the video you posted – be sure to watch the ones I posted…

  18. It is quite surprising to hear that the science is settled and if someone continues to question then they will be spreading misinformation. Where have we heard that before? Also seems odd that part of the “proof” comes from a Disney movie. Doesn’t Disney make fake and pretend things seem real?

    1. Yep, I agree Kathy – AND -> The “science” was settled for 5000 years of the number one go-to medical practice of Bloodletting which spanned into the early 1900’s
      Little factoid: President George Washington had a sore throat and had his top doctors called in – they literally bloodletted him to death. Simply BRILLIANT.

      The “science” was settled when before the invention of railways, when it was believed that people would suffocate if they traveled faster than 30 mph as they would not be able to breathe due to the surrounding air rushing past them…

      The “science” was settled when a group of “scientists “discussing the newest advent of their time, the steam train; when they concluded that going faster than 50 mph could cause brain damage – and it would also cause “[female passengers’] uteruses to fly out of [their] bodies as they were accelerated to that speed” – another popular scientific consensus was suspected that any human body might simply melt at high speeds (meaning upwards of 100mph at that time)….

      The “science” was settled when the claim was made that the “speed of light” was a constant – proven false over the last several decades – mainly by the research of scientist & researcher Barry Setterfield. And even by Einstein’s admission that his relativity theories would certainly be wrong if it was ever discovered that the speed of light (C in his equation E=MC2) was ever proven not a constant. Guess what?…

      So Einstein allegedly disproved Newtons “settled” Theory of “Gravity” with his theories of Relativity as the replacement, yet Einstein’s relied on the CONSTANT of speed of light – Well Einstein, I guess you’re not such an Einstein after all… I wonder, did people refer to other smart people as “Newtons” before Einstein debunked him? “Wow, that guy is a real Newton…” – Hmmm

      The “science” was settled when the common consensus of thousands of scientists and doctors made the claim that smoking cigarettes was good for you – they even made commercials saying so…

      The “science” was settled when fluoride was claimed by doctors and scientists to be safe for the human body and should be put into toothpaste and the water supply… (BTW, it’s STILL in the water, toothpaste AND mouthwash.)

      The “science” was settled when mercury was once considered safe and used as a disinfectant, laxative, cure for syphilis, and even as a pill for immortality…

      The “science” was settled when it was concluded by the mainstream “scientists” at the time that “Heavier objects fall faster than light ones” – Now there’s third-graders who know better than that…

      The “science” was settled in the 1980’s when all the “climate scientists” were positive that, “global cooling will soon cause an imminent second Ice Age over the next decade”…

      The “science” was settled in the 1990’s when AlGore claimed that his teams of “scientists” concluded that the earth would be too hot for humans to go outside by mid 20-teens…

      I suppose we should also adhere to the idea that the “science” is settled as they keep propagandizing us and censoring anyone who opposes that “viruses” are contagious and the “cures” are “vaccines” – which the science is settled that vaccines are also “safe” – along with the settled science of lead in paint and gasoline, asbestos, living under power lines, microwave radiation(4G,5G…) Etc. Etc.

      These are only a few of course. Many volumes upon volumes can be compiled of all the so-called “settled science” which has now been proven false.

      “Who would dare assert that we know all there is to be known?”
      – Galileo Galilei, Letter to Father Benedetto Castelli, 21 Dec 1613.

  19. Is Earth Really Moving?
    Testing the Official Claim that Earth is Moving

    We are indoctrinated to believe that earth is moving in four simultaneous curved linear paths at four varying speeds – which is ridiculous to even say out loud.

    The following are their official published numbers of the claimed movements:

    – 1037.5 mph (1,669.6kmh) alleged spin (Centripetal Acceleration would be = .034 meters per second/ per second),

    – 66,600 mph (107,182kmh) alleged “orbit” around the sun (Centripetal Acceleration would be = .006 meters per second/ per second)

    – 486,000 mph (782,000kmh) alleged “orbit” of candy-bar galaxy

    – 2.2 MILLION mph (3,540,557kmh) alleged “orbit” of the mythical “great attractor”

    We’re clearly not moving and here’s the scientific way to prove it:
    If the earth was moving, then you should measure a continual varying acceleration change – Especially between night and day – But we do not.

    Consider the following:

    Let’s calculate the Centripetal Acceleration using only two of the official published movements (velocities) which they claim earth has:

    To calculate the acceleration(all in meters):
    Centripetal Acceleration (CA) = Velocity(squared)/Distance from center of pull

    CA of alleged “spin” of earth at equator:

    1037.5 mph (463.804 meters per second) earths alleged “spin” (at the equator),
    3959 miles (6,371,392.9 Meters) earths alleged mean radius

    463.804 meters per second Squared = 215114.150416 meters per sec

    CA = 215114.150416 meters per sec / 6,371,392.9 meters (earth radius distance)

    CA = 0.033762499628
    (0.034 meters per second / per second – Rounded)

    Centripetal Acceleration (CA) of alleged “earths average orbital speed”

    66,600 mph (29,772.86 meters per second) earths alleged “average orbital speed” around sun.
    93 Million miles (149,668,992,000 Meters) earths alleged distance from sun.

