The Contagion Myth

I’ve had a few enquiries lately about when my next blog will appear—it’s been many weeks since my last one. I’ve been very busy writing a book called The Contagion Myth with my esteemed colleague, Dr. Tom Cowan. The book expands on my last two blogs, “Is Coronavirus Contagious” and “Comets or Contagion,” and on Tom’s webinars.

The Contagion Myth, by Sally Fallon Morell and Thomas S. Cowan, MD

The book will be out mid September, but presales are available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. We are hoping that thousands of preorders will help focus attention on our message for those who need to hear the truth.

What is that message? In the book we present research showing that “coronavirus” is not contagious.  No scientist has ever properly isolated and purified a virus and then shown it to cause disease in either animals or humans.  We believe that the best explanation for the illness–characterized by hypoxia (lack of oxygen) and widespread clotting—is exposure to electro-magnetic radiation, especially exposure to 5G millimeter technology, deployed first in large cities and then in small cities and communities throughout the world, combined with pollution, poor diet and toxins in our water and food supply, which increase our vulnerability. We argue that masks, social distancing and vaccines do no good and can only make the situation worse. Our book provides facts and references for these claims, and describes a dietary and life-style program that can help protect you against the harmful effects of electro-magnetic radiation.

See below for a table of contents.

I also wanted to let you know that the Weston A. Price Foundation WILL be holding a conference November 13-15, 2020.  We’ve moved the conference location to Atlanta; our hotel there promises we will not have to wear masks or practice social distancing—if this policy changes, we will refund your registration fee in full.

We have a star-studded cast this year, which includes Andy Wakefield (showing his new movie, The Act, and answering questions on Friday evening), Robert F. Kennedy, Jr (delivering the banquet address on Saturday) and Del Bigtree (speaking at the closing ceremony on Sunday afternoon).  Plus, we’ll be featuring many of your favorite speakers including Tom Cowan, Stephanie Seneff, Timothy Weeks and Louisa Williams, along with many new and interesting speakers.  For further details, visit  I look forward to seeing many of you there!

Why Viruses (including “Coronavirus”) Are Not the Cause of Disease

PREFACE by Sally Fallon Morell


CHAPTER 1: CONTAGION The ping-pong ball and the wall; Koch’s postulates; Rivers’ postulates; Louis Pasteur and how he cheated.

CHAPTER 2: ELECTRICITY AND DISEASE Early electrical experiments; global electrification and influenza; worldwide radio and the Spanish flu; the Spanish flu was not contagious; cell phones and increased death; 5G implementation and the spread of Covid-19; symptoms of electrical sensitivity; evidence of harm from millimeter wave technology.

CHAPTER 3: PANDEMICS Comets and the Black Death; insect poisons and environmental toxins; Dr. Charles Campbell solves the riddle of smallpox; bats against mosquitoes; Robert Koch on TB and how he cheated; Dr. Weston Price’s observations on TB; polio and DDT; vaccine-induced paralysis; Native American diseases; Stefan Lanka and the measles virus.

CHAPTER 4: FROM AIDS TO COVID From the War on Cancer to the War on AIDS; the true causes of AIDS; AZT for AIDS patients; outbreak of Covid in Wuhan; Chinese research does not find a virus.

CHAPTER 5: TESTING SCAM The Alice-in-Wonderland world of coronavirus testing; the story of Stefan Lanka; the failed hunt for the coronavirus; the PCR test versus the gold standard; antibody testing.

CHAPTER 6: EXOSOMES Louis Pasteur and the contagion theory; social Darwinism; microscopes and germs; exosomes are viruses; fear and stress produce exosomes; nature a cooperative venture.

CHAPTER 7: RESONANCE Virology and the fork in the road; the nature of life; the discovery of resonance; resonance and childhood diseases; resonance and evolution.


CHAPTER 8: WATER The work of Gerald Pollack and Gilbert Ling; the four phases of water; water and electrical processes in the cell; the characteristics of life-giving water.

