An Open Letter To Donald Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,

Congratulations on your election to the U.S. presidency. You campaigned on a slogan of “Make America Great Again,” proposing to create more jobs for ordinary Americans.

This is a laudable goal but unfortunately, it is not enough to make America great again.

openlettertopresidentYou see, Americans are suffering a collective health crisis of enormous proportions, and the population is simply too sick to take advantage of the growth in employment opportunities that could follow your economic policies.  Add to that the fact that one child in two today suffers from some sort of developmental delay, with about one in fifty cursed with autism, one wonders how our society will even function twenty years from now?  Who is going to take care of all these damaged individuals?  And where will we find enough capable souls in the next generation to keep things going—to raise our food, fix the roads, service our vehicles, mend the power lines, serve as teachers, fly our airplanes, keep the Internet working, or run the streamlined government that you propose?

So along with your innovations in economic policy, the following are steps that must be taken if America is to regain its position as a world leader, indeed if America is to survive at all.

  1. STOP THE SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENTS. Call for a moratorium on all mandatory vaccinations, every one of which does harm and none of which provides any benefit. We must immediately stop the beastly practice of injecting our infants with a concoction of aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde and MSG starting on day one, and then up to eight injections at four weeks, another batch at eight weeks, and on and on.  Vaccinations always do harm—sometimes subtle, sometimes catastrophic.  Please watch this video. Our schools today have such a financial burden taking care of special ed students, that few resources are left for important subjects like science, math and music.  Vaccine makers must again be made responsible for the safety of their products, and doctors should be required by federal law to warn all parents of vaccination side effects.  Above all, vaccinations should be completely voluntary—any kind of coercion is a violation of our constitutional principles and the Nuremburg Code, something your department of justice can and should enforce. And while you are at it, stop the needless vaccination of our military troops, so that they can return home as whole persons and not mentally wounded warriors.
  1. SCRAP THE DIETARY GUIDELINES. They are not based on science and result in widespread malnutrition, especially in our young people. Provide voluntary guidelines for school lunches that include plenty of meat, eggs, cheese, whole milk, butter and lard—all foods necessary for the development of our children’s brains and nervous systems. Encourage the use of cod liver oil and the inclusion of organ meats in the American diet.
  1. REDESIGN OUR FOOD STAMP AND WIC PROGRAMS to vector those in the lower levels of our economy towards real food—butter, eggs, whole milk, cheese, meat, seafood, fresh produce, etc—so that they have a chance of raising themselves into the middle class. Make it illegal to use this basic and necessary form of welfare to purchase non-food items—vegetable oils, margarine, spreads, sugary juices and highly processed foods.
  1. PUT AN END TO RACKETEERING IN MEDICINE. Any doctor working in a group practice today or for a hospital has his or her salary docked for not prescribing statins, not giving vaccines or generally not following insurance-mandated, pharmaceutical-oriented guidelines.  Our doctors are not free any more to suggest drug-free alternatives or to tailor their treatment to the needs and wishes of the patient—which means that doctors have become a menace rather than servants of the public. Your new Department of Justice should enforce existing racketeering laws in the field of medicine.
  1. SUPPORT GRASS-BASED FARMING AND ARTISAN FOOD PRODUCTION. Stop harassment of small farms, and especially raw milk producers, by USDA and FDA. Support the PRIME Act, which would allow farmers to sell meat processed at local custom butchers.  Serve local artisan food at White House functions, and visit a few small farms to find out what their problems really are. Give tax breaks and grants to farmers who have their animals on grass, and not to those who put their animals in confinement.
  1. OUTLAW SOY INFANT FORMULA AND SOY PROTEIN ISOLATE—neither of which ever obtained GRAS status. Soy is a toxic plant and should not be in the food supply except as a naturally fermented condiment.
  1. CURTAIL THE POWER OF CHILD “PROTECTION” AGENCIES, which currently can remove children from their parents for things like homeschooling, refusing vaccinations, practicing alternative therapies, refusing chemotherapy for their children, or feeding their children raw milk.

Only measures like these can return this nation to health and sanity.  America can be great again, but only if undamaged and well fed.

PS  If any of my readers have access to Mr. Trump or his staff members, please pass this open letter on to them.