    29,772.86 meters per second Squared = 886,423,192.58 meters per sec

    CA = 886,423,192.58 meters per sec / 149,668,992,000 Meters (earth radius distance)

    CA(earth alleged orbit) = 0.00592255737635
    Rounded = 0.006 meters per second / per second

    How to debunk the alleged “spin” and “orbit” of the claimed “globe” earth from home:

    IF earth was spinning 1037.5 mph and “orbiting” at 66,600 mph, it would put the equatorial Centripetal Acceleration at .034 m/s/s and the alleged “orbital” curved linear path of earth would have an approximate average centripetal acceleration of .006 m/s/s.

    It turns out that the alleged constantly changing accelerations(caused by the alleged ELLIPTICAL “orbits”), IF they were actually happening, would be measurable with anyone’s accelerometer in their handheld devices(phone, pad…); and especially noticeable between night time readings and daytime readings.

    Note: you will need to find a suitable App which accesses your devices accelerometer, and it needs to be sensitive to at least three decimal places (most are).

    Using said App, you should without doubt see at least a MINIMUM of a 0.04m/s/s DIFFERENCE between 12 noon and 12 midnight. FACT! But you won’t see it. It will stay at 9.81 m/s/s the ENTIRE time. Try it at home. Earth is not moving.

    Anybody can do this simple math (which we verified with a local HS Physics teacher without his initial knowledge of what he was really verifying. (He was quite intrigued and perplexed when we told him what he just verified. – You could literally see his Cognitive Dissonance kick-in in his own mind as we spoke – lol))

    Here’s the facts, you will find a ZERO deviation of acceleration at least down to the thousandths.

    IF the earth WAS moving AS CLAIMED by all the official “scientific” authorities (it’s not, but let’s say…), then you SHOULD measure a continual acceleration change in the hundreds and thousands position – ESPECIALLY BETWEEN NIGHT AND DAY, and again, we DO NOT!!!

    Now, the paid trolls will always say something to the effect that “but it’s such a small difference…”, thus, completely ignoring the FACT that that very “difference” SHOULD be there none-the-less, also MOST DEFINITELY SHOULD be measurable with a simple smart phone containing an accelerometer in it. Which is the very point of this document:

    That “difference” stated above is ABSENT, MIA, NOT FREAKING THERE!!! Meaning, Earth is NOT moving.

    Here’s some more detail from my friend “Yute”:

    Just those first two, slowest movements of orbit and rotation alone mean there needs to be a speed change of 2.15cm/s/s at the surface of this supposed globe Earth, at its equator, on average.

    – From 12AM to 12PM (decelerating from 67,600 MPH to 65,600 MPH) rounded
    – From 12PM to 12AM (accelerating from 65,600 MPH to 67,600 MPH) rounded.

    Adding up the orbit +rotation speeds at 12AM comes out to:
    66,600 (orbit) + 1,000 (spin) = 67,600 (O +R).
    “O +R” because you’re being rotated with the orbit at 12AM, so your orbit speed is 66k plus rotation speed.

    Adding up the orbit +rotation speeds at 12PM comes out to:
    66,600 – 1,000 = 65,600 (O -R).
    “O -R” because you’re being rotated against the orbit at 12PM, so your orbit speed is 66k minus rotation speed.

    If Earth was orbiting and rotating, we would have a 2cm per second per second push (or pull) effect at the equator. That’s what this 2,075 MPH difference in 12 hours breaks down to, per second per second. It demonstrably isn’t happening!

    Other tan the occasional localized earthquakes – Earth is demonstrably not moving!
    People need to wake up.

    The following is a video which may help by showing visualizations of what the “globe” claims are.

    Physics debunks globe earth SPIN + ORBIT = 21mm/s/s accel/decel every 12 hrs YOU WOULD FEEL IT SPIN!

    If would like to skip the musical intro; the main content begins at the 3:07 time mark.

    Even if you haven’t taken the time to study and validate this document and especially if you are like me and need visuals for some things to make sense; this short 20 minute video is excellent and most people nearly instantly grasp the concept once they see the visuals.

    And using Elon Musk logic:
    “You know it’s moving because it seems so still…”


    William (AgentOfChange)

    P.S. If the video is ever removed or if you have other questions concerning True Cosmology; please feel free to email me at:

    I can always make the video available to you another way.

  20. There is so much we don’t know. That’s a good way to live life. Then there is so much to explore when one remains curious and wondering. I’m not a flat-earth-believer, but I do think we don’t know as much as we think we do about how our world works.

    1. Yes! I like the way Dr. cowan put it in one of his recent webinars, (paraphrasing): We should get comfortable with not knowing, with our uncertainty.
      There’s plenty of reality that we don’t have a way of knowing for sure.

  21. What a Pandora’s box! One thing I hope is that our movement for food and medical freedom and against the fraud of virology and other harmful aspects of “modern medicine,” can accommodate people of many different and even conflicting beliefs on other issues. That has been the secret of success for other movements, and we should do no less.

    Personally I come down squarely on the side of the heliocentric, rotating and revolving spheroids, model of out solar system. but I have “met” many whose perspectives I appreciate, with whom I agree and admire fir their clarity and enthusiasm in taking on the medical fraud, but with whom I disagree on the subject of “flat earth.” I have yet to see conclusive evidence that our home planet is in fact a sort of giant sno-globe that’s completely stationary.

