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I am looking forward to this opportunity to write about my favorite subject: healthy food! I’ll be doing lots of updates on the science of nutrition, traditional diets, raw milk, meal planning and interesting recipes. I’ll be discussing the need for healthy animal fats in the diet–for everything from cellular energy, to protection against cancer, to an upbeat, happy mood. My new blog also gives me the opportunity to write about other subjects that interest me, including farming and gardening, children, science, music, language and literature (especially Shakespeare). I am looking forward to this new venture, and especially getting your comments and feedback. Coming soon: a series on genuine Southern cooking and a series on fermented foods from around the world–plus my heretical thoughts on feeding babies. Stay tuned!

Sally Fallon Morell

Coronet Magazine, May 1945

Raw Milk At The Crossroads… Again

Few of us were born when the forces for milk pasteurization launched the first major attack on Nature’s perfect food. In 1945, a magazine called Coronet published an article, “Raw Milk Can Kill You,” blaming raw milk for an outbreak of brucellosis in a town called Crossroads, U.S.A., killing one-third of the inhabitants. The Reader’s Digest picked up the story and ran it a year later.
United Nations logo

I Can Prove That The Earth Is Round

For the past thirty years I’ve been involved in the field of nutrition and health; much of my work has had to do with debunking firmly held beliefs in the field—such as the premise that cholesterol-lowering drugs prevent heart attacks or that consumption of animal fats causes chronic disease.
Glass of milk being poured

Got Raw Milk? UCLA Professor of Medicine says “No thanks!”

During the last few years, bureaucrats and public health officials have been quiet about raw milk; but then Iowa legalized the sale of raw milk in May.
Healthy Seminole peoples

Dr. Weston A. Price and The Eugenics Movement

In 1932, a year after Dr. Weston Price began his studies on healthy, non-industrialized peoples, New York City hosted the Third Eugenics Conference. Eugenics promoted the “directed evolution of man” made possible by a global scientific and medical dictatorship, which proposed to improve the lot of mankind by making “better” people, rather than resolving the conditions that led to poverty and ill health.
Bacon and eggs, a healthy breakfast

The War on Good Breakfasts

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As I have learned through experience, when you start the day with adequate protein and plenty of good fats, your blood sugar remains stable throughout the morning, your brain stays sharp and focused, you won’t doze off and you’re unlikely to think about snacking. Here’s a few of the nutrient-dense breakfasts that keep me going for a good six hours until lunchtime.
Butter from grass-fed cows is high in Vitamin A

Fascinating Research on Vitamin A… from 1925

My colleague Pam Schoenfeld, MS, recently put me onto an eye-opening article on vitamin A. Titled “Tissue Changes Following Deprivation of Fat-Soluble A Vitamin,” by S. Burt Wolbach, MD and Percy R. Howe, MD, the article was published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine in 1925.

The Salt Bombs of Aajonus Vonderplanitz

I’ve been involved in the field of nutrition and alternative remedies since the 1970s, and I keep a collection of crazy statements I’ve heard through the years. These include:


With the Covid vaccination program now in shambles, officials are focusing their fear porn on the measles, as evidenced by a December 27, 2022 front page article appearing in the Washington Post.
HPP - High Pressure Processing


Modern technocrats have found lots of ways to ruin our food—like rapid heating of milk to 160 or even 230 degrees, zapping with microwaves, irradiating with radioactive materials, spray drying at high temperatures, extruding at high temperatures and pressures and embalming with sugar. Now a new technology has come on the scene: ultra-high pressure applied to a variety of foods for humans, pets and babies.
Weird Diets

Weird Diets

I’ve been involved in the field of nutrition and health for many years, and I’ve seen various weird diets come and go. The weirdest ones tend to attract fanatical adherents who carry on with the eating program even when their health declines. Here are a few of the worst.


The Europeans are way ahead of us in the art of making offal taste good, with many varieties of sausage containing liver and other organ meats, blood pudding, pate and terrines. But America does have one folk food that makes it easy to enjoy organ meats: scrapple.
Chocolate Rage

Chocolate Rage

Chocolate is all the rage these days, consumed by the health conscious as well as junk food junkies, because everybody “knows” that chocolate is good for you. In fact, fantastic claims for chocolate’s medicinal powers have accompanied its spread—from an exclusive beverage for the Aztec elite to sugary snack for the masses—right up to the present day.
US Coffee Facts

What’s Wrong With Coffee?

Many years ago, I visited a holistic doctor seeking help for my allergies, mysterious skin rashes and fatigue. I filled out a dietary questionnaire which he read carefully. Then he looked me straight in the eyes and pronounced: “I cannot help you unless you give up coffee.”
Edvard Munch: The Sick Child. Oil on canvas, 1925

Solving the Mystery of TB: The Iron Factor

Physicians and researchers have debated the cause of tuberculosis (TB) for centuries. In Book 1, Of the Epidemics (410-400 BCE) Hippocrates describes the cause of TB as a “weakness of the lung,” a view shared by the dentist Weston A. Price.
The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The Real Anthony Fauci

The remedy for epidemics, according to the physician Rudolf Virchow--considered the father of modern pathology--is prosperity, education and liberty. The “remedy” for the current epidemic of Covid-19, imposed by governments throughout the world, is policies that create poverty, ignorance and submission.

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