Author: Sally Fallon Morell

Sally Fallon Morell is best known as the author of Nourishing Traditions®: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats. This well-researched, thought-provoking guide to traditional foods contains a startling message: animal fats and cholesterol are not villains but vital factors in the diet, necessary for normal growth, proper function of the brain and nervous system, protection from disease and optimum energy levels.

58 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Donald Trump”

    1. I was excited about this at first but you really lost me, and probably many of us with the vaccine misinformation. As a Head Start teacher for 10 years, I saw the effects of the lack of vaccination with the hispanic population booming to 735 of our classrooms. Whooping cough has returned when it has been wiped out. There is some return of polio now and TB is on the rise. In your forward in Nourishing Traditions you say that infant mortality has decreased. Please check the science again. It is not true that vaccinations cause autism. In this struggling world I was really happy to find you but then disappointed about your stand on this topic. Please educate yourself about this. We need you.

      1. Exactly. The anti-vaxxers are, in my mind, on par with the flat-earthers. I’m writing this reply from a couple years later, but I just read the article and was shocked to see someone (Sally Fallon) with so much good nutritional information spout this nonsense about vaccines. I couldn’t leave here without some sort of reply – fortunately your comment was here already. Thank you!

        1. Now that we have seen the force of government to push Covid vaccines, do you still think the same way?
          I agree with Sally 1000%!

  1. Hi Sally,

    Yes, yes and YESSSSSS!!! Hopefully someone DOES have access to him or someone close to him, because I haven’t heard him mention any of this and it needs to be on his radar and in his plan.

    I would only add to your #1, in regard to stopping the slaughter of the innocents, that I hope he stands by his pro-life platform to protect the unborn.


    1. One more thing…

      I heard talk on the news last night of him appointing Ben Carson for something or other… I love Ben Carson for many things, but NOT his stance on vaccines… 🙁

      Kelly (Kitchen Kop)

      1. He would be in charge of housing and urban development, which he knows very little about despite his claims of an impoverished youth (not exactly true). I saw part of his confirmation hearing where he said that he wouldn’t have a problem backing use properties that would enrich Trump or his kids directly. He is a bad choice, and frankly his health didn’t look very good in the hearing. I was concerned that his face had swollen up so much since he ran in the primaries. Perhaps he just put on a ton of weight??

    1. People have the right (including Trump), to take whatever they want, it’s when people are forced against their will to be injected with drugs (mandatory vaccines) that is the issue!

  2. Sally, one correction: your racketeering charge against doctors is misguided. It is CMS which requires this or Medicare payments are docked up to 30%, and it gets worse starting in 2017 with the introduction of MACRA. Hospitals require their employees and medical staff to obtain vaccinations or they can’t practice/work there. This is wrong. It requires a standard for everyone and leaves the physician and patient ouf of the decision making.

    1. He needs to be educated and his doctor needs to be informed that vitamin B3 is a better /, non toxic protector. I’m an ortho-molecular physician. I’ve studied Abram Hoffer, Linus Pauling, Frederick Klenner and others. I will write Trump today. How do you know he is on statins.

    2. I agree with this statement, doctors truly have no control over how patients are billed, Medicare and then the insurance companies are the ones doing that. I know this because I am a doctor and I feel quite helpless for my patients most of the time. We need to get the insurance companies out of it and let the doctors and patients work together again, instead of pitting against each other. Thanks!

    1. How did you find out President Trump has never been vaccinated? He is my age and I think the only vaccines back in the late 1940’s might have been pertussis and small pox. He and most of our generation had the diseases so have natural immunity. I even had polio, a moderate case. Maybe you are referring to flu and pneumonia vaccines? Must have missed him releasing that and that he takes statins. Dr. Weil takes them and is a vax advocate, sits on the fence of alternative and traditional Western medicine.

    1. There was an open letter to at least Mrs. Obama since she was the one seen speaking about children’s health based on their experiences.

  3. I applaud your efforts Sally Fallon to address the health and welfare of American citizens. You raise many valid points. I trust that President Trump or even the First Lady will be addressing this very important issue. My question to you. Has there been letters sent to the existing Obama administration? I was of the understanding that First Lady Michele was tackling concerns about the diets of young children in the United States. Has there been any forward movement in this area?

