Radionics on the Farm: Too Woo-Woo for You?

Farmers have a lot of things to keep them awake at night, and one of the things that made me lose sleep since we started farming in 2011 was chicken predation.

Red Shouldered HawkWe raise our layers using the Joel Salatin method.  They have a moveable “egg mobile” where they stay at night, safe and secure from foxes, but in the day, they are let out to roam inside a net barrier.  When we let the chickens out, you could see the hawks, sitting in the trees, waiting for their breakfast.

Farmers use several species of animals to help protect the chickens—dogs, donkeys and geese.  We chose geese because they eat the same food as chickens, and don’t require the training and care of dogs and donkeys. “Put two African geese in with the chickens,” one Amish farmer told me. “That will be enough to stop the hawks.”

Eggmobile at P.A. Bowen Farmstead in Brandywine, MDThe two geese worked a little, but once the hawks got used to them, they continued their predatory ways.  We were losing one chicken per day—a loss rate that made egg production unsustainable.

The solution came as the result of a chance meeting at a conference that Brian, our farm manager, was attending.  There he met a farmer from the Eastern Shore who swore by radionics as a way to make the farm fertile and prosperous.  He recommended a company called Agrinomics, which practices the utilization of radionics to help farmers.

What is radionics? If you go to Wikipedia, that font of conventional attitudes, you will read that “Radionics (also called electromagnetic therapy (EMT)) is a form of alternative medicine that claims disease can be diagnosed and treated by applying electromagnetic radiation (EMR), such as radio waves, to the body from an electrically powered device. . .  Radionics contradicts the principles of physics and biology and, as such, is widely considered pseudoscientific. The United States Food and Drug Administration does not recognize any legitimate medical uses for radionic devices.”

To say that radionics “contradicts the principles of physics and biology” is outdated science, for sure.  Today modern physics and biology accept the fact every living thing emits subtle fields of information—this is how insects find plants that are distressed, for example–they don’t eat healthy plants–by tuning into the subtle frequencies of the plant. Everything in the universe has its own individual resonant information that it emits, as individual and readable as our fingerprints.

According to radionics practitioners, radionics employs instruments that measure the strength and clarity of this information field of life; the device can tune in, very precisely, to any energy emanation in the universe no matter what the distance and can measure subtle informational fields from a sample of the product, a lock of hair or blood from a person, or a Polaroid or digital image of the item or area to be analyzed.

We hired Agrinomics  to have a look at our farm using radionic methods, and then to broadcast good vibes to our property.  Early in the process Brian mentioned our problem with hawk predation.  “Send us a photograph of a hawk,” said Richard Kirby, president and founder of the company. We did so, and Richard was able to pinpoint the individual information field of our hawks.  He then broadcast this pattern to our farm. This makes hawks think that there are a lot of hawks on the property—lots of competition—and keep away.

Since that moment, we have not lost a single chicken to hawks.  We have seen hawks spiraling upwards over the road that borders the property, as if thinking about whether or not to fly onto the farm.  They spiral upwards, and then fly away. One hawk perches on a pole at the lower boundary of the farm, but he never comes any closer. The results are so dramatic that it has made believers of us all.

The evolution of this technology begins with Dr. Albert Abrams (1863-1924), professor of pathology and director of medical faculty at Stanford University in California. He developed the “Reflexophone,” a highly accurate instrument with precise resistances, which he used to measure the information signature of various diseases.  At that time there was a lot of interest in these subtle electronic and magnetic energies and how to use them in agriculture and medicine—both in North American and Europe, especially France.  Dr. Weston Price studied such electronic devices while at university in Canada.

Abrams considered his discovery a breakthrough in the art of diagnosis. The basis of this effect he saw as a deviation of the atoms from their normal vibration, which he later termed ERA (Electronic Reaction of Abrams). The ERA method was the beginning of what later became radionics. Together with a talented inventor named Samuel Hoffmann they developed the “Oscilloclast,” the first Radionic Treatment instrument. The Oscilloclast put out a weak radio signal frequency that was pulsed at two hundred times per second, in the circuit of which was the patient. With the Oscilloclast and the development of the Reflexophone, he now had a complete radionic instrument. The treatment time was usually one hour. The ERA  method was now well rounded and was taught to many of his students and colleagues over many years.

Naturally, such a simple and non-toxic treatment met with detractors.  If you look up Abrams on the Internet, you will read that he was a quack. Starting in the early 1900s, the pharmaceutical companies worked very effectively to bash electronic medicine in favor of drugs.