    In particular, I haven’t seen any flat earth model that even attempts to show how the sun and moon travel around the firmament dome in a way that demonstrates all the movements and changes we see in those bodies from day to day, month to month and season to season. The typical model of spheres in motion demonstrates all those motions and visible changes very well.

    Whenever I’ve asked for recommendations of resources that scientifically show a flat basis for earth (It certainly isn’t FLAT-flat, with all the hills and valleys, mountains and plains that we all can easily see and experience), What I get are variations on:
    a. “I went up very very high and didn’t see a curve.”
    b. claims about flight paths that are not the shortest distance between two points (as if that’s the only consideration in planning flights).
    c. “if the earth were a ball of x circumference, then yz would be behind the curve, and invisible from qrs point,” ignoring that what’s visible is light going through an atmosphere that is of greatly variable density and temperature, with varying amounts of matter suspended in it, and that those variables have an impact on what’s visible at any one time and place.
    d. “Government documents have lines like ‘considering a flat, non-rotating earth’,” ignoring that those documents are for limited use in doing calculations, and those calculations are not valid for long distances or long duration operations.
    e. “I have photographic proof right here,” ignoring the fact that an image of any type can’t really prove anything. An image, no matter how it’s made, can be manipulated by the creator of it, or by anyone else who has access to the right computer software. And, even if you can prove that a photo has been staged or altered, that is not proof that the object or event it portrays doesn’t exist or didn’t happen. Just ask any wedding photographer, or the guy who took that famous photo of the US Marines raising the flag on Iwo Jima.

    So, anyway, I agree with many of Sally’s points, and I do hope that people of all earthly (and heavenly) beliefs or non-beliefs can continue to work together to expose the harms done by the version of “health practices” that are approved and pushed by the authorities of many stripes.

    1. Hi Ruby,

      Thanks for your input and I’m glad that you use the terminology that what you as well as many others have in the “globe” theory is indeed a “belief”, a faith… There’s a way to overcome that by testing our indoctrination.

      All of the mainstream logical fallacies that you mention which support that belief can be tested and if one is serious about wanting to KNOW truth then I tell you that the answers and ability for anyone to validate them for themselves is contained right here within these comments (as long as they are not removed/censored) – but it will require some personal effort in learning some Math and Physics which we were intentionally never taught – some of that math is right here – the links will lead you to the content that covers the required physics.

      If approached thoughtfully and with intellectual honesty then the paradigm shift will take place at some point and rather than only seeing the old hag in the drawing, the young maiden will appear.

      It’s really quite insidious what these rulers of evil have done to us within every important area of our existence and humanity – the only way to take it back is diligently seeking truth for ourselves – there’s really no other way because the new maxim is, that the more difficult it is for the common person with limited resources to validate their claims – then the probability increases that their claims are an intended deception designed for their own nefarious purposes.

      The self proclaimed authorities who gaslighted us about “germ/virus” theory and “vaccines” are the very same authorities who gaslighted us about the false cosmology and many many other important aspects of our lives — they placed us in the matrix of their own design in order to control and rob us.

      Feel free to contact me with whatever cosmology questions that you may have:

      Don’t forget that we all once believed the same indoctrination – for me it was over 5 decades of life before I begrudgingly looked into it to prove to my cousin that we lived on a spinning ball in endless space. That was 8 years ago – I can’t tell you what earth is in it’s full glory but I assure you that it is demonstrably not “spinning”, not a spheroid/globe”, and not in some vast mythical vacuum of the what they call “space”.

      I recommend the same, don’t try to prove the “flat” earth wrong, rather, try to prove the official indoctrination as true – then you’ll clearly see.

      It’s a little scary when the reality it hits you – but it’s the truth; cling to it; and once this particular deception is cleared from your imagination you will then be able to readily and more easily see all the other deceptions with ease.

      This world is not what you think it is.

      Sincerely and Respectfully,

      William (AgentOfChange)

      1. Hi William,

        I’m afraid you misunderstood what I was saying. I am not characterizing my understanding of the earth (one of a number of rotating bodies revolving around our sun, with rotating bodies–moons– revolving around those planets) as “belief” or “faith.” It is an understanding based on what I can observe with my own senses, and on what others have clearly demonstrated or not. I appreciate that you’re very convinced of your understanding of those things, and that you’re much more educated in mathematics than I am.

        I don’t find that rejecting everything that comes from a certain source is any more factual or helpful than accepting everything that comes from a certain source. I always look for additional sources of any information before I accept it as probably true. I’m still looking for a straight-forward non-sarcastic, no fancy editing tricks explanation for how various things I directly experience can happen the way I experience them, if indeed we’re living within a giant, unmoving, flat-bottomed sno-globe rather than a moving spherical planet. Some of those things are: sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset (none of which appear to be lights starting tiny and getting bigger to a maximum, then getting smaller and smaller until they disappear); the phases of the moon and the variation of the seasons; the tides and prevailing winds (are we supposed to believe that those things are caused by gods with puffy cheeks who set up a system that varies by latitude?)