CHAPTER 9: FOOD Vegetable oils; animal fats and cell membrane integrity; 5G and niacin depletion; the displacing foods of modern commerce; plant-based diets; raw milk; bone broth, fermented foods; salt; the microwave oven.

CHAPTER 10: TOXINS Toxins in the ancient world; modern toxins; toxins in food; modern drugs; glyphosate and biofuels; the aluminum age; toxins in vaccines.

CHAPTER 11: MIND, BODY, AND THE ROLE OF FEAR The most widespread and pervasive toxin of the modern age; creating our world out of our consciousness; how fear and lies lead to illness.


CHAPTER 12: QUESTIONING COVID 113The numbers—Is Covid underestimated or overestimated?; alarming symptoms; treatment; masks; social distancing; 5G and the appearance of contagion.

The Weston A. Price Foundation is your source of accurate nutrition information. Your membership supports the work they do.

Author: Sally Fallon Morell

Sally Fallon Morell is best known as the author of Nourishing Traditions®: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats. This well-researched, thought-provoking guide to traditional foods contains a startling message: animal fats and cholesterol are not villains but vital factors in the diet, necessary for normal growth, proper function of the brain and nervous system, protection from disease and optimum energy levels.

34 thoughts on “The Contagion Myth”

  1. And God said find me 10 good Men , they could NOT , but they found a good WOMAN and they called her Sally .

    Best , Trudy

    1. um, i know people who have had covid and it is a REAL virus. Also they live by a very organic lifestyle.

      “We argue that masks, social distancing and vaccines do no good and can only make the situation worse” that is really socially irresponsible for you to make this claim. Sure, don’t have the vaccine- if there ever is one. But why wouldn’t you wear a mask- just in case? it is selfish to say not to- it certainly won’t harm you wearing one, so why wouldn’t you?

      I really like your recipes and some of your thoughts on health but these ‘theories’ really don’t sit well with me. I am the first to question government or mass media sensationalism. Sure 5G may be unhealthy but let’s not get all the conspiracies confused into one. Bringing Cancer, Aids and the Spanish flu into the conspiracy discussion wow! I love how suddenly all viruses, illnesses are bottled into one big conspiracy theory. Doesn’t look very convincing.

      It’s very dangerous for you to preach such unfounded claims. You talk about mainstream science and medicine having no proof, then where is yours?
      One less follower.

      1. I am sorry to hear about your friends, but how do you know they were sick because of a virus? The most important papers on the subject all say they didn’t isolate or purify the novel corona virus. In fact, in their July 2020 guidelines on PCR, the CDC states on page 39 that “no virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available.” Did they isolate the virus from your friends? (If so, CDC would like to know about it!) Your friends were probably “diagnosed” with a PCR test or an antibody test, and these do not detect viruses, only bits of genetic material or antibodies. In fact the inventor of the PCR test stated that it should never be used for diagnosis; antibody testing is equally useless for determining the presence of viruses. (We discuss the testing problems in depth in our book The Contagion Myth.)


        1. People don’t know about the murky sea of EMR we are living in. They are putting up more cellphone towers every day! They’re now putting them along roadsides in rural places. The 5G is the ‘plague’ that people are confusing with this ‘virus’. Dr. Barrie Trowrer, former Royal Navy Microwave Weapons Expert has a lot to say about the danger of these microwave towers. One of the ‘side effects’ of the non-ionizing radiation is hypoxia. There are a lot of side effects of microwave radiation.
          Get an EMR meter (I got a Coronet from stopsmartmeters) and you will be amazed at how prevalent all this EMR is.
          True story: After my parent died last year (cancer), I got all the stuff that was left over including a cordless phone. I had to plug it in because our answering machine was on the fritz. Not paying attention, this was plugged in for a few months. During this time, I started getting a pain in my neck, under my carotid artery. It got to be so it was hard to swallow and felt like something was in there. Later on, I happened to turn on my EMR meter and saw the RF reading spiking like crazy! It was the cordless phone, even though it was not transmitting. After I got rid of that infernal device (we don’t have any other source of EMR in the house), “MAGICALLY” my pain disappeared! It wasn’t psychosomatic because I didn’t connect it to the cordless phone until after I had disconnected it. Imagine all the other things these phones are doing. Also, they ‘communicate’ with ‘smart’ meters if you have one on your house. Even wireless videogames do too.