Still the subject was sufficiently interesting to attract other talented physicians and scientists.  One of these was Curtis P. Upton, the son of a co-worker of Thomas Edison. He was looking for a method of working with plants and modified the instruments of Abrams for this purpose. The instrument that he developed worked on a higher radio frequency than that of the Abrams device, and used two enhancers (dynamizers) in it. It became known as the UKACO instrument, after the name of Upton and his colleagues, who then all formed a company. His efforts continued through the 1960s, working not only on single plants, but on fields of plants as well. Here they often used aerial photographs of the fields to be treated. Even today, large parks and forests are still being balanced radionically in Germany and other European countries.

Agrinomics utilizes the SE 5 1000 Customized Intrinsic Data Analyzer (IDF) Instrument to measure the subtle informational fields and send out balancing vibes to the farm or property, and to the individuals who live and work there.

We’ve noticed a lot of improvements since we started using radionics on the farm. Our milk coliform counts are now routinely zero, and we have not had a single case of mastitis in our cows since they started calving. The yield of curds from the milk during cheesemaking is higher than last year. We’ve had good survival rates with our meat chickens. The clover in the fields is especially lush this year, with very large leaves. So far we have seen few noxious weeds, like loco weed and pigweed. Maybe this is because we have had a lot of rain, maybe it is just coincidence. But the disappearance of the hawks can be attributed to neither of these.  This is one farmer who is definitely sleeping better at night!

Author: Sally Fallon Morell

Sally Fallon Morell is best known as the author of Nourishing Traditions®: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats. This well-researched, thought-provoking guide to traditional foods contains a startling message: animal fats and cholesterol are not villains but vital factors in the diet, necessary for normal growth, proper function of the brain and nervous system, protection from disease and optimum energy levels.

19 thoughts on “Radionics on the Farm: Too Woo-Woo for You?”

  1. We use the services of Agrinomics on our farm too – they have reduced the tick population here at least 90% this year, and my dill plants are taller than me!

    1. Also, how in the world does the machine sense to measure and qualify the energy from a picture??
      I don’t get that.

      1. Biophotons and quantum entanglement. All physical matter condenses out of energy – light. The photo is just a link; quantum entanglement transcends time and space/distance (both are mental constructs), so location is irrelevant once the quantum link is made.

  2. For more information on radionics, especially in agriculture, Acres has a dvd set and a booklet about it by Dr Arden Anderson.
    The dvd set is a class Dr Anderson taught in australia to farmers. Here is a link:
    You can also contact Kelly Reasearch Tech for information on instruments and training classes.
    I know many farmers who use radionics with organic and biodynamic methods. I use it myself on fruit trees and bees. Our bees have no varroa mites.

  3. Does radionics have to be used continually in order to keep animals and plants at the desired “frequency”? I understand that radionics will have to be continued for warding off hawks, but what about diseases or insects? I guess my question is can it be used to strengthen an animal or plant and then discontinued?

    1. It depends on the individual. The IDF balancing for our farm lasts about a month, so we are broadcast to once a month. It will vary for each individual organism (organism can be defined as a plant, animal, human, bacteria or the collective farm itself) based on how much correction is needed to maintain homeostasis and how well other efforts and modalities are being used in parallel (e.g., diet/nutrition, exercise, environment, etc.). In your example, if a plant or animal’s energetic field is being balanced with radionics, the balancing helps correct the energetic field which in turn helps the organism correct itself – it’s kind of like a “leg up” for the physical body to naturally correct itself. Whether or not that balancing is maintained and for how long will depend on many variables, but ultimately the commitment to heal is in the hands of the individual being broadcast to. Unfortunately, the misconception that most people have is that they can eat whatever they want and mistreat their bodies, thinking that they can just take a pill or have a procedure to fix it. It takes an all-encompassing personal commitment to heal. Thankfully, this is inherent in plants and animals.

  4. Thanks – great article! I’m training to be a homeopath and we use a radionics machine to make up some of our remdies. I’ve been interested to learn more about how this works – any good book suggestions?

  5. EM vibrations of all things is definitely true and the use of EM can be either beneficial or detrimental. There were many who researched the use of EM for medicine and were targeted like Dr. Abrams. One of these was Royal Rife. There is great power in EM medicine if you can get past the paid off false science of these last 150 years or so.

  6. Another interesting read on radionics, and so much more, is The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird.
    A fascinating book!

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