        I appreciate your attempted assurance that the earth “is demonstrably not ‘spinning’, not a ‘spheroid/globe’, and not in some vast mythical vacuum of the what they call ‘space’.” However, what I have seen of those demonstrable characteristics you refer to have been anything but convincing, while I have seen many demonstrations of how the things I experience with my own senses can happen in a system of rotating, revolving spheroids as I describe above.


        1. All you really KNOW Ruby, is that you see lights moving in the sky. That’s all, you don’t know how far they are, how big they are, what causes them to move or what shape they are or even what purpose they have.

          You need three 90 degree out of phase observation points to ever determine any three dimensional shape of an object.

          You just see lights – that’s all, and to infer that those lights imply that earth is “spheroid” is ridiculous – they’re just lights.

          Short video backing up the concept that you can’t KNOW what you are seeing from one vantage point:

          It always baffles me when we talk about the shape of the SURFACE of earth – rather than figuring out how to measure the curvature claims to see if they are true – people somehow think the answer to flat or curved is somewhere in the sky – LOL No logic there at all – it’s more like a kneejerk DEFLECTION resulting from ones Cognitive Dissonance.

          We observe and measure seeing objects ON THE EARTH vastly farther than we ever should IF the claimed earth shape parameters were true. We see things that are not at all commensurate with the claims – not even close – the answer to earth being a level plane rather than a spherical globe is not up in the stars – it’s right down here on earth – MEASURE IT and see if the official claim is true – once determined that it is not true as we have, then maybe we’ll take on what’s possibly up there.

          It’s like trying to determine the shape and attributes of the inside of a box (length, height, Width…) – by focusing on the contents of the box which can’t possibly provide that answer and is a fools errand to do so.
          Dump the box contents out, get a measuring tool and measure THE BOX.

          1. Thanks again, William, for your tenacious replies. We’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one. Like I’ve said before, if you find a flat-earth model that fairly accurately portrays those phenomena that I see in the sky, then flag it as such and I’ll be glad to watch/read it. Other than that, I’ll assume that it’s just more of what I’ve already seen/read that I haven’t found convincing.


          2. The problem is Ruby that neither you nor anyone else KNOWS what they are looking at in the sky – case in point: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zc9LqzHp1Cs

            But back to the main point which is the ONLY point that determines “globe” or flat – the sky/dome/firmament, the wandering stars being called “planets”, what and where the stars are, etc etc. have NOTHING to do with whether there is CURVATURE or not – yes there are many things to discover there which has also been hidden from us – like the fact that the moon light is demonstrably NOT being reflected from the sunlight and in fact the moons light is a cooling light as opposed to the suns light which increases temperature… Nice to know but does not prove flat or globe earth – it only reveals to us that the same people who have lied about so many things are the same people who intentionally never taught us about all the characteristics of the moon and are the same people who are the source of what most people wrongly believe about the earth being a “spheroid/globe”.

            The point is can we measure CURVATURE that is commensurate with the CLAIMED official Radius of earth? – and the answer is demonstrably NO! There is no measurable curvature of earth which validates the claimed Radius/circumference of the claimed “globe/spheroid” earth – their numbers are off by literally MAGNITUDES.

            No measurable curvature anywhere on earth means that whatever earth is, it can’t be a spheroid/globe with a circumference of 24,901 miles as claimed… That’s just a fact – and anyone who goes out and attempts to measure the curvature of earth will quickly find this FACT out –

            Just do it YOURSELF – don’t take my word for it, don’t take Ruby’s word for it, don’t take the word of the thousands of us online who’ve been testing the globe claims for many years — You’ll see for yourself when you test for yourself – you can’t unsee FLAT where there should be copious curvature hiding the objects being seen even at hundreds of miles away.

            If you want repeatable examples and methodology to give you an idea of how we tested the globe then you’ll find it here: https://testingtheglobe.com/

            And in the many links which I’ve left here in other comments under the name, William (AgentOfChange)

            Test for yourself whether there is curvature or not – then NOBODY will ever be able to rob you of the truth – and all their laughing, name calling, calling you “Conspiracy Theorist”, mocking, double-speak, non sequitur, Logical Fallacy arguments will fall flat.

            William (AgentOfChange)

    2. So sorry, Ruby, but I do agree with William’s posts. To add my own comments to you, that you and many others would not be aware of, that in psychology and the art and science of illusionism, THEY can actually program and manipulate our minds to see and treat as “evidence” that which they WANT us to see.

      Much of the things in life are simply an illusion the PTB have created for us so we see what they WANT us to see and we think it’s our own independent thoughts and critical thinking skills we use when it’s actually these brilliant illusionists programing into our subconscious what THEY want us to see.

      Dave Weiss from “Flat earth Dave”, often shows optical illusions to his audience to prove these points. We see what we are programed to see and we can reject our own God given common sense and logic in place of what the powers that be want us to see which is what Dave Weiss often says.

      I would like to think that you will one day be brutally honest with yourself and REALLY look into it without the preconceived attitude that you already “know” flat earth is nonsense and actually give it a fair go, but as William has stated, some will just never end up seeing the actuall truth, for many reasons.

      Mine was arrogance. I didn’t want to believe that a small group of people had the power to cause me to believe something(s) that were actually lies.

      I had to put away my pride and realised I was wrong in assuming flat earth was complete nonsense. Most genuine flat earthers have been there done that.

