Building Biologist, Part II

In this post, we’ll talk about reducing non-native electric currents and magnetic fields in the house and office.

Building Biologist, part II

As you may remember from your high school physics class😊, when electricity runs through a wire, it produces a magnetic field perpendicular to the wire.  Here’s a short video that explains how this works.

Before industrialization, we lived in an environment with only a weak geomagnetic field (0.25 to 0.65 gauss) and very weak radio signals from the cosmos of about one hundred billionth of a watt. Moreover, these signals are analog, not pulsating.  Much as we all love living in the electrical age, it has its dangers, namely constant exposure to strong, pulsing electrical currents and magnetic fields—not to mention radio and microwave frequencies, which we discussed in my last post.

As explained in the previous post, too much of this “electro-smog” will block the beneficial influence of these weaker frequencies from earth and cosmos. Furthermore, these more intense and chaotic unnatural exposures induce measurable stress responses in the body that trigger well-documented oxidative stress and an inflammatory response.

If the house we live in is not wired properly, we will suffer from exposure to alternating current running through the wires along with its pulsating magnetic field. In addition, appliances like refrigerators, freezers, regular and microwave ovens, and handheld appliances create strong magnetic fields—this is one reason I prefer a gas rather than an electric range—so I am not standing in the middle of a strong magnetic field while I cook. The transformer that steps down the voltage from your powerlines to the lines coming into your house can generate dirty electricity and a strong magnetic field—ideally it should be located at least thirty feet from your house—more if improperly grounded.

Obviously, you don’t want to live close to high-voltage powerlines! The official word from the power companies is that the high-voltage lines pose no danger to people living underneath them or close by.  But privately, they tell a different story.  The daughter of a friend of mine once rented an apartment near a very large power switching station in Los Angeles.  When the friend mentioned this to some power company executives, they told him that his daughter should move out of the apartment as quickly as she could.

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In addition to electrical exposure running through wires, our bodies also have to contend with dirty electricity, defined as “unusable electromagnetic energy that is created by many electrical devices as they operate. It is caused by interruptions in the flow of normal 60-Hertz AC (alternating current) power traveling through wires and electrical systems in homes and other buildings. These interruptions result in voltage spikes, or surges, as well as frequency variations (also called high frequency voltage transients) that combine to form a complex and potentially harmful electromagnetic field.”

Plug-in filters can mitigate some of the dirty electricity in your house—you may have heard of Stetzer filters; Static Shield also makes plug-in filters, although they are more expensive and take up more space.  Since I already had some Stetzer filters, Greg, our Shielded Healing Pro, plugged them into various sockets and tested the result with a special Stetzer meter.  The meter indicated that the mitigation was better when the filters were plugged into certain sockets and not others—the point being that these plug-in filters require an expert to tell you where to place them.

In addition to eliminating wifi in your house, it’s a good idea to turn off the electricity to your bedroom at night—not just turn off the lights, but shut down any current coming into the wires—basically the equivalent to shutting off the circuit breakers to your bedroom.  Safe Living Technologies makes a device that can turn off up to 4 circuit breakers remotely so you don’t have to traipse to the basement and back every evening and morning. You can also have your electrician set up switches to do this.

But to really give us a “quiet,” electrosmog-free environment, Greg recommended two whole-house filters, installed on the two boxes where our electricity comes into the house.  This is a more expensive option, so we are saving our money. Apparently, once installed, the filters will lower our electricity bills, so they pay for themselves over time.

Greg found three places in the house with very strong magnetic fields.  Two were under our desks, where all the wires are jumbled.  For my desk, this was easy to fix—we just moved the power board further back, away from my feet.  This was impossible to do with my husband’s desk, so he recommended a shielded power cord—like the Stetzer filters, an inexpensive fix.

The most interesting finding was a strong magnetic field from our side-by-side refrigerator and freezer—so strong it reached up to the floor above and my husband’s desk—situated just over the appliances.  There’s no way to mitigate that field so Greg recommended moving the desk to a different wall.

He also recommended moving our bed to get it out of an intersection of telluric currents. . . but that is a subject for my next post.

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Author: Sally Fallon Morell

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    1. Hard to tell what’s truth in this article. Written by a hardline greenie who thinks not allowing gas hookups in new buildings is constitutional.

  1. We have set up our wifi and router to a power board that we shut down at bedtime and in addition we have added this device in the ground next to the house and we can tell its making a difference in our sleep and well being. We have cell towers near by and this was a great concern – this device gives us some protection We installed it in August last summer and our garden responded in a amazing way – the plants were growing well past their normal time into the fall! And they continued to bloom much longer than we have ever seen.

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