    I, for one, believe that President Trump is for the people of the United States.

  4. I pray that he hears this and listens! I pray that he makes the changes so that the people and children of America can be healthy and vibrant again! The world hungers for honest leadership!

  5. Trump won’t care about any of this, especially if it means improving the health of the 98% and cutting ties with Big Pharma, Ag, Dairy, Food, etc. All he cares about is Big Bucks.

      1. Do we even need citations to prove that trump is all about his own interests? I mean, come on….it’s well known that he won’t even pay his own contractors. And this is 2019 that I’m writing this reply. Any word on the continual LIES that this mean-spirited and practically illiterate president spouts DAILY?

    1. Yes, sorry but I think you have your candidates mixed up. Trump was the most open minded candidate about vaccines and said he wouldn’t support government mandates for them. He’s very into personal freedom which is why he was elected. Dr. Carson is open to natural healing and has done some things that have been very beneficial to him. That makes me think he might not be too bad. You put Trump there who will not allow government mandated vaccines and Dr. Carson who is very intelligent and open to natural healing I think we will be doing as good as is possible to do in this political climate. It won’t be perfect but hopefully this letter will help him see the importance of our health. We should continue to send letters when he gets in office to bring this to his attention. I know he’s very supportive of homeschooling also. He supports vouchers for people who don’t want their kids to go to public school so they can go to the school of their choice. He also supports tax cuts for homeschooling families. I don’t know how much he’ll be able to do but it’s a better direction than others we could have chosen.

      1. He met with Andrew Wakefield on the vaccine issue. Sally should go meet with him in addition to this terrific letter.

    2. I don’t think there is any evidence to prove that… Time will tell, but I will be surprised if that ends up being true. If anyone cares about Big Bucks, it is far more likely the previous admin. And certainly would be true about Pelosi and friends. She really lost my vote on the compounded hormone issue several years ago, which proved to me that she was in bed with big pharma. I do not understand why my fellow Californians keep voting for her.

  6. Thank you for writing this wonderful letter to our new President elect Donald Trump. May he seriously consider your excellent points and suggestions. This nation is physically sick due to the greed of some who inflict their abusive policies on all. In this we have no real freedom as the misinformed masses are following the misguided government guidelines, As you stated, at the rate we are going in a few generations there wont be anyone left alive to take care of the sick.

  7. I would like to suggest baby steps first, like getting people to eat better – have a celebrity chef like Jamie Oliver or America’s equivalent on TV every night. That would help America’s Health problem and save the Government a heap of money, which might appeal to the new Government. Bring some Integrative doctors on board. Suggest he appoint Michelle Obama to the task since she has already started to try to influence the eating habits of the USA.

  8. there is allot that needs to be discussed.. 1. living expense for the people living on disability income.. this should be raised to meet the current expense of living in this generation.. 2. apartments should be taped on the price of living there.. it has gone up to high for anyone to meet.. and should not be more than 500 for a single bedroom in some community and no higer than 800 for a two bedroom place.. like lets get real.. its not a mortgage payment on a house.. but right now it is.. and this needs to stop.. most people can not make ends meet due to the high cost of renting… seniors whom live in the homes they have bought their mortgage should be cut in half. period.. disabled seniors should be able to stay in their home and die there if they want.. our cost of food and gasonline should be lowered.. and military should have free housing and health care and obtain a payment for service to help wit personal living expense.. they served our country and we should take care of them for free.. as well as their family… all citizens should have free health care like other countries do like Canada.. lets take care of our homeless.. get them off the street into counseling homes to help them get back into society.. drug addicts give them a choice to clean up or stay on the streets in designated areas only.. give them a place to go obtain.. and give them a chance to want a better life.. but most of all prices should go down if not then we need to raise the payroll to our citizens whom work hard.. make it stricker for others to come into our country with a very hard background check.. on their life in the country they are leaving.. stricker on gun control.. and chidrens health care should be free..cannabis should be free or low cost to all medical use.. higher cost for recreational use.. a special health card for medical .. free to grow their own and sell to medical in a mom and pop setting if they choose.. with a licence… but recreational store fronts should pay higher cost and taxes.. all animals should be able to get low cost health insurance..