      None of us were raised to believe in FE. It’s not something professional pilots, military personnel, airline pilots etc are going to openly say, just for the heck of it to lose their good paying jobs.

      Same deal with the “no virus” team, they don’t reject virology and lose their medical license because it was fun to lose their job and standing…..They SPOKE UP because they believed in truth and couldn’t lie to themselves. No different to the heliocentric lie.

      1. Hi Steve,
        No need to be sorry. Of course you agree with William’s posts: you both have the same (or at least very similar) concept of where you are in the universe. I have a very different concept, that I come to after having looked at a number of different interpretations, including yours, of what I see and experience. I have no problem with others coming to different conclusions than i have, just as I have no problem with others’ various concepts of god(s), spirit(s), and many other things that can’t be proved.

        I can only tell you why I’ve come to the understanding and the concept that I have, and I’m intrigued and curious about how others have come to a different understanding. Like I’ve said before, if and when someone can explain how those natural phenomena that I observe can work on a flat, stationary plane with a dome over it, that may turn my understanding on its head. But since that hasn’t happened yet, I’ll just continue to be curious.

        1. Thanks for your reply, Ruby,

          I actually come from the “creation versus evolution” debating era about 30 years ago? and started debating online when we had the first online chat program available (can’t think of what it was called), before it turned into google and Yahoo Groups.

          I was raised not to believe in anything in particular but it happened to be when I was in high school that my new friend kept telling me the christian gospel, which I rejected for years.

          He finally told me he had a relative who was a former atheist, turned “born again” christian who loved science and went to Uni to study a number of topics in science and also to prove his creationist father that he was wrong and evolution is a fact.

          At the time of knowing him about 35 years ago?, he had 2 PhD’s, 3 masters degrees(2 with honors) and 2 diplomas in different sciences so for those who like to use the “appeal to authority” argument, he was well educated.

          After a number of years it dawned on him that evolution was not all that the general consensus on the topic claimed to be. He told me all the logical fallacies associated with evolution theory and the impossibility of the big bang theory and the other models seemingly long forgotten now.

          I am now well versed in evolution and big bang theory, and only recently in 2017 did I grudgingly look into flat earth after another christian pleaded with me to not dismiss it but to give it a chance, so I agreed, so I could get her off my back. Few weeks later I had no choice but to accept it as the evidence was overwhelming to me.

          Why I bring up evolution and big bang for is because those are where we get the *false* narrative of a “universe* and from the big bang, we get taught the idea that a rock called “earth” was formed out of the “big bang”.

          i’m more lenient towards atheists who reject the Flat Earth model mainly because they have no frame of reference to go by. It’s more the christians I target because their own bible they follow, CLEARLY speaks about a flat non rotating earth, and yes, I’ve been to “bible college” (2) and have learned a bit of Greek and Hebrew, so I come down on christians more than atheists cos In my mind, christians should know better.

          And lastly, anti-flat earther need to always remember that no FEer decided to just suddenly just “believe” in FE out of the blue……most of us were challenged by someone and most of us had the same response, e.g………..”what a load of nonsense, they have proven the earth spins and the earth is not flat and THAT is a FACT”….SO……..many of us have already been “there” and said “that”

          And as Austin and Dave often say, but I can’t remember the particular saying………..Just because we can falsify something, does NOT mean we have to come up with a better answer, so basically falsifying a claim does not mean we have to present a different possibility.

          Anyway, thanks for explaining your position.

  22. William: you seem inordinately concered that everyone – EVERYONE – believe you. It is a zealousness that smacks of religous fervor, of the same intensity as the PTB you allege to crusade against. It distances me from your efforts. I appreciate that you maintain a relatively polite approach, but the amplitude behind it makes it appear you are either 1) a mole, or 2) a super Type-A, reallyreallywannabe “YouTube influencer.” No offense intended, simply sharing my own observation. It has caused me to stop reading your posts.

    1. No offense taken Frank – in fact I’m quite happy to see people hashing out the truth from the muck of deception.
      I fully understand Cognitive Dissonance and know that depending on the individual it can take on many faces. Not at all my responsibility that you feel the way you do. You’ll eventually get over it.
      You say, “It distances me from your efforts.” – that’s okay too – it’s just not your time.

      When I was still in the military back in the 80’s, someone attempted to tell me about the moon landing hoax – my Cognitive Dissonance reaction was far from mild and I wouldn’t have any of it – it wasn’t my time.

      Maybe move on to another topic, read a different one of Sally’s articles. Forget that the topic even exists.

      If you look at my odysee channel : https://odysee.com/@AgentOfChange:e?view=content
      you’ll see that during the “covid” fakedemic scam I switched gears for a couple years and focused on figuring out weather viruses were real or not (I was a little triggered when someone said viruses didn’t exist…) – the first book that I bought on it was one of Sally and Tom Cowan’s books, The Contagion Myth, and have been absorbing a multitude of other books on the subject ever since – and now I KNOW that nobody has ever proven that germ/virus theory true, but can be proven false and can stand toe to toe in debate with any “doctor” on the subject, and have — but it took focused time to get there and I had to suppress every urge to seek Confirmation Bias.