      2. The government and the medical community has offered no suggestions for improving immunity. Your friends may eat organic but what was their Vitamin D Level, what was their pH, what was their iodine sufficiency, Vitamin C intake, …?
        Have you heard of any suggestions about getting 15 minutes of direct sun, more for darker skin individuals. Have you heard of the relationship between Vitamin D deficiency and respiratory infections?
        Conversation should be on prevention, not sheltering in a home with no sunshine, no exercise, hope for a vaccine cure-all.

      3. Masks actually cut oxygen to vital organs (causing hypoxia) and increase CO2 (a waste product) in your blood. So this whole “they CERTAINLY won’t hurt you” statement is as much a myth as the claim that a virus (really an exosome) can be both airborne and contagious.

      4. To: One less follower – Did you read the “The Contagion Myth” book BEFORE ASSUMING people are sick because of a pathogenic virus?
        “He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him” Prov 18:13
        Corona is 6 letters & adds to 66. Corona=666. Vaccine=666. Vaccines are biologics. Bio implant=666. Rev 18:23 & 21:8 by thy sorceries were all nations deceived. Sorcery -Greek Pharmakeia: Pharmacy, drugs, VACCINATIONS.
        If it were possible, the very elect would be deceived Mt 24:24

      5. yes, you are correct — they likely were very sick and possibly with Cv. BUT, what everyone is missing is that Cv is an all-around ‘germ’. This is where people are missing the truth — ‘Corona virus’ is the common flu/cold. This is how the politicians and news media have gotten over on most everyone. Corona simply means ‘crown’ which is what the ‘virus’ has and they utilized the ‘medical term’ for the body’s waste material which causes the cold/flu to scare everyone by using the new label of ‘corona virus’ rather than simply saying cold/flu.
        people are no longer educated and those who are older have forgotten what they were taught back in 1-12 grades prior to 1970. Most never really learned anything – they just memorized so they could pass a test, then forgot it, nothing more.
        such is what politicians and the media rely on concerning all issues. this is what causes most of our present problems and issues — lack of education and understanding. people have forgotten their history and are now reaping the cost of that forgetfulness — short sighted, short minded leads to the downfall of society.
        like ‘la raza’ screaming that the ‘anglos’ stole texas from mexico — they don’t know a damned thing of history. YOU SEE — there were a heap of ‘latinos’ fighting alongside the ‘anglos’ inside the Alamo. They didn’t like belonging to the ‘mexican’ government anymore than the ‘anglos’ did. they desired and wanted true freedom just like everyone else. they despised tyranny just like the ‘whites’.
        degradation of our educational system has brought us to our downfall.

    1. The 10 men are Andy Wakefield; DR. Thomas Cowan – who gave up his medical practice for this : Douglas Gabriel researcher ; John Barnwell, Robert F. Kennedy; Sayer Ji; Dr Kaufman; Del Bigtree: Dr Mercola: Spiro Skouras; Daniele Ganser; KenFM; Tom Fitton; Michael Schmidt in Ontario Canada and raw milk; and many – many more… And Women too: Stephanie Seneff- I filmed her in Toronto a couple of years ago; Dana Ashlie: Amazing Polly; Ann Vandersteel; Judy Mikovitz; Dr. Judy Wood; just to name a few…..

  2. So happy someone has the courage to swim against the flow. So easy to just go along with everything those in power feed to us. Thank you Sally, for the work you and your organization do!