    1. Good Lord, you are in need of a basic economics class, friend. This plan would ensure that all businesses go under, people can’t afford anything and no one could climb out of poverty at all. I have so many thoughts on this rant but I’ll leave it at this. Geesh, “all animals should be able to get low cost health insurance.” WTH?

  9. The man eats fast food, takes statins, and is technically obese. I doubt he cares about anything written in this letter.

    1. Again, how do you know this? I’d like to read or hear this, must have missed it. At first, thought you were talking about President Clinton during his years as president! 😉

  10. I have absolutely No faith that trump will do Anything on this list. I think he will sow the seeds of our collective destruction through hatred, bigotry and fascism. I support almost all your requests and points to him but have no faith and only fear.

    1. Oh, please. You are listening to other people, not yourself. Hatred, bigotry and fascism? From where? You are believing the media hoopla… look around at those close to you. Do you really see any big change in hatred, bigotry, or fascism? If you don’t see anything changing close to you, probably those media reports are overblown. I don’t see any changes in anyone I know…

  11. Yes! Finally! How can we make sure Mr Trump or his administration receive this? There are thousands of us who voted for him in hopes of him being able to restore personal & medical freedom & for removing the influence of big pharma in our government! How can we help?

  12. You cannot have a population of 320,000,000 and have them all eating artisan-type, natural foods and all that animal food. It is not doable. This is not 1900.

    Have you troubled yourself to look at the huge fundamental changes in the structure and infrastructure of America that would be necessary? I’ll sum it up: you’ll have to move countless millions out of our mega-cities into the country (goodbye, national parks and all wild spaces) and make them be small farmers, as America was 150 years ago. That’s just the beginning. Are you not aware that we are importing plenty of the food we consume every day?

    We either do something about overpopulation or we keep on eating cheap food analogs and imported food. Those of you who like your acreages and farms better learn to like having them seized and subdivided into 2-acre lots so everybody can live artisan-food backyard-butchering of your meat-style.

    About consumption of milk, raw or not, including all dairy products: milk (human or animal) is a food for BABIES and SMALL CHILDREN. A desire or need to consume this into adulthood is not a good sign. Yes, it is a good temporary food for various needs or deficiencies, but that is not how it’s consumed in most cases. Apparently – and I don’t doubt this – milk of all kinds contains addictive substances, which is concentrated when consumed as cheese but is dependency-creating in any case. This is understandable – it keeps the baby emotionally close to its parents until the independence gene kicks in. But it’s not going to ever kick in if you keep giving your kids milk products for nutrients after they’re off the breast.

    1. Is that really true? Couldn’t we use more of our urban landscape for edible food? Couldn’t we use more of our suburban landscape for edible food? Look at homes on, zillow, or other sites like that, and you will see the vast majority of homes below the upper end prices for the area will have yards that are just nothing! Large backyards of nothing… maybe grass, or weeds. There is no reason for those yards to not be providing food for those families… except that they probably don’t know anything about gardening, and even if they did, if all the adults work outside the home, and commute, there is the issue of finding time to do any gardening. There have been plenty of studies, and much written, about how we can grow more food in small spaces, so I don’t think it would require all that you suggest. I also recently saw a video about some folks growing tons of vegetables in a warehouse in San Jose or somewhere around there. I forget the name, but businesses like that, and hydroponic businesses, and other innovative ideas show that we can produce more food in less space than in the past.

  13. While I support the points in this letter, Sally, you obviously don’t understand what it is within a President’s purview to do.

    1. Based on his first week in Office, Mr. Trump also does not understand what is within a President’s purview to do. If he is going to be the most overreaching President in history, at least we can suggest positive things for him to overreach!

  14. As a long time WAPF member and follower must tell you your letter to our new president has some great suggestions however in #1 you left out the millions of innocents murdered by abortion. Also thought you might have mentioned our new First Lady being from Slovenia a country who’s citizens most likely eat more traditional foods and less processed than the US. Perhaps Mrs. Trump could pick up on Mrs. Obama’s child obesity program and try to implement some of your suggestions.

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