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Welcome to my Nourishing Traditions © blog!

I am looking forward to this opportunity to write about my favorite subject: healthy food! I’ll be doing lots of updates on the science of nutrition, traditional diets, raw milk, meal planning and interesting recipes. I’ll be discussing the need for healthy animal fats in the diet–for everything from cellular energy, to protection against cancer, to an upbeat, happy mood. My new blog also gives me the opportunity to write about other subjects that interest me, including farming and gardening, children, science, music, language and literature (especially Shakespeare). I am looking forward to this new venture, and especially getting your comments and feedback. Coming soon: a series on genuine Southern cooking and a series on fermented foods from around the world–plus my heretical thoughts on feeding babies. Stay tuned!

Sally Fallon Morell

Chocolate Rage

Chocolate Rage

Chocolate is all the rage these days, consumed by the health conscious as well as junk food junkies, because everybody “knows” that chocolate is good for you. In fact, fantastic claims for chocolate’s medicinal powers have accompanied its spread—from an exclusive beverage for the Aztec elite to sugary snack for the masses—right up to the present day.
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US Coffee Facts

What’s Wrong With Coffee?

Many years ago, I visited a holistic doctor seeking help for my allergies, mysterious skin rashes and fatigue. I filled out a dietary questionnaire which he read carefully. Then he looked me straight in the eyes and pronounced: “I cannot help you unless you give up coffee.”
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Edvard Munch: The Sick Child. Oil on canvas, 1925

Solving the Mystery of TB: The Iron Factor

Physicians and researchers have debated the cause of tuberculosis (TB) for centuries. In Book 1, Of the Epidemics (410-400 BCE) Hippocrates describes the cause of TB as a “weakness of the lung,” a view shared by the dentist Weston A. Price.
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The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The Real Anthony Fauci

The remedy for epidemics, according to the physician Rudolf Virchow--considered the father of modern pathology--is prosperity, education and liberty. The “remedy” for the current epidemic of Covid-19, imposed by governments throughout the world, is policies that create poverty, ignorance and submission.
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Foods That Make You Fat

We know that excess carbs like sugar and white flour can make us gain weight, but there are other culprits lurking in the food supply.
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EMF Neighborhood

A Different Kind Of Building Biologist, Part IV

Our friendly building biologist, Greg Garrard of Shielded Healing, was here recently doing a checkup on our house, and we had an interesting discussion about magnetic fields. These days, people are focused on high-frequency radiation from wireless Internet technology, but strong magnetic fields are also a problem and are actually harder to shield.
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Remedies for Insomnia

In my last blog, I mentioned the movie Medicating Normal, in which a woman given sleeping pills becomes terribly addicted; yet, we have easy and nonaddictive ways to combat insomnia. There are four that come readily to mind; they are inexpensive and can be practiced at home or while traveling (often when we most have trouble getting to sleep).
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Dr. Weston A. Price

Dr. Price’s Remedy

Many people have dipped into Dr. Weston Price’s book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration without actually making it to Chapter 22, “A New Vitamin-Like Activator.” There he summarizes his findings about “activator X,” a fat-soluble vitamin he discovered in butter (especially butter from cows eating rapidly growing green grass), fish eggs and the organs and fats of animals.
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Telluric Currents

A Different Kind Of Building Biologist, Part III

As I mentioned in Part I of this series, one way the Shielded Healing folks differ from other building biologists is the attention they give to what are called telluric or geopathic currents and magnetic fields from the earth.
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Building Biologist, part II

Building Biologist, Part II

In this post, we’ll talk about reducing non-native electric currents and magnetic fields in the house and office.
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A Different Kind Of Building Biologist, Part I

A Different Kind Of Building Biologist, Part I

This week we had a consultation with Greg Garrard of Shielded Healing for an assessment of non-native Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) in our house—and a most interesting day it was!
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Purchase directly from a farmer you know

Why You Should Purchase Meat, Eggs, and Dairy Products Directly From A Farmer You Know

Last year the Weston A. Price Foundation launched its 50% Campaign, urging consumers to purchase at least 50 percent of their food directly from farmers and artisan processors. This helps build a local food system, creates food security and ensures prosperity for our farmers. But there are many other reasons to avoid industrial meat and obtain the animal products you need directly from a farmer you know.
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Myxomatosis in Wild Rabbits


In response to my blog “Is Coronavirus Contagious?” and the book The Contagion Myth, in which my co-author, Tom Cowan, and I have explained that so-called “viruses” are actually helpful exosomes, which do not cause disease, but which the body makes in response to toxins, starvation and injury—in response to these surprising claims, I received a chiding email.
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The Contagion Myth - a Fairy Tale??

The Contagion Fairy Tale
by Thomas Cowan, MD and Sally Fallon Morell

Our book, The Contagion Myth, is now available (banned on Amazon but sold on other outlets) and has already generated dozens of comments, many of them challenging our contention that the corona “virus” does not exist and that the illness attributed to this virus is not contagious—one referred to our book as a fairy tale!
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Soy and Soy Derivatives to Avoid

State of Illinois Is Poisoning and Starving Prisoners

As many of you know, the problem of toxic soy ingredients in prison diets has concerned the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) for many years. It began in 2003 in the Illinois prisons when Blagojevich became governor. He repaid his political debts to Archer Daniel Midlands (ADM) by eliminating meat from the prison diet and replacing it with soy—soy nuggets, soy patties, soy sausage and even soy flour in the baked goods. Since an Internet search for “soy dangers” immediately brings up the Weston A. Price Foundation, we soon began receiving desperate pleas for help from Illinois prisoners.
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