  3. All of you are still stuck on the idea that we are physical, solid, material, biological beings. Quantum physics proved a long time ago that we are holograms vibrating and pulsating and spinning within a holodeck.
    The best book I have found on this subject is “Hands of Light” written by the physicist Barbara Brennan. Or just look at the 7 billion billion billion atoms we all consist of, each one electromagnetic with negative and positive poles, each one spinning billions of times a second as quarks burst forth spinning billions of times a second as 3 points of light forming protons and neutrons. A lot of these words come from the book “The Quantum World” written by the physicist Kenneth Ford.

  4. How then do you explain people getting sick who’ve been around others with the virus and didn’t get sick until they had that contact? If all of these people are sick from 5G or something like that, then why didn’t they all get sick to begin with? Why are people getting sick only after being around other sick people? Same thing with things like the cold virus. As a teacher, I often get sick from being around elementary kids who aren’t great about covering their mouths, washing hands, etc. And yet, I never got so much as a sniffle since school closed in mid March while not being around the frequently sick kids.

  5. I love your theories but have 1 issue.. there was a family in NJ that had a BBQ and around 7 people got Covid and 5 died after the get together. They were all exposed to 5G?? Hard to believe.

    1. And that is certainly a fair question. Given only what you posted it would be foolish to offer any sort of answer that would warrant you taking it seriously. I would say we need to know a lot more facts about what exactly happened on a number of fronts. Something tells me there is more to this story? But don’t rule out just yet that that is exactly what happened?

  6. You should be aware that there are other champions for the truth about coronavirus and 5G out there: look on youtube for what hasn’t been censored of dr zach bush, dr shiva ayyudarai, dr rashid buttar

  7. Your book is apparently now universally unavailable.
    Do you have any backup plan to get the physical book out to your many would be purchasers?

  8. Sally:

    Thank you (and Dr Cowan) for this. I was lucky to see your YouTube video (before it was removed!).
    Now, the Amazon link from this site (article and sidebar ad) come up “Page Not Found”.
    The B&N link says delivery expected 10-16-20.

    I guess I’m wondering if there are any updates; will a print edition be made available, or will it be only in e-book form?

    So many things regarding this “Great Reset” and and hoax of a ‘virus’ are being memory holed. Hoping the best for your book, as I’m sure many others are as well.

  9. Hi. I am having issues getting a copy of this book. Tried to order through Australian firm Booktopia who have come back to me saying that their supplier does not have any stock but is trying to order more. They are asking me if I’m happy to wait – should I say “yes”?

  10. From the UK I ordered a copy of The Contagion Myth from Amazon a while ago. We were then told Amazon had removed the title from their list. We tried to source it elsewhere in the UK but it was impossible. The book arrived a couple of days ago. Looking forward to reading it.

  11. I tried to order The Contagion Myth e-book by Barnes & Noble but a notice came up that said, ‘International addresses (in the billing information area of my credit card) are not allowed when there are digital items in your cart.’ Sounds like they don‘t want people outside of the US to get this book. Would it be possible to order the book direct from the publisher?

  12. Hi Sally, I’m wondering if you could comment on governments are constantly becoming hysterical over what they call “cluster” outbreaks – whether they be in certain urban areas – or in hotels etc….then using that to justify state wide lockdowns. They are doing this in Australia for example.

    Is it manifestly impossible for there to be “clusters” of people getting infected? It would appear from your excellent book that this would not be possible even if everyone was coughing and spluttering over each other in say the relative confinement of a “quarantine hotel”.

    Really looking to your reply. Many thanks

    1. I think the clusters happen when many people are exposed to 5G or at least strong EMF at the same time. So perhaps they turn on 5G in a certain urban area–then a lot of people get sick at the same time. If it were contagion, there would be a lag between cases. Same with hotels/airports/bus stations, etc., there is a lot of Wi-Fi in these places and they are also installing 5G inside.


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