      And you should definitely stop reading my posts and definitely do not watch the included video links if you’re having trouble being emotionally triggered to the point that you can’t intellectually and honestly apply logic and reason to new information – the true cosmology earth will still be here when you’re ready. No offense intended, simply sharing my own observations as well.

    2. Frank, your arguments against William above and suggesting that it appears he is a…

      1………..or a

      …..the same could be said for the exact same arguments against “virus deniers”, as Tom Cowan and Andy Kaufman have been accused many times of being an “agent” or “controlled opposition” etc, etc and many don’t listen to them for the same reason you now won’t listen to William.

      Quite hypocritical, really!……….

  23. It’s a shame this is the blog post that generates the most comments. THANK YOU Sally, for the work you do on nutrition, especially for our children. Keep up the good work – From the UK

    1. the “flat earth versus globe earth” has been around for just as long as the “virus/no virus” debate has been going on for, it’s just when they announced “covid”, that the majority of people started waking up to both of these topics of debate.

      Former Virologist, Dr Stefan Lanka who proved measles was not a virus, has been around a long time as has the stance on flat earth.

      It’s only since the fraudulent “covid” arrived that the media has played a massive part in propagandizing and weaponising both topics.

      Like the creation versus evolution debate, has been around long before darwin, so has heliocentric versus geocentric model and germ theory, or Bechamp versus Pasteur. They have always held most views and comments when brought up.

  24. I’d like to also make one more very important point to be considered:
    (Math Included)

    Concerning the first image that Sally has above, the “Chicago skyline at a distance of 56 miles, from across Lake Michigan”:

    Let’s put aside for a second what my (William) comment using official “globe” numbers which definitively show that we shouldn’t see ANY of the buildings on the horizon from 56 miles away – their numbers, not ours…

    If you look at what most would call the “horizon” in that photo, everyone can clearly see that it appears just before the skyline, and appears closer to the skyline than it does to the observer. For the purpose of demonstrating that the official “globe” numbers for the claimed radius of earth being 3959 miles MUST be wrong – and not by a little but exceedingly off by magnitudes of difference – and rather than saying that the horizon appears at about 45 plus miles from the observer as it clearly does – we’ll be generous and only half the distance and say that the horizon is only at 28 miles from the observer.

    Let’s do the math to derive the radius of earth with this observation of the horizon:

    Viewing Height = 15 feet
    Distance to Horizon = 28 miles

    Radius (mi) = [((Distance to Horizon (mi))² – (Viewing Height (ft) / 5280)²) x 5280] / (2 x Viewing Height (ft))

    Radius = ((28)² – (15 / 5280)²) x 5280) / (2 x 15))

    Radius = (784 – 0.00000807076446282) x 5280) / 30)

    Radius = ((4562879.95303) / 30)

    Radius(mi) = 152,099 miles – [Compare to the official claim of 3959 miles.]

    This would make the Circumference of alleged Spheroid Earth:
    Circumference(C) = Pi x Diameter

    Diameter(D) = 2R
    D = 304,198

    C = 3.14 x 304,198

    Circumference = 955,181.72 miles

    Compare that to the claimed earth Circumference of 24,901 miles:

    That would be a 38 times larger spheroid than what we are told.

    Then someone may say, “well, there’s the answer then, earth is just larger than they say, but it’s still a spheroid…”

    I’ve actually heard this argument a few times – so what’s wrong with it?

    Well besides the glaring point that the alleged authoritative “scientists” claimed diameter of 24,901 miles are off by a factor of 38 times (what’s that say about them?) – there’s the even larger problem of the currently accepted calculations for gravity which uses the MASS of an earth which is calculated on a 38 times smaller than reality, to come up with the current value.

    So if they were to now calculate the gravity of earth based on the MASS of the reality which we observe; then “gravity” would be so utterly strong on an earth that size that no life whatsoever would be possible – all life would be liquefied under the so-called “gravity” of it’s own weight.

    Believe me, with all the “scientific” GRANT MONEY in play, all the papers and books written by thousands of PHD’s for over 150 years, all of the utter blowback on Universities for teaching massive error and making billions doing it… Fessing-up means the end of their credibility and more importantly to them, the end of their easy-street CASH COW, and you can only imagine the class action court cases that would ensue — “they” can’t allow this one to hit critical mass…

    Think about it – it’s the same boat as fessing-up about the FACT there are no such things as a “contagious virus’ ”

    I mean seriously, I wonder how many BILLION$ of grant monies would instantly dry up in the pseudo “scientific” world if they ever acknowledge these truths. That alone would crash the science/medical world for generations to come.

    So there’s THAT.

    Here’s a video that illustrates this using another location:
    A Globe Diameter of 3 Million Miles or the Earth is Flat?

    William (AgentOfChange)

    1. I just want to thank Steve for confirming something that I’ve noticed: that FEeers often, if not usually, base their concept on religious scripture, and in my experience, on Judeo-Christian scriptures (That may be different in other parts of the world). It explains the missionary zeal with which they deliver their ideas and explanations, and the lengths some of them will go to in order to prove the refutation of the idea that the earth is a rotating, revolving spheroid.

      And thank you, William for demonstrating via trigonometry (and I’ll assume that it’s accurate; it’s been 60 years or more since I really understood those calculations) to definitively show that the earth we live on is not a regular geometric solid sphere, and that a geometric straight line could never intersect with the things our eyes can observe, if we were standing on the outer surface of that regular geometric solid sphere.

      Problem is, there are many other religious scriptures, and many other interpretations of Judeo-Christian scriptures, that encompass other understandings of the workings of the cosmos. And, we know from direct experience that the earth is NOT a regular geometric solid sphere, but a very irregular surface of solid and liquid, covered with a gaseous layer. And we also know that our sense of sight interprets light rays, and that a ray of light often does not follow a regular geometric straight line. We know that light can be diffracted and refracted as it passes through fluids like liquids and gasses, and that there are indications that it can also be bent by great masses, as our planet certainly is, whether it’s spherically curved or is a more or less flat base.


  25. Qantas Airline has regular direct flights from Johannesburg to Sidney, it takes less than 12 hours. If flat earth map was real, distance and time would be more than double. Moreover, thousands of travels across the southern hemisphere oceans are well documented in the last three centuries, many of them with great detail. The flat earth map is absolutely nonsense.

  26. How the Mean Radius of Earth was Extrapolated from the Limitations of the Human Eye to Invent the “Globe”.

    This is basic demonstrable scientific information that we all SHOULD have been taught, but weren’t – why? Because this is how they created the ILLUSION in our minds…

    Yes, this is technical and requires diligent thought – you either believe in highly improbable coincidence, or you accept that this is precisely what they did to fool us.

    The Angular Resolution limit of the human eye is about 1 arc minute or approximately between 0.02deg and 0.03deg. Optical information loss occurs when the angular size of an object is smaller than this angle. This angle, at 0.0217062deg, and an assumed light wavelength of 666nm was used to derive the radius of earth. The occultists who gaslighted us love 6’s and 9’s in their occult numerology** – we had to think like them to figure out what they did – and here it is:

    The horizon gain for a 6ft observer across 0.0217062deg was inverted as height/information loss across the same angle, and the two angles were used to construct a spheroid/globe with a tilt angle of 0.0434124deg. This angle represents the 6’ drop from a 6’ observer across the average horizon distance of 2.999547 miles, and it was extrapolated near/far to derive the radius of a sphere. See video linked below, (Angular Resolution and Our World), for a more detailed explanation with visuals.

    Basically what this is saying is; if you are a 6 foot tall person standing on the shoreline looking out to sea; the horizon would appear at 2.999547 miles in the center of your vision. This is true regardless of Flat or Spheroid earth.

    The question is:
    Is the loss of information (bottom clipping), that we observe at the horizon – is it an optical phenomenon caused by the limitations of our eyes and devices used to view through, OR, is it a physical phenomenon caused by the claimed curvature of earth?

    The Answer:

    By using this known limitation information, “they” were able to construct a seemingly realistic “globe” earth model which would appear as such to the untrained observer – knowing at the time, which we assume to be somewhere in the 1800’s, that most did not have availability or affordability of having high resolution optical devices like telescopes to zoom back in what they told us went over the curvature… Those high resolution optical devices were mainly used by the Military, Astronomer science’s or the wealthy and was not a common easy to obtain item as it is today.

    So when someone in the 5 to 6 feet tall range stood on the shoreline, what they observed as ships sailed away was that ships appeared to disappear from the bottom up – not realizing that the actual cause is because they had the average human Angular Resolution eye sight – but assumed that it was caused by the “curvature” of a spheroid earth simply because someone in a position of authority said so – which is a Logical Fallacy called, Appeal to Authority Fallacy; in other words, we believed it on pure FAITH.

    We seem to have fallen for this many times over in various other sciences too – including medical science where most people sadly believe they get sick from tiny invisible particles called “viruses” and that big pharma “vaccines” are the solution – yet another delusion from the pit of hell and the rulers of evil. But I digress…

    We are going to correct the “globe” fallacy right here and reveal how “they” were able to gaslight everyone over time to ignore their own senses and good reason to believe that they lived on a spinning spheroid/globe. There should be an, “ah HA!” moment in here for most of you.

    Let’s see how they Gaslighted everyone:

    The angular resolution or spatial resolution of an optical system can be estimated by Rayleigh’s Criterion.
    When two point sources are resolved from each other, they are separated by at least the radius of the airy disk. When Theta = 1.22 * (W/d) rad ,
    where Theta is the angular resolution, W is the wavelength of light and d is the diameter of the eye.

    Airy Disk defined: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airy_disk

    The Reality:

    The distance to horizon viewed by 6 foot tall person(P1) would be at 2.999547 miles – meaning that if another 6 foot tall person(P2) was 2.999547 miles in the distance, the top of P2’s head would appear to be just barely hidden behind the horizon from the viewpoint of P1. The reality is that there is no curvature hiding P2; it’s only that at 2.999547, miles that P1’s Angular Resolution limit has been reached concerning an object the size of another 6 foot tall person. (as shown in the figure above)

    How “they” did it:

    The Formula:
    R(radius of earth) = d/(tan(2Theta))

    The Given:

    The “globe earth’s” officially stated radius is 6371km or 3958.8miles.
    And the following is how they derived it:

    Using a realistic human eye Angular Resolution limit of: 0.0217062

    Thus making:
    2Theta = (0.0217062 x 2) = 0.0434124
    d = Distance to Horizon = 2.999547 miles

    The Math:

    R = 2.999547/(tan(0.0434124))
    R = 3958.8078674061 miles

    Compare to the officially published mean radius of earth: 3958.8 miles.

    A coincidence you say? Think again. What I just explained here; specifically how they used our own human limitations to intentionally deceive us – is called Sorcery or Witchcraft – The using of “spells”, aka the manipulation of words, and/or concepts outside of their proper, truthful and intended usage in order to create a deceptive illusion for the purpose of the control of the masses by hoarding real knowledge, which is called, “Gnosticism” – and personally, I believe “they” do it to hide the obvious creation of God from us, and even God Himself, and then provide us with nonsensical ideas like Billions of years, Big Bang chaos magical spinning water-rock cosmology and Darwinian Evolution in truth’s place.

    So “they” did all that – and then taught that earth was a ball with a 3959 mile radius and also taught that when you see something disappear in the distance from the bottom up, that it’s because of the curvature of earth – rather than teach us the Physics of Optics which states that what we observe at distances is mainly determined by our human Optical Limitations of Angular Resolution, the Refraction and Lensing from the density and temperature of the fluid of the air being viewed through; and the mostly untaught phenomena of how Perspective works on our vision – which you can find explained in great detail on LifeIs Short’s channel(link below).

    There is no doubt that this is precisely what the Rulers of Evil used to derive their imaginary radius of imaginary “globe” earth from.

    This science was intentionally not taught to most of us – and for good reason; many of us would have figured out we don’t live on a spheroidish/globe as far back as High School. Had we known all of this, especially nerds like my cousin and myself who would intentionally miss the bus and instead of going home from school we would holdup the Physics teacher and pick his mind about how everything in the world works. I know, right! Nerds…

    The bottom line is, that IF you assume a spheroid earth, then the perceived curvature is actually only your own eyes which are being aided by a false mental paradigm.

    Special Thanks to LifeIs Short youtube channel (@lifeisshort4456):
    Angular Resolution and Our World

    His University Level lecture style presentations on the Physics of Optics called “A Concept For Vision” are second to none and I highly recommend taking the time to study them. Once you know what you are really looking at and why – they can’t fool you anymore.

    Also, another excellent and very helpful video:
    Ultimate Guide To Refraction, Sunsets, Claimed Curvature & More

    Notice that each of the main numbers, Angular Resolution, Distance to Horizon, and Radius, all reduce to their favorite occult number, 9 – just remember that this is how they operate and what they believe, it’s their religion – and when you’re watching their Predictive Programming entrainment(entertainment) shows and movies, you’ll begin to see their numerology hidden in plain sight (along with the globes supporting role in nearly every movie) – 6’s(which they consider inverted nines…), 9’s, 11’s, 33’s, 23, 13, 216, 55, 46, 47… They literally believe that it makes their manipulative “magic” work – they put it all in their own occult writings; no need to make this up.

    Any questions: agentsofchange@protonmail.com

  27. I like and agree with most of your post. What you are describing when you say you sense a rat is called a Psyop (short for psychological operation).

    That said, not everything you said is correct. It’s actually NOT true that medieval people believed the earth was flat (or at least the majority). That’s actually a misconception that WE believe that medieval people believed that the earth was flat, when contemporary evidence from the time period shows that much like today, only a small minority believed that the earth was flat. And it’s only a small minority that believe that now. In fact, the Catholic church back then was embarrassed with the few people who believed the earth was flat.

    Watch these videos debunking this concept and going into where this misconception came from:

    Shadiversity’s Medieval people were NOT FLAT EARTHERS or all died before 30


    Metatron’s Medieval people were NOT FLAT EARTHERS or all died before 30 | Medieval Misconceptions REPLY


    Needless to say, many modern people think that ancient peoples or medieval peoples were dumb and superstitious, and that we are the smart ones, but in actuality, they were much smarter than we give them credit for.

    Also one thing on the moon landing and technology, about us not having the technology to do so, there have been many whistle blowers talking about Secret Space Programs, stating that we have the technology to go to other star systems. This is where you get into the whole field of suppressed technologies that the elites don’t want the common person to have. Needless to say, a lot of Nikola Tesla’s stuff (documents, work) was confiscated after his death. Also look into Operation Paper Clip. We recruited a lot of German scientists after World War 2 that should have been put to death for the atrocities they committed. This all plays a part in what you’ve been discussing about what is going on.

    Watch the documentary Above Majestic. And that’s only one thing out of many that you can watch to know more about the sphere of suppressed technologies and how it relates to what’s going on.

    Other than this, I want to say that I have great respect for your work. Thank you for what you do!

  28. How did we ever get here for you to have to even write an article about it is absurd. The earth is round.

  29. Flat earth is Judaic horse shit, just like mutilating infant genitals. More idiocy from jew rabbis that the ancient greeks ready corrected. Just scum shitting in the punch bowl

  30. so, in point #2 you linked to a “view of the earth’s curvature from a high-altitude weather balloon” but did you not notice that the cord or cables shown there are also curved? that makes me think it’s a fish eye lens… someone may have already pointed this out, but there’s way too many comments for me to check. just look at it again, and think about it. that image doesn’t really make sense.

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